Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

April 2005


Attn: Bluegrass pilots participating in the G.A.A.R. 2005†† Your gaar flights have been added to the roster on 02-28-05 and 03-31-05.Send Bill an e-mail when you have finished flying the gaar and he will add your remaining time to the†††† subject:††† gaar finished gaar###†† bga?###†† (insert your gaar and bga pilots IDís)


Newest reports on top.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/30/05, PAFAPAFA, 73, BGAK030, DHC-2, PAFA PACL 11Z2Z3PAFA


Allan Lowson, 04-30-05, AYKW-BLI, 7, bgam007, Spitfire VIII, So the return hop in a real one.


Allan Lowson, 04-30-05, BLI-AYKW, 7, bgam007, Cutler Cadet, A quick hop in a poor man's Spitfire...


Allan Lowson, 04-30-05, EPRJ-EPKR, 26, bgam007, Aeronca L16,


Allan Lowson, 04-30-05, AYDU-BLI, 40, bgam007, Great Lakes 2T,


LYLEHASTY, 04-30-05, EDDM-LIRF, 156, BGAS017, DC-3,


Gary Filippo, 04-30-05, AK92-PAHO, 63, bgak005, DHC-3,


Bill Hendrix, 04-30-05, KBGR-CYZX, 105, bgas046, AC680S, Multiplayer flight with 4 other Bluegrass pilots, had a lot of fun, intermediate stop at CYSJ.


Bill Von Sennet, 04-30-05, kbgr-cyzk, 101, bgas001, DC-3, Saturday night Multi-Player with bgas046 bgan047 bgad032 bgak002Bangor ME-St John NB-Greenwood NS†† Next flight Tuesday 1630 Z


Harry Frazer, 04/30/05, KBAD-KSKF, 130, BGAN042, TS-2A Tracker,


Allan Lowson, 04-23-05, EGPF-EGPN, 21, bgam007, SAAB 340, Glasgow - Dundee in Tom's modified SAAB


Allan Lowson, 04-23-05, EGPI-EGPF, 73, bgam007, DH-89a Rapide, Islay - Campbeltown - Prestwick - Glasgow


Gary McCarty, 04-30-05, KATL-TXKF, 210, bgas031, L-049A,


Joe Weber, 04-30-05, KLEX-KIAD, 75, BGAN--2, Connie,


Jim Urquhart, 04-30-05, KSUS-KRVS, 126, BGAS041, DC3,


LYLE HASTY, 04-30-05, KTPA-KSAV, 90, BGAS017, DC-3,


Sid Tatton, 04-30-05, SBSC-SAEZ, 330, BGAD007, L1049A Constellation,


Sid Tatton, 04-30-05, SEGU-SBGL, 330, BGAD007, BOEING 757-200,


Sid Tatton, 04-30-05, SKCL-SEGU, 70, BGAD007, BOEING 757-200,


Sid Tatton, 04-30-05, KMIA-SKCL, 180, BGAD007, BOEING 757-200,


Sid Tatton, 04-30-05, KSAN-KRHV, 300, BGAD007, CESSNA CITATION,


LYLE HASTY, 04-28-05, LEAL-LFCC, 124, BGAS017, DC-3,


LYLE HASTY, 04-27-05, LEMH-LIEA, 84, BGAS017, DC-3,


Paul Mensch, 04-30-05, EBBR-EHEH, 30, BGAN047, DC3,


Jon Carlson, 04-29-05, YBDV - YBOU, 108, bgas012, AC 500, Departed YBDV for Bedourie. Just as we were within sight of YBIE a Mysterious fog rolled in. Posted screenshots. As we circled Bedourie the fog obscured the airport! Decided to head north and Boulia with it's NDB to guide us. The NDB helped but still took 3 tries to finally get down. Whew! Time for a cold one!


Michael Ahl, 04-29-05, LIBF-LIBF, 296, BGAN013, B17 Fortress Bomber, One of the longest flights i done. And also with 2 B17's going from 2 computers. LIBF-LROP-LIBF, B17 Flying Fortress. FL130 VFR. A flight from 1943 departing Foggia and doing a bomb run over Ploetsi located 35 kilometers north of Bucharest. and back again to Italy base Foggia Started at dwan arrived at dark and landed again in complete blackness. All sucess.


Meryl D Coon, 04-29-05, PABA-PASC, 57, BGAN038, C182S Skylane, Barter Island - Deadhorse


Ed Burke, 04-28-05, SCDA - SLOR, 318, bgad011, Luscombe 8, Inquique, Chile (SCDA) to climb the Andes and get amongst the TMC 8.Landed at SLOR and then did the out and return to SPRF.The L8 was at the bendin' end of its performance.


Ed Burke, 04-26-05, SCIP - SCDA, 488, bgad011, DC-6B, Easter Island to Inquique, Chile.Might have a belated look at tmc 8


Joe Weber, 04-29-05, CYUL-KLEX, 187, BGAN002, DC-6B,


Gary McCarty, 04-29-05, MMUN-KATL, 186, bgas031, L-049A,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/29/05, PAEN†† PAEN, 186, BGAK030, P Arrow III, PAEN3Z5PAEN


Bill Von Sennet, 04-29-05, kgeg-kgtf, 99, bgas001, DC-3, Vial LL airways V2 and V1209,500'21 knot tail wind.158 Gal of gas


Jim Urquhart, 04-29-05, KBRO-MMMX, 144, BGAS041, DC4,


Gary Gardner, 04-29-05, PAUM-AK71, 58, bgak055, AN-14, Ceiling at about 300 ft.Very difficult to find the runway.Without GPS I would have had to fly on to the alternative at Point Barrow.


Don Hulick, 04-25-05, O128-O128, 17, bgan033, Fiesler Storch, TMC10, O128-OH41 and return. Peice of cake, with the right airplane.


Don Hulick, 04-24-05, BLI-AYKW, 17, bgan033, DHC6, TMC10, Had to go around once, didn't like the line-up.


Don Hulick, 04-24-05, AYDU-BLI, 30, bgan033, DHC6, TMC10


Michael Ahl, 04-28-05, YSCG-YSSY, 86, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 04-28-05, EGNX-EGPH, 56, BGAN013, MD-11,


Michael Ahl, 04-28-05, EGLL-EGNX, 45, BGAN013, MD-11,


Smithy, 04/29/05, YMYB - YNBR, 159, bgad032, BeechcraftKingAir 350,


Bill Hendrix, 04-28-05, CNQ4-CYZR-KPLN, 110, bgas046, Cessna Caravan, Left CNQ4 with 13 passengers, dropped off 7 at CYZR, flew on to KPLN with 6 passengers, night flight, made a good chunk of change on this flight.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/27/05, C05PAMR, 48, BGAK030, C337,


Bob Welch, 04-27-05, pakt-pawg, 45, bgak060, dhc-2/amphibian,


Gary McCarty, 04-28-05, TTPP-MMUN, 387, bgas031, L-049A,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/27/05, PAMR†† C05, 47, BGAK030, C337, Charter


AP Hendrix, 04-28-05, MYNN - KATL, 216, bgas047, DC-3,


Jim Urquhart, 04-28-05, KTVL-KLAX, 126, BGAS041, DC3,


Ray Brann, 04/28/05, CYZF-CYQH, 174, bgak002, DC-3 MAAM, Great Flt, Maybe problem with WCATC, had FP and check it couple time during flt, all ok. Closed FP with "-fp" no quotes, and it said no FP to close. What the??? Oh well, great flt anyway. Ray


ODD NGUNNAR PETTERSEN, 28-04-2005, KBOS-KJFK, 70, bgan017, dc3,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/27/05, CLRPAFB, 26, BGAK030, Shorts 330, Test hop


Jim Urquhart, 04-27-05, KSEA-KTVL, 218, BGAS041, DC3, Intermediate stop at KCVO


Ron Jorgensen, 04/27/05, HCAPAMR, 145, BGAK030, DHC-6, Detoured around mountains due to exiting ear problem.HCA4K0AK18WORONPAMR


Gary McCarty, 04-27-05, KFLL-TTPP, 298, bgas031, L-049A,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/26/05, PAMRHCA, 115, BGAK030, DHC-6, PAMRTCTHCA


Bob Beckelhimer, 4-27-05, 5L6 - PAFA, 150, bganOO5, DHC-2 Bever/floats, This is IFR (I followed Railroad!)flight. Followed Alaska RR from Wasallia to Fairbanks.I rode this RR run last summer.


