January 2004 Newsletter




Bush Pilots Division



The Toughman Challenge is over.  Eighteen pilots flew the first leg, sixteen pilots flew the second leg, and fifteen completed the event!  I won’t be surprised if some more pilots decide to fly it in the future.  You can read the pilots comments on the December “View Pireps with Comments” page.  My thanks to all who participated.


This month’s feature is from Punta Arenas (the southernmost airport on earth) to Barrow, AK (the northernmost airport)  Because of the high elevation of some of the enroute stops, the aircraft selected is the DHC-3 TT Turbo-Prop Otter Amphibian. 


Bush Pilot Div. Pilots flew 219.82 hours in December and visitors flew 188.37 hours.




Australian Division


Capt. Rob Finn has been busy testing a variety of aircraft on some of  Great Aussie Air Rally of 2004 sectors.   


This years event has 41 sectors.  In order to make it easy on “old” Capt. Bill, you will have 82 days to complete the flights.  The web-site will be up by January 15th.  The first flight will be on February 1st.  Plan on registering Jan 15th so you will be at the top of the roster and won’t have to page down to find your data.


Australian Div. Pilots flew 282.34 hours in December and visitors flew 5.43 hours.


Feature of the Month


The feature this month will be the Punta Arena – Barrow adventure sponsored by the Bush Pilot Division.



Southern Division


Welcome to new pilots Bill Hendrix and A.P. Hendrix.


Southern Div. Pilots flew 285.76 hours in December and visitors flew 50.89 hours.


Bluegrass Express Division


Trainz 2004 Service Pak 1 has been released.  Now I can run those steam engines using key strokes.  A great help since I could never figure out how to get the water injectors to work.


Check out the screenshots.



Air Mail and Turbo Division


Capt. Joe has been getting a lot of pireps from pilots flying turb-props and jets.  January is going to be a busy month for him, as the feature of the month is using a turbo-prop Otter.  Pilots remember to check the “Turbo” button on your pireps.



Northern Division


Welcome to new pilots George Leach and Brian Smith.


Northern Div pilots flew 241.95 hours in December and visiting pilots flew 218.83 hours.



From the C.E.O.


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In December, Bluegrass Pilots flew a total of 1076.33 hours.




Air Mail Pilots


Air Mail Visitors


Total Air Mail Div. Flight Hours




Bush Pilots


Bush Pilot Visitors


Total Bush Pilot Div Flight Hours




Australian Pilots


Australian Visitors


Total Australian Div Flight Hours




Northern Pilots


Northern Visitors


Total Northern Div Flight Hours




Southern Pilots


Southern Visitors


Total Southern Div Flight Hours




Turbo Visitors


Total Turbo Flight Hours






Thanks to Coleman Green the  FS2004 hangar now has a Connie in Bluegrass Colors.


That’s all for this month, hope you all have a Healthy and Happy New Year.


Bill Von Sennet – C.E.O.


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