October 2003 Newsletter



Australia Division



Welcome to new pilots Adrian Hoogenbosch and Chris Blake.



This news item from Capt. Rob Finn bgad003


Australia is now the proud owner of a flyable Catalina. The aircraft ferried through my home town of Cairns during the week to its new home at Woollongong, about 50 miles south of Sydney. I was fortunate enough to have a close up look at her and also watch the take-off.


            The Cat is owned by HARS ( Historical Aircraft Restoration Society). I I know anything yet of serial numbers etc, but was told the Cat was ferried from France where she was once used as a fire bomber. The Cat will be re-painted in RAAF WW2 colours and then join the airshow circuit along side the other HARS aircraft.



Capt. Rob is busy  preparing the Great Aussie Air Race of 2004 which will probably be held in February.




Feature of the Month

DC-3 World Rally Logo DC-3 World Rally

Fifteen Flights; Friday, 10 October
through Sunday 26 October, 2003



DC-3 Airways is hosting a World Rally.


Their pilots are always glad to fly in our major events.  I would ask you to consider flying in their event.




The website has all the details and an aircraft to download.


At last count there are 7 Bluegrass Pilots signed up.  But, we are all DC-3 Airways pilots also, so that is how we appear on the roster.  The fastest pilot doesn’t win, the winner is the pilot who performs closest to the average of all pilots.  This ought to be a lot of fun.



Alaska Division a.k.a. Bluegrass Bush Pilots Division



We want to welcome Basilio Fernandes and Marc Delettrez to our division.  They were also promoted to 1st Officer during the month of September.


ATP Captain Bill Odell has been hard at work on the “First Annual Bush Pilots Toughman Challenge” and it looks like it is going to be loads of fun.  December is the perfect time to fly in Alaska and see how tough you really are.  ATP Captain Bill Odell has cooked us up an adventure that will feed the stories at the lodge all winter long.  More information will be coming shortly and we want to invite all to come join us in December.


We had six of our pilots participate in the National Air Tour and we all want to thank Capt. Bill Von Sennet on an outstanding job in not only putting this event together but administering the whole thing.  For those of us that actually got to see the real NAT in person it was a real blast to also fly along with Bluegrass (and Isabel didn’t even ruffle my feathers).  Thanks Again Boss Man for a Historical event.



From the C.E.O.

The National Air Tour is history.


We had 33 pilots participating and 27 pilots completed the nearly 4,000 mile journey  3 pilots flew the tour twice! (with two different types of aircraft)


Simultaneously with our event, the real “National Air Tour” was flown.  Brent Brazeel was able to see them at Tulsa, OK  Tom Smith saw them fly over Tyler, TX, and I was able to see them at Frederick MD and Pittsburgh PA.  Two DC-3 Airways pilots were also able to see the tour.  One at Bessemer, AL and the other at Greenville, SC


Our web-site had over 7,000 visitors in September, the most since March when we hosted the Great Aussie Air Race of 2003.   Even though we only had 33 pilots submitting flight reports, I think we had many unregistered pilots flying as well.






Air Mail Pilots


Air Mail Visitors


Total Air Mail Div. Flight Hours




Alaska Pilots


Alaska Visitors


Total Alaska Div Flight Hours




Australian Pilots


Australian Visitors


Total Australian Div Flight Hours




Northern Pilots


Northern Visitors


Total Northern Div Flight Hours




Southern Pilots


Southern Visitors


Total Southern Div Flight Hours




Turbo Visitors


Total Turbo Flight Hours



Bluegrass Pilots flew  1334.31 hours in September.  

Pilots not affiliated with Bluegrass flew 510.23 hours in The National Air Tour

National Air Tour flights flew within the Northern and Southern Divisions, and some of them

were also credited to the Air Mail Division if flown using an aircraft from the 1932 period.

Most of the hours were credited to the Northern Div. if the Tour flight was posted as one

entry since the tour originated in Michigan.


Visiting pilots and their hours included:


Colin Gaitskill


National Air Tour


Ken Malczynski


National Air Tour


Ron Bushell


National Air Tour


Pär Bensered


National Air Tour


Gary Irvine


National Air Tour


David Wood


National Air Tour


Charles Wood


National Air Tour


Gavin Mills


National Air Tour


Bob Betts


National Air Tour


Donald McCormick


National Air Tour


Detlef Kruger


National Air Tour


Paul Nelson


National Air Tour


Tim Cook


National Air Tour


Alexander Lowson


National Air Tour


Frank Seigler


National Air Tour


Dempsey Querry


National Air Tour


Kerry LeBlanc 


National Air Tour


Dave Arnold


National Air Tour


Luc Vanasse


National Air Tour


Eric van Hoof


National Air Tour







Most are DC-3 Airways Pilots.  My thanks to DC-3 Airways for supporting our event.


The NAT screenshot page has  a large selection of pictures of the real National Air Tour taken at Bessemer, AL, Frederick MD and Pittsburgh PA.




There are two "Quick Time" movies that can be downloaded. They are about 4 megabytes each.
81.mov is of the S-39 amphibian departing, and 84.mov is of the DC-3 taking off.
You can download a free quicktime program to watch them (and listen!)





