Great Air Rally of South America 2011

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The Great Air Rally of South America 2011
(GARSA 2011)

For the analytically and empirical data minded or just generally interested parties, the following are the statistics from the event.

Total Entries:  0

Largest Aircraft Entered:  TBA

Smallest Aircraft Entered:  TBA

Fastest Aircraft Entered:  TBA

Slowest Aircraft Entered:  TBA

Note:  All above performance data is based on real world data (as best could be found) for the specified aircraft.

Total Completed the GAAR:  0

Total Flight Legs Flown (including DNFs):  0

Total Miles Flown (including DNFs):  0 nm (or approx 0.00 equatorial circumnavigations)

Total Hours Flown (including DNFs):  0.00 hrs

No. of Perfect Scores:  0 from 0 flights (0.00%)

Flight Simulator Versions

Version Qty
FS9 0
X-Plane 0

Aircraft Types

Aircraft Type Qty

Represented Countries

Country Qty

Represented Virtual Airlines

Virtual Airline Qty