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Bluegrass Airlines DC-3 over Boston, Massachusetts
[FS Golden Wings]



Welcome to the Northern Division of Bluegrass Airlines

Our headquarters are in Nicholasville, Kentucky and we fly cargo and passenger routes across the northern tier of the United States, into Canada, and across the pond to Europe. We are by nature "piston heads" and currently fly the DC-3, DC-6, Connie, Super Connie, and D-18 aircraft.

If you like to fly these and other "classic" birds in the 1920's to 1940's time frame, then the Northern Division Bangor Hub is for you. The fantastic "Golden Wings" add-on created by Bill Lyons forms the foundation for the Bangor Hub. Sr. Capt. Art Nichols was the Hub Captain and created some really nice "vintage" scenery to fly around in as well.

We don't have a heck of a lot of rules to bug you within the Northern Division so you can fly the way you like to. We only ask that you bring yourself, our bird, and your cargo/passengers through the trip in their original "mint" condition...... :-) You make your own flight plans for our routes, decide on what weather conditions you want, and then climb in the cockpit and fly your "creation". When you are back in the FBO's office, hangar, or terminal somewhere sippin' on some hot "Joe", take a moment to file a short flight report with us and you are ready to go again. Easy as pie ?? You betcha !!

So my friends, if this kind of flyin' is right up your alley then sign on with us at Bluegrass Airlines. Just click here to submit an application. You will be assigned a pilot ID number to use on all correspondence and once you have that in hand it is all up to you. Pick a route to fly from our posted flight list (see below), check the gas and oil, kick the tires, clear out the birds nests under the cowling, and get the props spinnin'. You are cleared for takeoff on the runway of your choice!!

If you haven't already done so, take the opportunity to check out the Bluegrass Airlines main page as well as those of our other BGA Divisions (see below). They give you a good idea of who and what we are as well as having loads of goodies to download so you get the most out of flying for Bluegrass Airlines.

Sr. Capt. Bob Thompson Founder, Northern Division

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