Jim Urquhart, 04-27-05, KSLC-KSEA, 202, BGAS041, DC6,


Ray Brann, 04/27/05, PAFA-PAOM, 172, bgak002, DC-3 MAAM, Fairbanks to Nome, Used Active Sky, kinda like that. Landed at Nome, Parked next to DC-3 of DCA, wish BGA had some buildings/planes there. What an enjoyable way to spend an overcast/rainy morning. Tnx Ray


GEORGE LEACH, 04-26-05, KGUP-KFLO, 67, BGAN039, b25,


Bob Beckelhimer, 4-26-05, NPS - NGZ, 729, bganOO5, Boeing B314A, Leg 3 of 3 on Clipper return flight across the Pacific.


Bob Beckelhimer, 4-26-05, KMIA - KLEX , 220, bganOO5, DC-6B, Return flight from BGA Flight C0010R


Bob Beckelhimer, 4-26-05, KLEX - KMIA, 230, bganOO5, DC-6B, BGA Flight C0010R


Ron Jorgensen, 04/25/05, PAHS†† PAFA, 97, BGAK030, DHC-3, PAHSPATAPAFAMail run


Ray Brann, 04/26/05, PAFA-PAOR, 83, bgak002, DC-3 MAAM, Really nice flt. It was dusk as taxiing up to pumps at Northway it seemed quite realistic. Really enjoyed it. Think Im in my second childhood and dont mind a bit. Tnx Ray / bgak002


Ron Jorgensen, 04/25/05, PABTPAHS, 65, BGAK030, DHC-3, ROUTE:PABT 6A8HUSPAHSMail run


Michael Ahl, 04-26-05, CZST-PAJN, 149, BGAN013, Cessna Grand Amphibian,


Gary McCarty, 04-26-05, MBSY-KFLL, 210, bgas031, Beech 18,


Gary McCarty, 04-26-05, TXKF-MBSY, 164, bgas031, B-377,


Tom Burrill, 04-26-05, BGBW-BIRK, 252, bgak033, DC4,: Flight with DC4 much easier this leg as used Vatsim weather. Dark comminginto BIRK but came in smooth as silk a sweet airplane.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/25/05, PAFAPABT, 65, BGAK030, DHC-3T, WX70 BKN-- SCT 7H170/10


Bill Hendrix, 04-26-05, KMCN-14G, 215, bgas046, DC-3, Intermediate stop at KJKL, 20 passengers on FS Economy.


Bill Von Sennet, 04-26-05, fwka-fwli, 102, bgas001, DC-3, Karonga to Lilongwe, Malawi along the shores of Lake Malawi.


Jim Urquhart, 04-26-05, KDEN-KSLC, 94, BGAS041, DC6B,


Ray Brann, 04/26/05, PAFA-PABA, 126, bgak002, DC-3 MAAM, More than a little fun. R/W at PABA isn't exactly "overly long" ;-) Tnx Ray


Tom Burrill, 04-26-05, CYYR-BGBW, 223, bgak033, DC4, The leg from Goosebay to BGBW with the DC 4 was interesting. The extra power and the super set up make this plane alot of fun to fly. The approach to Narsaursuaq was interesting with the use of real weather. Ceiling was belowwas 2000 ft and visibility less then five miles. I used auto pilot assist andfix monitoring with US NAV. Final was made visual with a interesting over the fench situation. I was cross to the runway with stall warning. Power and oppostie rudder got me straightened out and down the center. Whew !!! on the ground at last. Cheers Tom 790


Michael Ahl, 04-26-05, EGLL-EGHJ, 47, BGAN013, Aero Design AC-50,


GEORGE LEACH, 04-26-05, KABQ-KGUP, 56, BGAN039, b25,


Jeff Lacy, 04-25-05, KMAF-KSJC, 420, bgak063, Beechcraft Baron TC, Fuel stops at KINW and KSZP.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/25/05, CO10KEGE, 44, BGAK030, DHC-2, A lot of fast climbing and a lot of fast descending.


Bill Hendrix, 04-25-05, M22-3M5-GA29, 100, bgas046, Piper Arrow III,


Ray Brann, 04/25/05, PAFA-PASC, 116, bgak002, DC-3 MAAM, Vry enjoyable flt. WX was reasonable, winds never exceeded 15 knots. Low vis on approach to PASC but no problems. Tnx


Gary McCarty, 04-25-05, CYYT-TXKF, 270, bgas031, B-377,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/25/05, CYOJ†† CYOJ, 204, BGAK030 , DHC-2, Round Robbin:CYPJ CFB7 CFG7 CFV3 CBX2 CYOP CFH3 CYOJ.


Jim Urquhart, 04-25-05, KTUL-KDEN, 156, BGAS041, DC4,


Brent Brazeel, 04-25-05, KSLC - CYVR, 236, bgak001, DC3,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/24/05, CFX4CYOJ, 60, BGAK030, DSHC-2,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/24/05, CYPECFX4, 28, BGAK030, DHC-2,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/24/05, CFE5CYPE, 15, BGAK030, DHC-2,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/23/05, CZHP†† CFE5, 39, BGAK030, DHC-2,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/23/05, CYZH†† CZHP, 31, BGAK030, DHC-2,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/23/05, CEE5†† CYZH, 26, BGAK030, DHC-2,


GEORGE LEACH, 04-25-04, knql-ktpa, 75, BGAN039, b25,


Bill Hendrix, 04-25-05, KPFN-KSPG, 85, bgas046, Cessna Caravan, FS Economy flight, 7 passengers.


Bill Hendrix, 04-24-05, TN48-KPAH-M22, 111, bgas046, Piper Arrow III, Flew on wcatc but got bumped off and could not rejoin. Finished flight anyway and got paid from FS Economy.


GEORGE LEACH, 04-24-05, Q58-KABQ, 48, BGAN039, B25,


Ed Burke, 04-24-05, NCRG - SCIP, 624, bgad011, DC-6B, Rarotonga to Easter Island.


Ed Burke, 04-23-05, YBMC - NCRG, 561, bgad011, DC-6B, Maroochydore, Queensland to Rarotonga.


Sid Tatton, 04-25-05, KJFK-KORD, 165, BGAD007, MD11,


Sid Tatton, 04-25-05, YPPH-WMKK, 570, BGAD007, L1049A Constellation,


Jeff Lacy, 04-24-05, KISM-KMAF, 510, bgak063, Beechcraft Baron TC, Fuel stops at KMGM and KTXK.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/24/05, KMFR†† KCVO, 90, BGAK030, DHC-2, ROUTE;KMFR 89OR 64S Crater Lake 3S6 5S2 00S 8S3 2OR7 S30 S12 LWG KCVO.


