July 2004 Newsletter



Feature of the Month


This months feature is the “Berlin Airlift”.   Pilots who fly from Rhein-Main (EDDF) to Templehoff (EDDI) using multi-player will receive a 100 hour bonus!  Read about it here.



Air Mail Division

Activity:  2 Pilots flying 28.1 hours.




Bush Pilots Division



Activity.   9 Pilots flying 207.85 hours


Welcome to new pilot Tim Arnot.  Tim is not a stranger to us, his application had this bit of news:


Already flown Toughman1 and GAAR, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and looking forward to flying Toughman2 shortly.


In the real world I have 17 hours in a DA-20 Katana towards my pilot's license, and am anticipating first solo within the next couple of weeks.






Australian Division


Activity:  10 pilots flying 299.1 hours


Northern Division


Activity:  5 pilots flying 160.13 hours


Southern Division




Activity:   12 pilots flying 513.03 hours  and 1 Visitor flying 2.55 hours





From Bill Odell


Imperial Airways


        For several years now I have been interested in Imperial Airways and its many interesting aircraft.  Allan Lowson has played a huge part in my becoming interested in Imperial, by feeding me tons of information, research leads, stories etc..  This has resulted in my putting together the routes of this airline so that you can enjoy the challenges of flying in the thirties with a minimum of instrumentation and navaids.  I am presently flying all of these routes and flights.  Starting with August, I will be submitting these routes periodically for you to enjoy as well.  I am writing this to see if you have the interest or comments on this endeavor.  I must add here that all of the aircraft that Imperial flew during this period are on AVSIM for FS 2004.  Let me hear from you.



Bill Odell




From the C.E.O.


Thanks to all of the pilots who flew the “Caribbean Jaunt”.   I flew most of the legs with Bill Hendrix bgas046 on BushNet.   Coleman Green bgak006 also joined us for a few.



39 Bluegrass pilots flew 1208.21 hours


Web-Statistics:   5,608 Visits from 3,874 unique visitors.


That’s all for now,


Bill Von Sennet


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