FS 9                 TOUGH MAN CHALLENGE # 4                  FS 9

By Ron Jorgensen






The following 5 flights are for a Float/Amphib type of aircraft.  They are all at low altitudes with very low ceilings, rain and/or snow.  This will be flying by the seat of your pants.  No Auto Pilot or up and over.  All flights should be in daytime even though you will not see to much if you follow the weather suggestions.  There is no add on scenery, strictly default.  A map is enclosed to be used with flight #1.  This adventure was developed using FS9.  IFR up and over is UNAUTHORIZED.


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Depart Kitimat (CBW2) southerly to ZKI VOR (203.0) then down the Kitimat river into the Douglas Channel then southerly in the Chatham Strait to Hartly Bay. Fly east of the Prince Royal Island. Pass by Butedale, Klemut and follow the Chatham Strait into Bella Bella (CAF2) on Cambell Island.  Your assigned altitude WILL BE 450' .

Weather for this flight WILL BE 600' overcast 7 mi in moderate rain.  Use of GPS Map  is recommended.     (See map for guidance)    My time was 61 min.



Depart Carcross (CFA2) south easterly then south over the river.  Turn left in the Scotia Bay towards Taku then jump over the little spit of land then you will have to climb just a little to get into Altin (CYSQ).  River level is 2200' meaning your ASSIGNED altitude will be 2600'

Weather is 3000' overcast 5 miles in moderate rain/snow.  Use of GPS Map  is recommended.

Winds are at your option (put something in)



CYXC north, following the river, to CYGE.  Your ASSIGNED altitude is 3500' MAX.  Fly north until you reach CAA8 where the river goes underground and your new altitude is 4,000'.  Use of  GPS Map is recommended.

Weather is not good.  5,000' Overcast 5 to 7 miles in moderate to heavy snow.  Winds 310/7

Check points are SX VOR (368.0), CYCQ, CAA8 & CBL6.  My time 55 min




Lets come back to Golden from the north this time.  CAH4 to CYGE.  This is a continuation of the same river you came up.  Depart r/w 14 and turn slightly left to the river.  When over the river your ASSIGNED altitude is 3,000'.  About 5 miles south of departure the weather comes down to meet you.

WX 4000' Overcast 5 miles in moderate to heavy snow. Winds 280/8   Use of  GPS  Map recommended.

45 and 35 miles north of Golden the channel gets very narrow so be careful.   Stay in the center of the channel.  20 Miles north of Golden climb to 4,000' for your approach.  My time 68 min




Depart south out of Litton (CYLY), stay at 1900', down the Fraser River, IKBAK intersection, past Hells Gate to Hope (CYHE ).   Here you can drop way down but look out for the light towers on some of the bridges as they are 120' above the bridge.  Now west to Chilliwack (CYCW ) and over to Fort Langley (CBQ2) which has a (26/08) 1800' grass strip at 30'.  If CBQ2 strip is to soggy from the rain continue on and shoot an ILS at Pitt Meadows (CYPK) on 26/111.90.  (Looked  like a 10 degree OFF-SET LDA).  Weather for entire route is reported as 2500' Overcast 5 -R 270/9.  Your ASSIGNED altitude WILL be 1900' down to as low as you feel you can. If you want to get down and prune some of the trees it will be very, very winding.   My time 65 min


NOTE: When landing on water be sure your speed and descent rate are correct or you will pop back up a few hundred feet.  I used the DHC-2 & DHC-3 Amphib on these flights.


Next TMC will be HIGH altitude take off/landing in a small non turbo GA.  UGH         


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