Brent Brazeel, 04-24-05, KPHX - KSLC, 168, bgak001, DHC-6,


Tom Burrill, 04-24-05, KPQI-CYYR, 176, bgak033, DC4, Start of a second flight over the pond with the DC4 Prequile to Goose Bay. Low ceilings at first and frozen airspeed indicated improved with time and Pitot heat. Into Goosebay ahead of schedule.




Gary McCarty, 04-24-05, EGYM-CYYT, 537, bgas031, B-377,


Brent Brazeel, 04-24-05, KABQ - KPHX, 140, bgak001, DC3 - R4D,


Joe Weber, 04-24-05, KLEX-KDET, 93, BGAN002, DC-4, KUIZ Below minimums


Ron Jorgensen, 04/22/05, CYWM†† CEE5, 31, BGAK030, DHC-2,


Jim Urquhart, 04-24-05, KATL-KTUL, 198, BGAS041, DC4,


Brent Brazeel, 04-24-05, AYDU - BLI, 40, bgak001, DHC2,


Brent Brazeel, 04-24-05, KSEF - 42FL, 77, bgak001, Goose, From Seabring over to Hollywood, FL then down to Platation Seaplane Harbor


John Thorne, 94/23/05, YMML - NZAA, 642, NGAD001, cONNIE,


Brent Brazeel, 04-23-05, KBFI - PAFA, 200, bgak001, 727, 2nd leg back to Alaska


Brent Brazeel, 04-23-05, KJST - KBFI, 266, bgak001, 727, Enroute back to Alaska


Brent Brazeel, 04-23-05, KJST - KCHA, 185, bgak001, DC-3, From Johnstown down to the Choo Choo town.


Tom Easterday, 04/22/2005, RCSS - VHHX, 207, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/21/2005, KHAE - KEAR, 159, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/18/2005, SJTQ - SEMH, 162, BGAN043, DC3,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/22/05, 00VI†† KJFK, 137, BGAK030, DHC-3,


Paul Mensch, 04-24-05, MBPV-TJSM, 180, BGAN047, Consolidated PBY, With stops at MDPP AND MDPC


joe Weber, 04-23-05, KDAL-KATL, 157, BGAN002, Connie, Intermediate at KMEM


Gary McCarty, 04-23-05, EGYM-EGYM, 469, bgas031, B57-D, joe-ks-aku-ENSS


Jim Urquhart, 04-23-05, KHOU-KATL, 186, BGAS041, DC4,


Bill Hendrix, 04-23-05, KLBE-KMTO, 207, bgas046, Piper Arrow III, Flew 3 passengers on FS Economy, layed over at KSGH for the night and completed the flight early this morning to KMTO.


Brent Brazeel, 04-23-05, KCBE-KJST, 67, bgak001, DC-3, Continued from Cumberland, MA to Morganstown, WV up by Seven Springs and then onto Johnstown, PA.They enjoyed the tour and took many photos.We flew low and slow (4500') Beautiful sping weather too.


Brent Brazeel, 04-23-05, KMDT-KCBE, 61, bgak001, DC-3, Short scenic flight from Harrisburg, PA to Cumberland, MA.Took a few passengers for a little photo tour.


LYLE HASTY, 04-23-05, KIND-KPIT, 150, BGAS017, DC-3,


LYLE HASTY, 04-21-05, KATL-KMCO, 156, BGAS017, DC-3,


Tom McCo, 4-22-05, EGLL - LFPG, 96, bgas057, L-749, EGLL - Depart in route to Paris,FR. LFPG - Landed ILS 27L nd taxied to gate.


Barry Kleiber, 04-22-05, KEYW-MMUN, 104, BGAN010, Metroliner III, Key West to Cancun with Live ATC. Fuel used 144 gal. Landed ILS RW 12.


Michael Ahl, 04-22-05, OKBK-OROK, 107, BGAN013, US airforce Stratotanker,


Odd Gunnar Pettersen, 19-04-05, S88 -KTDO, 160, BGAN017, Cessna Skyhawk, Flew to pick up some tourists. One stops at KS6A ( i think). Several plain (5-6) cool flight.


Bob Welch, 04-19-05, cyrl-cps5, 96, BGAK060, DHC-2,


John Franco, 04-20-05, KHFD-KGON, 85, BGAN011, B18, held over the TMU VOR to test out the FSNAV Holding pattern feature.


Odd Gunnar Pettersen, 20-04-05, KIND-kord, 55, BGAN017, dc3, Landing in Chicago thunder & Lightning. Nice flight


Odd Gunnar, 20-04-05, KLEX-KMIA, 285, bgan017, Cessna Caravan, No stops. boring flight.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/20/05, KLNCKDAL, 09, BGAK030, C195,


Michael Ahl, 04-20-05, KJFK-X68, 167, BGAN013, Antonov 225, Down at Nasa Space strip and have delivered the russian space shuttle from Kiev.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/20/05, CYXJCYDQ, 82, BGAK030, DHC-2, Route: CYCQ CYCQ CBX7 CYDQ.Followed ALCAN hwy to Mile "0" at Dawson Creek.Light snow/rain all the way. IFR (road)


Gary McCarty, 04-20-05, TXKF-CYYT, 192, bgas031, Howard 500,


AP Hendrix, 04-20-05, SPIM - SVMC, 288, bgas047, C-130,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/20/05, CYDQCYQU, 60, BGAK030, DHC-2, Side trip to Beaverlodge and Saskatoon Mountain where I spent a COLD year.


AP Hendrix, 04-20-05, SVMC - MYNN, 216, bgas047, C-130,


John Lawler, 04-20-05, YMML-YMHB, 109, bgad017, Airspeed Ambassador, Thought I'd try the world's most beautiful airliner down route BGAD101 - delightful! The only fly in the ointment was that Hobart seemed to be the world's busiest airport and I couldn't get a word in edgeways to confirm my landing clearance through all the chit-chat between the tower and the AI aircraft.


Paul Mensch, 04-21-05, CYPS-KSEA, 71, BGAN047, DC6,


Tom Burrill, 04-20-05, CYBW-EIFN, 984, bgak033, Sikorski VS 44 Excambain, The long hop over the water in the Excambian was a great experience. With tail winds all the way I achieved ground speeds of over 200kts. In the end the flight took me 8.2 hrs with the use of Real world Weather updated each 15 min. Followed the transatlantic route from CYQX Vor via Ocean track flown by the jets of today. Fuel figures seem offbut I calculated around 1900 gals used. This is my first long hop so nothing else to judge it against.


Smithy, 04/20/05, CPC3 - N35, 81, bgad032, Beechcraft King Air 350,


Smithy, 04/20/05, N35 - KDAA, 49, bgad032, Beechcraft King Air 350,


Barry Kleiber, 04-20-05, KBOS-KJFK, 104, BGAN010, DC-6B, Clear and calm. KBOS-KJFK via KBDR. This was flight P0071R. 1019 gal. fuel used. FL was 10500 ft. Departed RW 4R, Landed ILS 4L.


