FS9                              TOUGH MAN CHALLENGE #20                                                     FS9


I do not know if this TMC will work with FSX?


There is a gentleman named David Ricketts who designed this adventure as something to do.

I requested and he accepted using this adventure as the next TMC.


This will be the 1st time I have required you to Down Load anything.  It is a very simple D/L and Install.


All, and I might say very good instructions, are covered.


Please start out on R/W 04.  You will see a sheer cliff right in front of you.  Just before reaching it (please) turn to the right and follow the contour down, down, down.


Please watch your “Air Density” as it will affect your flying.  Did mine.


Go to FlightSim.com and D/L   concan_1.zip and have fun.


Thanks again to David