Bluegrass Airlines




May 2007


By Smithy




Welcome to BGA Expedition #2 ~ Project Magellan
This flight will take place in the deep dark depths of South America.
This flight is to honour the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan who sailed the seas we are to flyover in (1519-1522)
BGA has come to the conclusion that the difficulty of timezones is prohibiting guys from getting together online in multiplayer. So I have decided to set up some duel flights that will be done and then repeated for a different timezone two days later. These flights will be on only once a month and will be on Thursday and Saturday.  
Each Expedition will be completely different from the last.  
 Flight Times are as follows~
Thursday 24-May 10am EST - Australia= is  0000 Z  (on Thursday 24-May) and 8pm EDT US (on Wednesday 23-May)
Saturday 26-May 10pm EST - Australia= is 1200 Z  and 8am EDT US   (all on Saturday 26-May)
Next Months Flight will be the same times, but of course different dates.  
BGA Expeditions ~ Project Magellan
Capitan Fuentes Martinez - Return
Magellan Jaunt
Capitan Fuentes Martinez (SCFM)
Carlos Ibanez Del Campo Intl (SCCI) ~ flyover
Franco Bianca (SCSB) ~ flyover
Cullen (Z00S) ~ fuel stop {note 00 is numbers}
Rio Grande (SAWE) ~flyover
Guardiamarina Zanartu (SCGZ) ~flyover
Ushuaia Est Aeronaval (SAWO) ~fuel/flyover
Almirante Schroeders (SCDW)
~return SCFM via Magellan Islands
2 stops depending on fuel
in a plane that cruises at 140 KIAS - 180KIAS
~ will get you there in approx. 2 hours~
This time round there will be a few things you need to take into consideration before takeoff. We will be flying at 4,000ft MSL all the way and also some Weather Situations will happen along the way using FS Weather Themes (this comes with FS and is default) and will certainly keep us on our toes.
 You can of course start the flight a bit later with a shorter  take off point of your choice, and fly any aircraft you like. The distance for this Hop is the maximum distance that will be undertaken in future Expeditions.
So I hope you find the time to join us on one or both of the flights and as you can see the times give each hemisphere consideration.
All Bluegrass Airlines Expedition Flights will be for Members Only and held in one of the private BGA Channels at Westcoast ATC.  
So join the Teamspeak server and come on into BGA to see where we are at and which server we are on.
Hope to see as many that can make it for the 2nd  
BGA Expedition ~ Project Magellan
see you there
BGA Multiplayer Co-Ordinator