I’ll vote with my feet”, was often a way of saying that if I don’t like something (such as a restaurant) I won’t complain to the waitress/waiter but I won’t be back.   Well looking over the statistics for the past year, its clear that we are doing something right.  Attempts to generate interest in Multi-Player flying have failed, and the “Features of the Month” don’t seem to get much attention in the month they are released.  But they are flown by some pilots months later, even a year later.  For example one pilot just completed Bill Odell’s flight 999 “Around the world in a DC-3” and one day not long ago I noticed several pireps from two pilots who where flying the “Catalina Jaunt”.  


Over the last 12 months BGA pilots have flown 12,419.51 hours.   In the first nine months of 2003 you have averaged over 1200 hours per month.   If you see an area that could use improvement, your suggestions are always welcome.  Your help is also welcome.  I am going to sit back and relax for awhile.  I now have only FS2004 and will not be working on scenery, since I notice that our roster now contains several pilots who are much more skillful at scenery than I am.


My time will be used working on the web-site, pireps, and modifying panels.  One project for those of you with gmax skills would be a Bluegrass repaint for the FS9 default DC-3.  Several talented people are working at perfecting the flight dynamics, and Trev Morson has an excellent panel and sound package on his www.douglasdc3.com web-site.  My latest panel modification uses Trev’s panel and gauges, plus some gauges from the DC-3 Airways World Rally panel.


It should be mentioned that Bluegrass Airlines has had some exceptional help from others in the FlightSim world.

Without friends like Tom Gibson, Tony Smith, avsim.com, flightsim.com and DC-3 Airways we would be an obscure virtual airline.  But as a result of those friends and others, we get great publicity for our airline.   Of course, the aircraft, panel, scenery and flight dynamics designers have all been very gracious in allowing us to freely use their intellectual property.


With last months National Air Tour, we were given permission to use the map with logo of “The National Air Tour” and the Centennial of Flight Commission has permitted us to use their logo.   It doesn’t get much better than this.


Thanks for being a part of Bluegrass Airlines.  Its wouldn’t be any fun to give a party if no one showed up.




P.S.  Don’t forget the forum and the screen shot pages.



08 October 2003


From:    BGA Northern Division Director
To:      BGA Chief Executive Officer


1.    In accordance with operational requirements of Bluegrass Airlines Divisions, the following is a summary of flight activity within the Northern Division during the month of September 2003.

BGAN007    Brent Perry            2.40 hours
  (career total: 386.70 hours)

BGAN029    John Kolmos           12.20 hours
  (career total: 223.73 HOURS)

BGAN033    Don Hulick            32.15 hours
  (career total: 179.83 hours



BGAD011    Ed Burke              25.33 hours
BGAD017    John Lawler           82.53 hours
BGAD022    Gayngel van den Ing    6.34 hours
BGAD026    Norm Holman           42.46 hours
BGAD027    Adrian Hoogenbosch     1.20 hours
BGAK001    Brent Brazeel         32.85 hours
BGAK004    Bill Odell            34.26 hours
BGAK011    Coleman Green          9.93 hours
BGAK029    Pat Daley              6.87 hours
BGAK030    Ron Jorgensen          9.00 hours
BGAK031    Ralph Prisel          18.50 hours
BGAK033    Tom Burrill            2.60 hours
BGAK036    Paul van den Berg      3.27 hours
BGAM007    Allan Lowson          42.34 hours
BGAS001    Bill Von Sennet       42.94 hours
BGAS005    Kevin Johnson         18.46 hours
BGAS006    Bill Agee              1.99 hours
BGAS031    Gary McCarty          18.52 hours
BGAS039    Charles Wert           2.30 hours
BGAS041    Jim Urquhart          11.20 hours



2.    Sorry about being late but the past two weeks have been very hectic around here, plus I am in the middle of my "change of season" cold, so my attitude has not been too good for a few days ..... :o)

R/Sr. Capt. Bob Thompson

Southern Division


I was just looking over back issues of the newsletter and the last time I welcomed new pilots was in April.


So, welcome to Jason Krogmann, Peter Stojanovic, Tom McCart, Charles Wert, Brian Braden, Jim Urquhart, Andre Wag and Sandy Blaize.


Since I have become the C.E.O. of Bluegrass, the administration of the Southern Division has become a “back-burner” activity as I concentrate most of my efforts at administration of the airline as a whole.   The Southern Division as well as the Australian Division would be well served if new division directors would take over the helms.  If anyone want to give it a try, I will provide all the help you will need.

Flight Reports


There continue to be some problems with the flight reports, although overall the system is working well.  To try to alleviate any confusion, the link to your flight report form is on your home division page.


So here is a mini-tutorial of how it should work.   For this example, lets assume that you are an Alaskan Division Pilot.


You would go to the Alaskan Division home page www.bluegrassairlines.com/bgak


Click on the PIREP (flight reports) link.   The form will load.  

Notice the second line says: Do not use this form unless you are an Alaskan Division Pilot. 


If you see anything else for the second line your isp has loaded an old form   Click “refresh”


The third line says Flight Originated in the   Alaska Division V  < this down arrow is a look up button

If your flight originated in the Alaska Division you may accept the default and continue to fill out the form.

If your flight originated elsewhere, click the look up button and select the division that you took off from.

Then continue with the rest of the form.


Every division has their own form, so please make sure you are using the form for your division.


The page that used to have links to each divisions forms, has been changed.  It still has information on the geographical boundries and links to each divisions home page, but no longer links to the forms as this may have caused confusion.






Capt. Bill



To read back issues click this link to read September 2003.  At the bottom of that one there are more links.