LYLE HASTY, 04-20-05, FADN-FAJS, 102, BGAS017, DC-3,


Michael Ahl, 04-21-05, ENBO-UUDD, 167, BGAN013, Antonov 225,






Ed Burke, 04-21-05, YBWX - YBWX, 55, bgad011, AC500S, Had a look at the Monte Bello Islands from Barrow Island during the gaar'05.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/21/05, CYQUCYPE, 60, BGAK030, DHC-2,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/21/05, CYPECYOJ, 50, BGAK030, AC500,


Harry Nelson, 04-21-05, GAAR April Flights, 2153, bgan026, Douglas R4D-6,


Jim Urquhart, 4-20-05, KATL-KBOS, 194, BGAS041, DC7B,


Michael Ahl, 04-21-05, OR05-KBKE, 303, BGAN013, Cessna Skyhawk 172SP, A flight from OR05,21W,ISEA,2WA1,YKM,KBKE


Gary McCarty, 04-21-05, CYYT-BIKF, 279, bgas031, Howard 500, BGBW


Michael Ahl, 04-21-05, VNKT-VNLK, 44, BGAN013, Aero Design AC-50,


Michael Ahl, 04-21-05, VNLK-VNBJ, 35, BGAN013, Aero Design AC-50,


Michael Ahl, 04-21-05, LSZH-LOWI, 45, BGAN013, Boeing 747-400,


Michael Ahl, 04-21-05, LOWI-LIPZ, 38, BGAN013, Tornado GR4,


Michael Ahl, 04-21-05, LIPZ-LIRA, 56, BGAN013, Tornado GR4,


Smithy, 04/20/05, N35 - KDAA, 49, bgad032, Beechcraft King Air 350,


Tom Burrill, 04-21-05, 5B9-KGFL, 78, bgak033, Stearman PT 17, Super pilotage flight from Dean Memorial,NH to Glens Falls,N.Y.Using the new Steraman for 2004 found on Flight A super flying machine for sure.


Jim Urquhart, 04-21-05, KBOS-KMDW, 162, BGAS041, L1049H,


Tom McCoy, 4-21-05, KLKEX - EGLL, 938, BGAS057, L-749, KJFK - Landed ILS 31L and taxied to gateEGLL - Landed ILS 27L and taxied to gate


Smithy, 04/22/05, NZMS - NZNE, 73, bgad032, Beechcraft King Air 350,


Smithy, 04/22/05, YWLM - YDOC, 29, bgad032, Piper J - Cub,


Smithy, 04/22/05, KJST - KROA, 62, bgad032, Beechcraft King Air 350,


Bill Hendrix, 04-22-05, 3I2-KAGC, 60, bgas046, Piper Arrow III, real wx, FS Economy flight, see screenshot.


Ed Burke, 04-22-05, YMHB - YBMC, 263, bgad011, DC-6B, First flight in the 6.Left the approach late so orbiting the Maroochydore field on descent wasted some time.


Bill Von Sennet, 04-22-05, vcbi-vomm, 118, bgas001, DC-4, Take off at dusk, half the flight was at night.


Ed Burke, 04-22-05, g.a.a.r. April flights, 2966, bgad011, Aero Commander 500S,


Jim Urquhart, 04-22-05, KORD-KHOU, 220, BGAS041, DC6B,


Gary McCarty, 04-22-05, BIKF-EGYM, 180, bgas031, Howard 500,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/18/05, KFLLKNEW, 137, BGAK030, DHC-7,


Paul Mensch, 04-20-05, KDIN-MYNN-MYXM, 150, BGAN047, Consolidated PBY,


LYLE HASTY, 04-19-05, TUPG-TJSJ, 54, BGAS017, DC-3,


Michael Ahl, 04-19-05, 27W-KTDO, 156, BGAN013, Cessna Grand Amphibian, A nice tour together with Bgan011 Bgan017 Bgas001 With short stops atRanger Creek 21W, Strom 39P And finally Toledo KTDO


AP Hendrix, 04-19-05, SCEL - SPIM, 300, bgas047, Lockheed C-130, IFR


John Franco, 04-19-2005, 21W-39P, 20, BGAN011, Mooney Bravo, Encountered cruddy weather and i also had trouble landing at Strom WA so i had to go around a second time, in which i landed a tad short.


Bill Von Sennet, 04-19-05, 21w-21w, 20, bgas001, DC-3, Showing off to bgan011-013-017 how I can land a DC-3 anywhere.(anywhere but on the runway that is)Local flight ranger creek WA


Bill Von Sennet, 04-19-05, kilm-kmqi, 65, bgas001, DC-3, WestcoastATCbgan013 and bgan017 on teamspeak.


Jeff Lacy, 04-19-05, KORF-KISM, 165, bgak063, Lockheed P-38L, TNG at KDAB


Michael Ahl, 04-19-05, CYHZ-KJFK, 105, BGAN013, Antonov 225,


Gary McCarty, 04-19-05, MBSY-TXKF, 144, bgas031, Howard 500,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/17/05, VNJL†† VNPK, 65, BGAK030, Aviat A1B, TMC @11


Ron Jorgensen, 04/17/05, VNDT†† VNNG, 31, BGAK030, C195, TMC #11


Michael Ahl, 04-19-05, BIRK-CYHZ, 269, BGAN013, Antonov 225 , Another hop on the way to deliver a space shuttle to the cape.


Jim Urquhart, 04-19-05, KLAX-PHNL, 577, BGAS041, DC6B,


Bill Hendrix, 04-19-05, KBFM-KMOR, 135, bgas046, Beech King Air 350, Intermediate stops at KMOB to pickup passengers and at KSCD to refuel that thirsty beast.


Bill Hendrix, 04-18-05, 5R4-2AL1-21LA, 94, bgas046, Piper Arrow III,


Paul Roth, 04-18-05, KBGR-KBOS, 187, BGAN016, DC-3, BGR004KBGR-KAUG-KPMW-KBOS


Ed Burke, 19-04-05, BIA - YBWP, 313, bgad011, AC500S, Bialla, New Britain to Gonaili (GON) and return to Weipa via a refuel at Nadzab (AYNZ), Lae.


Ed Burke, 18-04-05, YBWP - BIA, 243, bgad011, AC500S, Weipa, Queenslad to Bialla, New Britain to fly the last (for me) TMC10 leg.


gunnar, 18.04.05, KSEA - 27W, 90, bgan017, Cesna Skyhawk, Piced up 4 wmoen at S88 and flew them to a lake at 27w.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/17/05, NDR†† KDP, 36, BGAK030, C195, End of TMC #10 flights


Ron Jorgensen, 04/17/05, AYWDJSL, 31, BGAK030, C195, Hard to find this strip as wx was down to 4mi in rain.


AP Hendrix, 04-18-05, SABE - SCEL, 156, bgas047, Lockheed C130,


Tom Burrill, 04-18-05, CYQM-CYQX_Botwood, 282.6, bgak033, Sikorski VS 44 Excambain, Flight from Sheidiak to Botwood with VS 44. Rather interesting landing with ceiling belwo 1000 ft and less then 3 miles visibilty. Fourtunately the water was clear and long so I got down ok.


Pat Daley, 04-18-05, PANT-CYPR, 47, bgak029, DHC-3,


Michael Ahl, 04-18-05, S88-27W, 65, BGAN013, Cessna Skyhawk 172SP,


Paul Mensch, 04-19-05, KLMT-CYSK, 383, BGAN047, B314 PanAm Clipper, That is 6.5 hours in that noisy aircraft.....


Michael Ahl, 04-18-05, KSEA-S88, 44, BGAN013, Cessna Skyhawk 172SP,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/17/05, PADQPASD, 135, BGAK030, Maule,


Michael Ahl, 04-18-05, ENBO-BIRK, 175, BGAN013, Antonov 225, Cargo flight with great weather..


