Imperial Airways



South Africa Route Float Bases By Coleman Green


Includes:                                NDB

Alexandria, Egypt         370.0   HESP

Athens, Greece             570.0   LGSP

Brindisi, Italy                470.0   LISP

Fuel Barge, Crete         460.0   LGCR

Habbaniyeh, Iraq          310.0   ORSP

Khartoum, Sudan         360.0   HSSS

Kisumi, Kenya              360.0   HKKI

Marseilles, France        331.0   LFFB

Port Bell, Uganda         352.0   HUSP

Rome, Italy                   362.0   LRSP

Southampton, England  412.0  EGMS

Habbaniyeh, Iraq          310.0   ORSP

Raj Samand Seaport     310.0   VIRS              

Maharajpur Seaport     320.0   VIMA             

Allahabad Seaport        415.0   VILA

Basrah Seaport 219.0   ORIS              

Rose Bay Seaport        411.0   YSSP  

Brisbane Seaport          222.0   YBSP

Gladstone Seaport        288.0    GSP   

Townsville Seaport       310.0   YTSP  

Karumba Seaport         360.0    KSP   

Groote Seaport            441.0   YESP  

Daewin Seaport            300.0   YPSP  

Durban                         410.0   FADN

Cairo                            290.0   HEEM

Wadi Halfa                   320.0   HSSW

Kareima                       260.0   HSMR

Naivasha                      320.0   HKNV

Lumbo                         330.0   HTLU

Lindi                             348.0   HTLI


Vintage London Airfields By John McKeon


Includes:                       NDB


Croydon                       400.0

Brooklands                   500.0

Hendon                        450.0  




imperial_airways_FS9.ZIP   3 Megabytes


imperial_airways_FS2002.ZIP  3 Megabytes


Both files are the same, except for directions and folder names,


To install, unzip into your main flight sim folder.


These files include all updates through Dec. 6, 2004


If you already had all previous updates installed then you may

Download the file below and copy the files into your Imperial

Airway FS9 or Imperial Airways FS2002 folders.


imperial_airways_120604_update.ZIP   22k