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By Ron Jorgensen



OK all you single engine types, here is another Nepal adventure .  .NO TURBO’s please. . The Mooney Bravo will handle these flights OK. Other default single engine2 A/C in Flight Sim would have a problem with the altitudes or climbing capabilities..  Set your fuel to 25% as you don’t need that extra weight as the flights are short. Departing runways are SHORT, SHORT and are of grass, dirt or gravel. The airport runways where you arrive are all hard (YES) surfaces except VNRB and have either a VOR or NDB or both (no ILS’s).. I will be listing the departing runways I wish you to use

This TMC was designed with total defauld FS.   Otherwise, your option. Please use some kind of weather.  Local if possible.  


From               To                    Miles                               R/W                    VOR        NDB

VNDT             VNNG             80        -                              32                    115.10      330     

VNJL               VNPK             114      -                              09                    112.80      336      R/W SE of lake

VNCJ              VNPK             98        -                              03                    112.80      336                        

VNDG             VNPK             89        -                              34                    112.80      336                        

VNJS               VNBL              34                                        06


VNDP             VNBW            94        -                              33                    114.70      345     

VNBJ              VNJP               94        -                              17                                    287      Climb fast

VNLD             VNRB             45        -                              08                                     306     

VNBL              VNJS               34                                        19                                                           


A side trip:   Try VNLD to VNBJ.  


BONUS FLIGHT: Depart L41 (R/W 21), take a heading of 190 and fly to the white cliff’s. Turn right just before the cliff’s (please) and pick up the Columbia River. 

Follow it until you get to AZ01.  Set WX as follows; 4800' Overcast  10 miles.  Your MAX allowable altitude will be 4,700' and as low as you care to be. 

Set season to “winter” for the first half then “summer” the other half.  I flew this in a DHC-2 & C195.   It took me 1.8 hrs for this flight.  A good coffee stop

can be at 1Z1.  The river is very curvy so use a plane that is very nimble to the touch.





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