Gary McCarty, 04-18-05, KZPH-MBSY, 295, bgas031, Beech 18, MJRM


AP Hendrix, 04-18-05, SKBO - SBGL, 492, bgas047, Lockheed C-130,


Jim Urquhart, 04-18-05, KATL-local, 0.8, BGAS041, DC7, Familiar flight


Ron Jorgensen, 04/16/05, BIAGON, 24, BGAK030, C195, TMC #10Flt 10Floats02 base here


Ron Jorgensen, 04/16/05, WBKLWBGW, 13, BGAK030, C195, TMC #10 Flt 9


Paul Roth, 04/17/05, CYQY-KBGR, 229, BGAN016, DC-3, BGR003†† CYQY-CYYG-KBGR


Tom Burrill, 04-17-05, KBOS-CYSK, 150, bgak033, Sikorski VS 44 Excambain, Flight from Boston Sedaik,N.B. to set up for flight across the pond. In Excambain the very aircaraft my Dad worked on in 1942 while with American Export Airlines.


Tom Easterday, 04/17/05, CYPR - RYZT, 92, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/16/05, KSFO - PHNL, 650, BGAN043, DC4,


Tom Easterday, 04/16/05, PAGS - CYPR, 116, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/15/05, RJCC - RJNT, 176, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/12/05, EDLP - EGNX, 120, BGAN043, DC4,


Tom Easterday, 04/09/05, PACV - PAGS, 99, BGAN043, DC4,


Bill Von Sennet, 04-17-05, kcez-kear, 155, bgas001, DC-4, 17,500' over the Rockies, then 9,500' 561 gal


AP Hendrix, 04-17-05, MYNN - SKBO, 288, bgas047, Lockheed C-130, nice airport, reminds me of Denver!


Paul Mensch, 04-17-05, EDUG-EDOP, 48, BGAN047, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 04-17-05, EGLL-EGPD, 94, BGAN013, Cessna Citation II,


Michael Ahl, 04-17-05, VNBJ-VE0W, 174, BGAN013, Aero Design AC-50, A nice flight frn Nepal over Bangladesh to India..


Ron Jorgensen, 04/15/05, UKLUED0D, 25, BGAK030, c195, TMC #10 Bonus #2Beautiful building beside the runway.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/13/05, WBGB†† WBGL, 42, BGAK030, C195, TMC #10Flt 8


Gary McCarty, 04-17-05, W91-KZPH, 165, bgas031, Beech 58TC,


Joe Weber, 04-17-05, KJFK-KILM, 126, BGAN002, DC-4,


Paul Mensch, 04-17-05, EHEH-EDUG, 119, BGAN047, DC3,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/13/05, WBGWWBFC, 26, BGAK030, C195, TMC #10 Flt 7


Ron Jorgensen, 04/11/05, NWWKNWWD, 20, BGAK030, C195,


Meryl D Coon, 04-16-05, PFYU-PAFA, 82, BGAN038, Piper Warrior II,


Michael Ahl, 04-16-05, EGCC-EGLL, 51, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 04-16-05, EGGD-EGCC, 71, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Gary McCarty, 04-16-05, FA37-W91, 232, bgas031, Beech V35,


Jim Urquhart, 04-16-05, KDAL-KATL, 259, BGAS041, DC4, Intermediate stop at KMSY


Joe Weber, 04-16-05, KLEX-KMEM, 111, BGAN002, CV-240,


Bill Hendrix, 04-15-05, 3O4-KOPL, 325, bgas, Bonanza V35, FS Economy flights via 93F,3TA4,TS13,83R,7TS3,1TS3,88XS,KBMT. Working my way to Pensacola.


Dean Johnson, 04-16-05,YBWP-YKOW, 71, bgas044, C208B Grand Caravan, Good flight hit all Check points, Landed R/W 12


Tom Burrill, 04-15-05, 6B8-Major W. Guth, 89, bgak033, J3 Cub, Pilotage flight from Caledonia CTY to Major W. Guth in VT USA. Using New England Mesh scenery very good scenery for sure.


AP Hendrix, 04-15-05, KMIA - MYNN, 60, bgas047, DC-3,


Gary McCarty, 04-15-05, MJRM-FA37, 239, bgas031, Beech V35, X46-7FL7


Bill Von Sennet, 04-15-05, egnx-ehbk, 121, bgas001, DC-3, DC3-Airways Maintenance Div Flight on FSInn


Ed Wells, 04-15-05, MMMX-MGGT, 150, bgas004, Howard 500, One final stop to go before arriving at MGGT


Smithy, 04/15/05, YPDN - WRRR, 376, bgad032, Beechcraft King Air 350,


Sid Tatton, 04-15-05, YPJT-YABA, 75, BGAD007, CESSNA340A,


Sid Tatton, 04-15-05, YBEV-YPJT, 25, BGAD007, BEECHCRAFTC90,


Sid Tatton, 04-15-05, YMDN-YBEV, 45, BGAD007, beechcraft NUSTAG,


Sid Tatton, 04-15-05, YSCR-YMDN, 45, BGAD007, DC3,


Sid Tatton, 04-15-05, YPKG-YSCR, 35, BGAD007, CORSAIR,


Sid Tatton, 04-15-05, YNSM-YPKG, 75, BGAD007, WACO CLASSIC,


Sid Tatton, 04-15-05, YESP-YNSM, 75, BGAD007, TIGER MOTH DH82,


Sid Tatton, 04-15-05, YRAV-YESP, 75, BGAD007, TIGER MOTH DH82,


Bill Hendrix, 04-14-05, 3O4-93F-3TA4, 115, bgas046, Bonanza V35,


george leach, 04-05-05, KTPA-KJFK, 175, BGAN039, KC-10,


george leach, 04-04-05, KJFK-KTPA, 180, BGAN039, KC-10,


Ed Burke, 04-12-05, AYDU- AYDU, 374, bgad011, AC500S, From Daru Island to BLI, AYKW, KDP, AYWD, JSL, AYMH (for fuel),NDR, KDP and return to Daru.TMC10 flights completed.


Ed Burke, 04-12-05, AYPY- AYPY, 185, bgad011, AC500S, TMC10 - Port Moresby, Woitape, Tapini, Bulolo, Manyamya and return to PY.


Ed Burke, 04-12-05, NWWW - AYPY, 187, bgad011, B777-300, Return to Port Moresby


Jon Carlson, 04-14-05, YTGM - YBDV, 112, bgas012, AC 500, Sad to leave Thargomindah. Lots of low clouds enroute to Birdsville. Cleared up just before landing. Will have to check out the famous pub later. Guess we're about 5 months too early for the Rodeo so we pretty much have the town to ourselves. And the father and son in a Cessna who landed justafter us. And then 2 fellows 4X4'd into town. Place is filling up!


Jon Carlson, 04-14-05, YTGM - YTGM, 50, bgas012, Waco biplane, Rented a plane to cruise around Bulloo Shire. Even buzzed the crowd (three's a crowd, right?) at the electrical museum before landing. Am having an excellent stay here.


Tom Burrill, 04-14-05, 5B9-6B8, 30, bgak033, Canuk 80, Flight from Dean Memorial to Cledonia Cty pilotage using New England Mesh add on in 2002 very good scenery for pilotage.


