December 2003 Newsletter




Bush Pilots Division



The Blueberry Pancake Fly-In has been completed.  Looking over the pireps, it looks like Capt. Bill Odell only had to cook for 4 other pilots.  Allan Lowson bgam007 flew all the way from Ascension Island FHAW and logged 71.65 hours! (correction: Allan started his journey in Africa during October so he logged more hours than I thought)  John Lawler bgad018 flew in from Hucknall, UK  EGMT taking 24.72 hours.  Coleman Green bgak011 flew in from Cambridge MD KCGE and had the shortest trip of 10.37 hours.   Ron Jorgensen bgak030 flew the route from DNMM to CYYQ using a DHC-3T Amphibian in 39.5 hours.   Bill Odell bgak004 flew the route in October with a DHC-2T while writing the adventure.


The First Annual Bush Pilots Toughman Challenge will be the Bluegrass Feature of the Month.  Capt. Bill Odell has finished preparing the flights for this event. The Challenge is open to all from the first day of winter until midnight Dec. 31st.  – So you want to be a Bush Pilot – come join us and see if you can survive what Capt. Bill Odell has cooked up for this inaugural event.   The aircraft for this one is the DHC-3  Otter.


Brent Brazeel is on leave for most of November and December, but Bill Von Sennet will keep the roster updated in his absence.




Australian Division


Capt Rob Finn is still busy working on the 2004 Great Aussie Air Rally!    Yes, the format has been changed slightly.  Instead of the winners being selected based on speed, the winner will be the pilot who comes closest to matching a pre-determined time.  The times will not be published, but they will be based on the cruise speed of the aircraft type,  plus allowances for extra time used for taxi-climb-descent-taxi.  The parking positions will be established for all airports.   Any aircraft may be flown as long as we can verify its cruise speed, either in our books, or on the internet.    The route has been changed, with new destinations being added and some being removed from the route.



Feature of the Month


The feature this month will be the First Annual Toughman Challenge sponsored by the Bush Pilot Division.



Southern Division


Welcome to new pilots Dean Johnson and Jack Weimer.



Bluegrass Express Division


Trainz 2004 is about to release Service Pak 1, which will enhance the steam dynamics and offer some new keyboard shortcuts.


Check out the screenshots.



Air Mail and Turbo Division

There has been a big increase in Turbo flights lately. Allan Lawson, Bill Odell, Ron Jorgensen, Ed Burke and a few others have been Turbo flying a lot!


I'm thinking of a Helo page if there is enough interest in it, might want to run it by the pilots in the newsletter to see if there is anybody who might be interested in it. Personally I love them and I can fly them very well. Especially now that there are auto-pilots for them, anybody can fly them! I have one already painted in BGA colors and I have a web page started also just in case.


Not a whole lot to pass on except thanks to all the pilots who are flying in the Turbo and Airmail Divisions and anyone interested in Helos can contact me via email.


Capt. Joe



Northern Division


Welcome to new pilots Alan Carmel, Carl Loar and Meryl Coon.




From the C.E.O.


Most of us remember “Golden Wings”.   It was a modified FS98 that gave us a 1930’s-1940’s fleet of aircraft and scenery.  Bill Lyon’s has just released “Classic Wings 4” for FS2004.  The scenery textures are modified to give a more “classic” appearance.  Also the AI traffic has been replaced by Cubs, Ryans, Lockheed 10’s, DC-3’s etc.  Click the link below to read Bill’s announcement and the link to download the package.  Please print out the installation instructions and follow them to the letter.  There is a program included that lets you switch between the “classic” and the default FS2004.  I understand you need to use the default for Multi-Player flying.


Golden Eagle Squardron Forum - Classic Wings Message


Don’t forget to visit our forum and add your two cents.


In November, Bluegrass Pilots flew a total of 854.26 Hours



Nov 2003

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There has been some discussion on the forum regarding reporting time on the flight reports using minutes instead of hours.  So far it seems to be unanimous to use minutes.   If the vote doesn’t change significantly, then we will switch to minutes on Jan 1st 2004.  The rosters will still show your total hours, the only change will be the entry you make on the flight report form.


Don’t forget the “First Annual Toughman Challenge


That’s it for this month.  Hope you all have a blessed Christmas,


Bill Von Sennet


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