Perpetual South American Rally    



presented by Bluegrass Airlines & Ocala Flight Sim Club





The PSAR is based on a previous Bluegrass Rally but has no date limts or registration requirements. It is simply intended to allow pilots to experience a rally in their own time. The PSAR is intended as a fun event and is available to everyone who is interested in virtual flight.

Objective and Event Format
1.  The PSAR involves a total of 10 flights. It is an event in which individuals participate against their own flying ability by navigating over a series of Flight Legs on which they are aiming to fly as close as possible to an individually calculated "target time" for each leg. As there is a Target Times table for a range of Cruising Speeds for each Flight, it is possible to use different aircraft to suit any individual leg. Leg Flight Legs can involve either and / or a combination of VOR, NDB and "dead reckoning" navigating under both day and night Visual Flight Rule (VFR) and / or Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) conditions with variable departure times and weather conditions. 

2.  The event can be conducted using Microsoft FS9, FSX, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D and XPlane. If you can set up the flights in any other simulator then please do so. Weather presets and route information are provided to enable set up in MSFS.

Eligible Aircraft
3.  Participants may fly any aircraft of their choice. For verisimilitude aircraft may be fitted with "ferry tanks" to effect a minor increase in the range of the aircraft.  Where "ferry tanks" are used, the total aircraft weight should remain inside the specified maximum take-off weight (MTOW) for the aircraft.

4.  It is the responsibility of individual participants to ensure their chosen aircraft is/are suitable for use on the legs of the PSAR.  Changing to another aircraft type between legs simply requires selecting an appropriate Cruising Speed for each leg for the different aircraft.  Other considerations will include the Flight Leg distance and runway surface. The shortest runway is 3,120' and the longest flight is 236 N.Miles. Information on all Flight Leg distances can be found under the "Flight Schedule" link. 

5.  It is recommended, but not mandatory, that aircraft have both a VOR and NDB navigation capability.  Additionally, a DME capability would also be useful.  Whilst it is intended and highly encouraged that these be the primary instruments of navigation, it is acknowledged that some participants may find the event too challenging.  Therefore, the use of GPS, Plan-G, Little Navmap, or other such navigation aids is not precluded.

Target Times
6.  The "target time" for each flight leg is calculated for a range of cruising speeds for each leg.  Additional time elements are included for the "climb to cruise" and "landing circuit" phases of each Flight Leg.  Select your target time for each leg based on the Ground Speed for your aircraft when cruising at a suitable altitude for each leg on the Target Times link. 

Scoring The PSAR
7. The score for each leg of the PSAR is simply calculated by dividing the lowest of actual time and Target Time by the larger number. A perfect time gets a score of 100 x 1.0. A flight that is 5% over or below the target time will result in a score of 100 x 0.95.  

8. The final score for the PSAR is the average of the individual leg scores flown.

9. The honesty and integrity of participants is relied upon entirely in this series of flights.

PSAR Downloads

10.  A series of downloads (for each Flight Leg) are available to help set up standard flight parameters for weather and departure time for each Flight Leg.   Whilst departure runways are established as part of these flight parameters, participants are free to choose whatever runway they like.  These required files are available under the "PSAR Downloads" links.

Event Forum

11.  The organisers have provided a forum where participants in the event may leave comments, messages, etc, for other pilots and / or generally discuss their progress in flying the PSAR. 

Official Correspondence
12.  All official correspondence relating to the event should be addressed to the Rally Director at GAAR15director(at) (substitute @ for (at) in the email address).

General Caveats
13.  The PSAR is intended purely as a fun event for all participants to complete, or fly as much as they care to, at their leisure. We cannot be held responsible for any matter or thing which may arise from flying the legs of this event.

14.  The decision of the Rally Director, or their nominee, on any matter concerning this series of flights is absolutely final and no correspondence or other communication will be entered into. It is a fun event and should be treated accordingly.