The Bluegrass Airlines Newsletter

January 4, 2003


Air Mail Division News


No report from Capt. Joe, but from his roster I can see that 2 pilots flew 52.46 hours in December.  Visitors flew 45.34 hours.


Alaska Division News


Hello everyone!
I believe I have reached the end of my move from California to Maryland. I did not expect it to take this long, but several unforeseen events took place and I had to deal with them as they happened. In addition to those things, I had to change my internet provider, because the first one was not up to my expectations. I had just got back online with my new provider when I became ill with a bad urinary tract infection and was in bed for most of a week. I am on medication to take care of it and am now feeling fine again. I am looking forward to getting back into action in the flight sim world. I will have taken over the duties of the "BGAK Director" by the time this is published in the January newsletter. A lot of good things have taken place during my absence and I hope to be back up to speed soon.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year and I have missed being in touch with all of you.



Four pilots flew 39.63 hour in December (Bill)


Australian Division News


No report from Capt. Brian this month, but I see from his roster that two Australian Division pilots flew 181.16 hours in December.  No reports of visitors, so I fired up my Convair and flew from Adelaide to Melbourne, then switched to the Florida Airlines Martin 4-0-4 and flew back.  So next month there should be some visitor hours, eh?



Northern Division News


Northern Division Pilots flew 54.82 hours in December.   Visitors flew 16.06 hours



Southern Division News


Eight Southern Division pilots flew 231.97 hours in December, many of them in other divisions. William “Bill” Agee flew from New York to Buenos Aires and from Columbus OH to Los Angeles in addition to a bunch of short haul flights. We have one pilot R. “Hoot” Hooten who is in the midst of an around the world flight.


The “Feature of the Month” has moved to a link from the main Bluegrass Airlines page.  This month it is Seattle to Chicago following the 1935 Northwest Airlines Schedule and using a Lockheed Electra 10A.


Welcome to new pilots bgas025 Gert van der Linden, bgas026 Harry Flaaten, bgas027 Gerald Cline and bgas028 Roger Lee.


One visitor Ralph Prisel bgan027 flew 0.4 hours.  Thanks for stopping by!


Turbo Division News


No report from Capt. Joe, but I know that Southern Div pilots 15.97 hours in the Turbo Division in December.


From the C.E.O.


The feature of the month has been moved to its own page, with a link from the main web-site.  It no longer represents just the Southern Division, as it is a feature for all Bluegrass Pilots.


This month it is the Northwest Airlines route from  Seattle to Chicago as flown in October of 1935 using a Lockheed Electra 10A.   I hope you have as much fun flying it as I have in getting it up on the web-site.


January Feature of the Month



The Main Roster has been updated with all the pilots hours and totals for each division.



Our web-site had 4092 visitors and 72,029 hits in December.   Capt. Ray’s Nicholasville KY scenery was downloaded 322 times!  Other big items of interest for visitors were:


FS2002 Hangar  1089 hits.   Downloads included:


Catalina 183, Clipper 163, IL-18 93, Beaver Wheels 57, Beaver Float 54, Floatbase Scenery 151, Otter 74


Other pages visited

Catalina Jaunt                            283 hits

Air Mail Div                              243 hits

Alaska Div                                232 hits

Australian Div Charter Page       219 hits

Southern Div                             211 hits

Turbo Div                                    88 hits


The other site where we host some pages such as the Berlin Airlift and the Great Aussie Race had 1565 hits to Bluegrass Airlines pages.


Since we moved to our current host on March 20, 2002 our traffic has almost doubled.  Who can say were we will be a year from now.  Keeping the content of the web-site fresh and interesting is a difficult task, but seeing that it is utilized and appreciated by visitors makes it worth the effort.


A Happy New Year to you all!


Capt. Bill Von Sennet


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the screenshots and the pilots forum.



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