Bush Pilots Division


Toughman Challenge 2

Bill Odell


          While doing research for the next Toughman Challenge, Ron Jorgensen sent me the following list of flights to fly.  After flying just half of them I was sure that I had found the next Toughman.  When we suggested that the Alaska Division be renamed the Bush Pilot Division, the intent was to show that Bush Flying is not restricted to Alaska and Canada, and here is the example that I had been looking for.  If you thought Challenge Nr. 1 was tough wait till you wade through this.


 I must add here that we have been having troubles with some of the Adventures, they don’t work in all versions of FS, and there is not much we can do about that (similar to the aircraft problems), this adventure is for FS 2004 and FS 2002.  If you find in any of the adventures that an airport is not there, just consider that Mayor Daley was there and work around it, by selecting another airport nearby. 


Aircraft to be used should be a Bush Plane, Ron used a Cessna, I am not especially fond of a Cessna so I used a Beaver.  The challenge is:



By Ron Jorgenson


From                      To                           Alt                          Runway data                         Heading Remarks


VNNG                     VNSR                     2280'                       03/21 Grass @ 1413'             331° @ 72 mi        


VNNG                     VNJL                      7700'                       09/27  Grass @ 2203'            021° @ 78 mi


VNBW                   VNDP                     8197'                       15/33 Grass @ 1503'             340 @ 94 mi           High!


VNJP                      VNBJ                      3997'                       17/35 Grass @ 1761'             066 @ 66 mi           NOT easy


VNJP                      VNRC                     1552'                       03/21 Grass @ 1703'             010 @ 42 mi           NOT easy


VNRB                     VNLD                     4097'                       08/26 Grass @ 1719'             355 @ 45 mi


VNRB                     VNTR                     1697'                       34/16 Grass @ 4087'             026 @ 54 mi


VNKT                     VNLK                     9101'                       07/25 Grass @ 1616'             089@ 74 mi            HIGH, NOT easy


VNKT                     VNJS                      8801'                       06/24  Dirt @ 2000'               308 @ 108 mi         HIGH, NOT easy


 A suggestion for the last two flights, fly to VNLD then fly north up through the valleys.


We also expect you to fly the return on all flights, that is if you can.



Ron Jorgensen