Paul Mensch, 04-14-05, KFLL-MYGW-KMIA, 72, BGAN047, DC3,


Gary McCarty, 04-14-05, TJIG-MJRM, 244, bgas031, Beech V35, MYX1


Paul Roth, 04-13-05, YMEN-YCOM, 83, BGAN016, B-25J, GAAR Sector 4


Paul ROth, 04-12-05, YKII-YMEN, 70, BGAN016, B-25J, GAAR Sector 3


Paul Mensch, 04-13-05, AGGH-AGGS-AGGM, 86, BGAN047, DC3,


Paul Mensch, 04-13-05, AGGA-AGGH, 32, BGAN047, DC3,


Bill Hendrix, 04-13-05, FL34-KAJG, 190, bgas046, DC-3,


Joe Weber, 04-13-05, KORD-KLEX, 90, BGAN002, Convair 440,


Gary McCarty, 04-13-05, MBSY-TJIG, 332, bgas031, Beech V35, TUPG-TAPA


Jim Urquhart, 04-13-05, KMPS-KDAL, 263, BGAS041, DC4, Intermediate stop at KMKC


Sid Tatton, 04-13-05, YPJT-YRTI, 20, BGAD007, CESSNAL19E,


Sid Tatton, 04-13-05, YCUN-YMJM, 70, BGAD007, beechcraft baron58T,


Sid Tatton, 04-13-05, KDEN-5CO0, 45, BGAD007, PIPER NAVAJO,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/11/05, OI28OH41, 21, BGAK030, GT 500, TMC #10Flt 13


george leach, 04-13-05, KMCO-TNCA, 175, BGAN039, KC-10, UAED WC ATC


Ron Jorgensen, 04/11/05, KDFWKRDB, 12, BGAK030, Norseman,


Michael Ahl, 041305, VNKT-VNLK, 40, BGAN013, DC3,


Bill Von Sennet, 04-12-05, sazn-sazg, 115, bgas001, DC-3, Neuquen to General Pico, Argentina on WestCoastATC


Gary McCarty, 04-12-05, MYE4-MBSY, 146, bgas031, Piper Archer,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/11/05, WTP†† TAP, 12, BGAK030, C195, TMC#10-5Flew at 6,700' thru passes.


Bill Hendrix, 04-11-05, PASI-PAHN, 65, bgas046, Bluegrass DC-3, IFR flight on FS Economy,had to drop like a rock to get down to rwy 8 after I cleared the mountains.


Ed Burke, 04-12-05, NWWW†† - NWWW, 139, bgad011, AC500S, Tontouto, New Caledonia.A pleasant jaunt up the island to fly the TMC10 leg from NWWK to NWWD.Good fun.


Ed Burke, 04-11-05, KLAX- NWWW, 813, bgad011, B777-300, From Los Angeles to Tontouto a/p, New Caledonia.Strong headwinds for most of the flight.


Ed Burke, 04-10-05, KCMH - KLAX, 293, bgad011, B777-300, From Columbus to Los Angeles, good weather but 100+ knots on the nose.


Ed Burke, 04-09-05,KCMH -KCMH, 69, bgad011, AC500S, From Columbus to OH41 and OI28.Had a lot of fun burning fuel, had to drop in at 4I9 to get me enough to get back to KCMH.TMC10 was the motivation.


Ed Burke, 04-08-05, EPRZ - KCMH, 600, bgad011, B777-300, Southern Poland to Columbus Ohio.


Jim Urquhart, 04-11-05, KMDW-CYWG, 185, BGAS041, DC4,


Gary McCarty, 04-11-05, MDPP-MYE4, 323, bgas031, Piper Archer,


AP Hendrix, 04-11-05, KNBC - KJAX, 60, bgas047, DC-3,


Jim Urquhart, 04-10-05, CYUL-KMDW, 202, BGAS041, DC4,


tony brown, 04-09-05, egla-egub, 96, bgak014, c182,


tony brown, 04-08-05, lfat-eggw, 58, bgak014, c421,


tony brown, 04-07-05, eggd-lfat, 64, bgak014, c421,


Michael Hubschman, 04-10-2005, YSCH-YBCG, 69, bgak023, DC-3, GAAR 2005 leg 8


Ron Jorgensen, 04/10/05, 8TA74TA3, 38, BGAK030, DHC03, Tried FS Weather (Jeppesen) in and around bad storms around KDFW.FS WX showed veery little except 7 miles vis?????????? NOAO showed bad storms right where I was.


AP Hendrix, 04-10-05, KMEM - KNBC, 174, bgas047, T-6,


Tom Burrill, 04-10=03, 5B9-6B8-KHIE-5B9, 95, bgak033, Davis, Great VFR pilotage flight with the Davis from Dean Memorial to Caledonia County to White MT Regional to Dean Memorial. Used the Mesh free ware scenery from Flight Sim. CONew England/ New York Scenery for 2004. Great job navigating due to accuracy and knowledge of the area.


AP Hendrix, 04-10-05, KRBD - KMEM, 138, bgas047, TS-2A,


Paul Mensch, 04-11-05, CYVR-KSEA, 37, BGAN047, B377 Stratocruiser,


Paul Mensch, 04-11-05, VRMF-FSIA, 179, BGAN047, Connie,


george w.s. adair, 03-15-05, CYHU-KLEX, 221, bgan012, c-46, stop over @ KPIT for refuel. Load on board 7000 lbs equipment


Ron Jorgensen, 04/10/05, KDENKSLC`, 108, BGAK030, DHC-6, Never saw the ground after 1700' AGL either end.


Gary McCarty, 04-10-05, TUPG-MDPP, 221, bgas031, Piper Archer,


george leach, 04-09-05, KTPA-KJFK, 170, BGAN039, KC-10, USED WESTCOAST ATC


Rick Connolly, 04-10-05, KCAE-KCMH, 118, BGAN015, Connie, AAFES cargo


george leach, 04-08-05, KJFK-KTPA, 180, BGAN039, KC-10,


Bill Hendrix, 04-09-05, 71J-KAYS, 70, bgas046, Piper Comanche,


Bill Hendrix, 04-09-05, TE97-XS11-T35, 105, bgas046, Cessna 172,


Michael Hubschman, 04-09-2005, YMND-YSCH, 115, bgak023, DC-3, Unscheduled sightseeing added a considerable amount to the flight time. PIC suffered from HIA syndrome briefly.


Jeff Lacy, 04-10-05, KISM-TMAC, 480, bgak063, DHC-6 Twin Otter, Fuel stops at MYNN and MBGT.


Harry Frazer, 04/09/05, KORS-KPWT, 51, BGAN042, DCH-2 Beaver,


Bill Von Sennet, 04-09-2005, BIIS-BIHU, 140, bgas001, DC-3, via BIBL-BISI Multi-Player on DC-3 Airways server with FSInn


Joe Weber, 04-09-05, KCLT-KCHS, 45, BGAN002, DC-6B,


Gary McCarty, 04-09-05, MBSY-TUPG, 259, bgas031, Stearman, MDPC


Paul Mensch, 04-09-05, EHTE-EHDL, 40, BGAN047, DC3,


Tom Burrill, 04-09-05, CYPR-CYPR, 19, bgak033, Canuck 80 Float, Intro fligth with the Canuk float plane


Jim Urquhart, 04-09-05, KTPA-KATL, 150, BGAS041, DC3,


Tom Burrill, 04-09-05, CNB9-CNB9, 35, Canuck 80, , Intro flight with Canuk 80 at Lake Simco Ontario. Climbsm steep and shallow turns power on and off stalls, go around, touch and go to landing. Great little airplane with plenty of guts. Land version used this time.


Sid Tatton, 04-09-05, CA64-KDEN, 165, BGAD007, fokker 50, WHAT A NAME FOR A AIRFIELD GILBREATH BROSDUCK CLUB???????


Sid Tatton, 04-09-05, KSDM-CA64, 60, BGAD007, fokker 50,


Sid Tatton, 04-09-05, KLAX-KSDM, 40, BGAD007, DOUGLAS-DC4,


Sid Tatton, 04-09-05, PHNL-KLAX, 570, BGAD007, L1049A Constellation,


Sid Tatton, 04-09-05, YSSY-PHNL, 1095, BGAD007, L1049A Constellation,


Michael Ahl, 040805, EGLL-EIDW, 65, BGAN013, MD-11,


Michael Hubschman, 04-08-2005, KBFI-KMWH, 73, bgak023, Globe Swift II,


Ed Burke, 04-08-05, EPRZ - EPRZ, 120, bgad011, AC500S,Jasionka, Poland. Hopped across the fence to EPRJ and completed the Polish TMC flights.Landings at EPKR, UKLU in the Ukraine and EPOD and EPRJ (again) back in Poland.


Tom Burrill, 04-08-05, KBDR-KPQI, 133, bgak033, DC4,


Ed Burke, 04-08-05, WBKL - EPRZ, 781, bgad011, B773, From Labuan across the bay to Brunei Int'l, WBSB, to put on max fuel and use the long runway there for a MTOW departure for Jasionka in Poland.Interesting flight across the Himalayas.


Ed Burke, 04-07-05, WBKL - WBKL, 195, bgad011, AC500S, From Labuan for some fun flying some Toughman challenges.Landings at WBGW, WBFC, WBGB & WBGL.


Ed Burke, 04-07-05, AYPY - WBKL, 290, bgad011, B777-300, Leaving the GAAR for a spell doing TMC 10.Into Labuan from Port Moresby.


Rick Connolly, 06-08-05, KPIT-KCRE, 107, BGAN015, Connie, Nice eve flight IFR


Tom Easterday, 04/08/05, PANC - PACV, 69, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/07/05, PADQ - PANC, 108, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/07/05, PASD - PADQ, 120, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/04/05, KBIS - KPAE, 425, BGAN043, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 040705, LFPG-EBBR, 54, BGAN013, MD-11,


Michael Ahl, 040705, EGLL-LFPG, 91, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Rick Connolly, 04-08-05, KCRW-KGSO, 48, BGAN015, Connie, Scattered t-storms lots of rain. Good ILS landing and taxi to ramp, windy on server2.


Michael Ahl, 040705, EGLL-EGCC, 57, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Gary McCarty, 04-08-05, MYSM-MBSY, 336, bgas031, Beech 18, MYBC-MUGM


Jim Urquhart, 04-08-05, KRDU-KATL, 172, BGAS041, DC4,


Bill Hendrix, 04-07-05, KFST-00XS, 73, bgas046, Cessna 172,


Bill Hendrix, 04-07-05, KVHN-KFST, 53, bgas046, Cessna 172,


Bill Hendrix, 04-07-05, AL81-1AL5-27FL, 81, bgas046, Cessna 172,


Jon Carlson, 04-08-05, YSRI - YTGM, 196, bgas012, AC 500, This was suppposed to be sector 6 of GAAR2005. BUT decided to head to the "Interior" once airborne. From Richmond headed through building storm clouds and light rain. Continued west until Cobar then north until spotted Thargomindah. Sounded too interesting to pass by. Smooth landing. Hot coffee and friendly people there. May stay a while.


Paul Mensch, 04-08-05, EHDR-EHTE, 82, BGAN047, DC3, Stops at: EHNP-EHNO


Gary McCarty, 04-07-05, 94FL-MYSM, 500, bgas031, C-177RG, KGSO


Ed Wells, 04-06-05, KSMO-KELP, 200, bgas004, Howard 500, Texas/Mexico Mail Flights (T23P)


Jim Urquhart, 04-07-05, KLGA-KRDU, 134, BGAS041, DC4,


george leach, 04-07-05, KDCA-KJFK, 60, BGAN039, KC-10, USED WEAT COAST ATC


tony brown, 04-07-05, EGHS-EGTC, 47, bgak014, C421, 1 passenger.


tony brown, 04-07-05, EGHE-EGHS, 53, bgak014, C421, Nedical supplies


Paul Mensch, 04-07-05, EHTX-EHLW, 43, BGAN047, DC3,


Bill Hendrix, 04-06-05, NM18-12NM-KVHN, 98, bgas046, Cessna 172,


Bill Hendrix, 04-06-05, 55J-4J6-W35, 193, bgas046, Mooney Bravo,


Michael Ahl, 040605, KSEA-CYYC, 71, BGAN013, Boeing 747-400, IFR flight to Calgary.


Michael Ahl, 040605, KSEA-KPDX, 65, BGAN013, Cessna Citation II,


Gary McCarty, 04-06-05, MYE4-94FL, 323, bgas031, C-177RG, KEYW-7FL6


Rick Connolly, 04-06-05, KBOS-KLEX, 172, BGAN015, Connie, My sim exited just after touch down and I was still rolling on ils4.Otherwise nice flight bumpy over alleghenies and foggy most of the time.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/05/05, K00†† K00, 30, BGAK030, Hummle Bird, Test flight a home built type.


Jim Urquhart, 04/06/05, KMDW-KLGA, 214, BGAS041, DC4, Intermediate stop at KDCA


Ron Jorgensen, 04/05/05, BUOMYY, 18, BGAK030, C195, TMC #19Flight 4.Flew valleys all the way. Max Alt 4800' AGL


Ron Jorgensen, 04/05/05, BLI†† AYKW, 10, BGAK030, C195, TMC #10Flight 3Piece of cake with the C195




LYLE HASTY, 04-05-05, KBWI-KEWR, 75, BGAS017, DC-3,


Jim Urquhart, 04/05/05, KATL-KMDW, 174, BGAS041, DC4,


Paul Mensch, 04-06-05, EHTX-EHLW, 26, BGAN047, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 040505, EIDW-EGCC, 66, BGAN013, Cessna Citation II,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/04/05, EPRJ†† EPKR, 14, BGAK030, AC500, TMC #102nd Flight


Ron Jorgensen, 04/04/05, AYDUBLI, 25, BGAK030, AC500, TMC #10 1st Flight.


Michael Ahl, 040505, EGGD,EIDW , 57, BGAN013, Airbus 380,


Michael Ahl, 040505, EGHD-EGGD-EGCC, 81, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400, ILS-IFR VOR Practice


Gary McCarty, 04-05-05, MBSY-MYE4, 297, bgas031, C-177RG, MYNN


tony brown, 04-05-05, egnj-lfac, 67, bgak014, cessna 421, Flight done using FSEconomy. This little program has rekindled my interest is F/Simming :-)


Bill Hendrix, 04-05-05, AZ85-NM18, 200, bgas046, Cessna 172, Via 44E,AZ45,AZ14 landed rwy 9


Bill Von Sennet, 04-05-05, LKPD-EDLP, 92, bgas001, DC-4, Paradubice, CZ to Paderburn-Luppstadt DE


Ron Jorgensen, 4/04/05, PAWGCYPR, 44, BGAK030, C208 B, Completed all "F" series flights from Timberwolf.9 different aircraft and 3245 min in flight50 flights.Whats next????


Ron Jorgensen, 04/04/05, CYSQPAWG, 90, BGAK030, AC500, F164


Michael Ahl, 040406, YCCA-YROM, 46, BGAN013, BechCraft 200C, Great flight over Australia. Winds good and sight perfect. Following GAAR340 on the GAAR rally for a while.


Michael Ahl, 040406, EGCC-EGLL-EGCC-EGLL, 225, BGAN013, Boing 737-400, Doing alot of ILS aproaches and ILS practice with an ATC controller.


Sid Tatton, 04-04-05, YPPH-YCUN, 43, BGAD007, PILATUS PC-6 PORTER,


Paul Roth, 04/04/05, KBGR-CYQY, 197, BGAN016, DC-3, KBGR-CYYG-CYQY


Bill Von Sennet, 04-04-05, kbos-kipt, 124, bgas001, DC-3, 179 gal.


Smithy, 04/ 05/ 05, gaar23, 47, bgad032, Aero Commander 680,


Rick Connolly, 04-04-05, KBGR, 123, BGAN015, Connie, Time estimated, server kicked me off on crosswind at Windsor ILS25 final.Had to do final offline of westcoastATC.


Smithy, 04/ 03/ 05, NGTA-NFFN, 679, bgad032, Fokker. VIIb/3m,


Smithy, 04 /04/ 05, YBBN†† -†† YWCK, 54, bgad032, Cessna 172,


Bob Welch, 04-04-05, panc-padq, 81, bgak060, DC-4,


Paul Mensch, 05-05-05, EHEH-EHTX, 70, BGAN047, DC3,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/03/05, 3Z9†† CYSQ, 50, BGAK030, DHC-3T/Amp, F163


Ron Jorgensen, 04/03/05, 2Y33Z9, 150, BGAK030, DHC-3T/Amph, F162


Bill Hendrix, 04-04-05, KIPL-0CA6-AZ85, 105, bgas046, Cessna 172, flew over to 0CA6, picked up two strange looking characters and dropped them at an airstrip in the middle of nowhere in Arizona. Don't know what their business is and don't want to know. Now I am looking for another paying customer so I can get out of this desolate place.


Michael Ahl, 040405, CZST-CYDL, 57, BGAN013, Bombardier CL-415,


Gary McCarty, 04-04-05, MYAX-MBSY, 239, bgas031, Piper Archer,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/02/05, A292Y3, 64, BGAK030, DHC-3T/Amp, F161


Michael Ahl, 040405, KBGR-CYYG, 95, BGAN013, BechCraft 200C,


Jim Urquhart, 04/04/05, KDAL-KATL, 205, BGAS041, DC4, Intermediate stop at KJAN


george leach, 04-03-05, KDTW-KJFK, 85, BGAN039, B757,


george leach, 04-03-05, KJFK-KDTW, 100, BGAN039, B757,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/03/05, KDFW†† KDFW, 30, BGAK030, AC500, Local test hop.


Paul Roth, 04-03-05, KBOS-KMVY, 74, BGAN016, DC-3, BGR002KBOS-KHYA-KMVY


Bill Hendrix, 04-03-05, MMML-KPRC, 70, bgas046, Piper Comanche,


Bill Hendrix, 04-03-05, I16-KTYS, 124, bgas046, Beech Baron,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/01/05, CYPRA29, 65, BGAK030, DHC-3T/A, F169


Tom Easterday, 04/03/05, PADU - PASD, 97, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 04/02/05, PADK - PADU, 142, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 03/31/05, KJMS - ZYMX, 270, BGAN043, DC4,


Tom Easterday, 03/28/05, SKAP - SBYA, 134, BGAN043, DC3,


Tom Easterday, 03/27/05, PASY - PADK, 114, BGAN043, DC4,


LYLE HASTY, 04-03-05, KTPA-KFXE, 68, BGAS017, DC-3,


John Gilbert, 04, KLAS-L41, 98, bgad033, Globe Twotter,


Jeff Lacy, 04/01/05, YSSY-KLAX, 372, bgak063, BAE C4-SST,


Bill Hendrix, 04-01-05, KRIU-KVIS, 90, bgas046, Cessna 172, FS Economy flight delivering medical equipment, got a night bonus on this flight.


Jim Urquhart, 04/01/05, KSLC-KLAS, 96, BGAS041, DC4,


Serdar Badoglu, 04-01-05, YBCS-AYPY, 3.2, BGAD039, DC-3,


Bill Hendrix, 04-01-05, 92CA-12CL-9CA6, 75, bgas046, Beech Baron, Earned my money on this flight. Had to work my way through the mountians since the Baron would not climb above the peaks, then had to circle to get down to 9CA6. Landed runway 34.


Gary McCarty, 04-01-05, TTPP-TUPG, 200, bgas031, C-210M, TAPA


Bill Agee, 04-01-05, kcgz-az-06, 34, bgas006, angel 44, Fuel 106 lbs.30 kt winds, real weather.


Bill Agee, 04-01-05, az-06-p-20, 26, bgas006, angel 44, Fuel 72 lbs.30 kt winds, real weather.


Joe Weber, 04-01-05, 61FD-X44, 55, BGAN002, Goose, Key West to Miami


Joe Weber, 04-01-05, kfxe-x21, 82, BGAN002, DHC-3, Lauderdale - titusville


Bill Hendrix, 04-01-05, 7MI3-5LL4, 85, bgas046, Piper Comanche, Started out in a J-3 Cub but it was too slow so I landed at C91 and turned it in and rented me a Piper Comanche, much better.


Meryl D Coon, 04-01-05, RJNN_RJOO, 71, BGAN038, Piper Warrior II, Nagoya to Osaka


AP Hendrix, 04-01-05, EGLL - MYNN, 558, bgas047, Boeing C-17,


AP Hendrix, 04-01-05, MYNN - KDFW, 318, bgas047, DC-6,


Tom Burrill, 04-01-05, YSSY-YSSY, 126, bgak033, DC4,


LYLE HASTY, 03-28-05, TUPW-TNCM, 52, BGAS017, DC-3,


LYLE HASTY, 03-31-05, KEYW-KTPA, 95, BGAS017, DC-3,


LYLE HASTY, 04-02-05, TUPG-TAPA, 80, BGAS017, DC-3,


Bill Hendrix, 04-02-05, 5CT7-2NK3-KRDG, 144, bgas046, C172,


Bill Hendrix, 04-02-05, 62CL-26L-54CL, 94, bgas046, Mooney Bravo, Hard to get to some of these small air strips in the mountians


Jim Urquhart, 04/02/05, KLAS-KELP, 178, BGAS041, DC4,


Tom Burrill, 04-02-05, YSSY-YSWG, 97, bgak033, DC4,


Gary McCarty, 04-02-05, TUPG-MBSY, 160, bgas031, C-210M,


Gary McCarty, 04-02-05, MBSY-MYAP, 86, bgas031, Piper Archer,


Tom Burrill, 04-02-05, YSWG-YSSY, 158, bgak033, DC4,


Bill Von Sennet, 04-02-05, klbe-kavp, 80, bgas001, DC-3,


Bill Von Sennet, 04-02-05, klbe-kavp, 75, bgas001, DC-3,computer locked up - had to fly it again.


Sid Tatton, 04-03-05, YPKU-YDBY, 102, BGAD007, ROCKWELL AC68,


Sid Tatton, 04-03-05, YPKG-YPPH, 110, BGAD007, beechcraft baron58T,


Ron Jorgensen, 04/01/05, CAJ4CAF2, 60, BGAK030, DHC-3W/T, F156


Ron Jorgensen, 04/01/05, CAF2CYPR, 56, BGAK030, DHC-3 W/T, Hardest flight ever.Real WX30 OVC 3F 181/15REV APR when front side is an OFF-SET LDA.Time for a little nip after this flight.F157


Gary McCarty, 04-03-05, MYAP-MYAX, 182, bgas031, Piper Archer, MYX6


Jim Urquhart, 04/03/05, KELP-KDAL, 125, BGAS041, DC4,