Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

July 2006



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MH Luke, 07-31-06, KJAX-KDAB, 52, bgam010, Waco Classic Bi-plane, Leg 3 1929 CAM Route 25


MH Luke, 07-31-06, MYGF-TJSJ, 168, bgam010, Fairchild Metro III, Flew this on the WCATC 24 hr FF1.


MH Luke, 07-31-06, KMIA-MYGF, 24, bgam010, Fairchild Metro III, Secound attempt. Good landing. Flew both flights on the WCATC 24 hr. FF1. If I left off the date on the previous report they're both 07-31-06


MH Luke, 07-31-06, KMIA-MYGF, 25, bgam010, Fairchild Metro III, Didn't make the landing this time. Flew it again.


Bill Hendrix, 07-31-06, MMUN-KATL, 177, bgas046, B738, Vatsim flight, had ATC after arriving Atlanta airspace.


Tom Burrill, 07-31-06, KCMF-KCBM, 150, bgak033, C-130, Flight from Macdill to Columbus Airbase with a C130.


Gary McCarty, 07-31-06, YBRK-YBRK, 400, bgas031, DC-4, YBMA


Allan Lowson, 07-25-06, KBRL-KFEP, 59, bgam007, Gladiator MkII, Trying to catch up after video problems


John Franco, 07-31-06, KDCA-KLGA, 45, BGAN011, B738, A squall line met my plane inbound to LGA but the passengers seemed fine and i turned on my trusty wiper blades (yes this plane has adjustable wiper blades) Air Scheffel Boeing 737-800


Luke, 07-29-06, YSSY-YBBN, 90, BGAN021, C-17, YSPE AF Standard flight...easy landing.


John Franco, 07-30-06, KMKL-KMEM, 71, BGAN011, DC3, (RMK:Refile) Memphis ATC VFR Morning Session. Delivered mail to Memphis for the FedEx boys in the Bluegrass DC3.


John Franco, 07-30-06, TIST-TIST, 58, BGAN011, Mooney Bravo, TIST VFR Session at WCATC


Gary McCarty, 07-30-06, YBRK-YBRK, 424, bgas031, Beech 18, YCHT-YNTN-YCHT


John Franco, 07-30-06, KMEM-KMEM, 71, BGAN011, C208B, Memphis ATC VFR Morning Session. Delivered mail from Memphis to Forrest City Munincipal Apt and back for the FedEx boys in their C208B FedEx Feeder plane


John Franco, 07-30-06, KMKL-KMEM, DC3, BGAN011, DC3, Memphis ATC VFR Morning Session. Delivered mail to Memphis for the FedEx boys in the Bluegrass DC3


John Franco, 07-29-06, EGLL-EGCC, 59, BGAN011, B738, Blew a left tire on landing. I Used the Air Scheffel B738 model from this was a real route test and i like the plane and ive figured it out.


Bill Hendrix, 07-29-06, KBHM-KLIT, 100, bgas046, L049A, Flew on WCATC, real wx, thunderstorms at Birmingham when I left there but wx cleared up after departure.


John Franco, 07-29-06, KPCW-KPCW, 43, BGAN011, Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor, 1935 Island Airlines Tri-Motor Route in sopping rain but its doable in VFR at less than 2000 feet MSL. This flight makes stops at 3W2-3W9-58OH-3X5-3W2 and ends back at Port Clinton Airfield.


David R, Evans, 07-29-06, PAFA-PABT-PABR, 135, bgak015, DC-3, departed Fairbanks with a few clouds and light wind but notams were up on a low pressure area with possible gale force winds.landed at HQ,PABT, and asked if anybody had been up that way but all flights so far were to points south.picked up the mail and took off just 10Nm out clouds went completly overcast and winds to 30knt. Radio weather to Bettes and pressed on,approuched PABR to heavy rain 54KNt wind at009deg. used no flaps due to amount of crab,buckled in tight and landed, drenched


Gary McCarty, 07-29-06, YBWP-YBRK, 279, bgas031, Beech 18, YBCS-YBTL-YBMK


MH Luke, 07-27-06, KLIT.KMEM, 61, bgam010, PBY-5A, Friday night KZME,(Memphis Center), event on WCATC. GPS Direct.


John Franco, 07-29-06, KPVU--KSLC, 26, BGAN011, DC3, The Final Leg of the Frontier 1950 route is complete.


John Franco, 07-29-06, KGJT-KPVU, 89, BGAN011, DC3, leg 5 of 6 on the Frontier 1950 Route. I had a small fuel pickup problem that was solved by fiddling with the engine controls and the magnetos. Along the route a Lear 45 landed at Rogers Roost Airport (UT06) Airport and a Boeing 737-400 landed at Carbon Co. Airport (KPUC). A little canyon weaving was needed from the Green River and Carbon County Airport. Once I crossed U77 airfield (Spanish Fork-Springville Airport) I began my final descent into Provo, Utah from 8500 feet and landed on runway 31 without incident. Winds were calm in Provo resulting in a straight in approach.


Terry Wright, 07-29-06, PAOR-CYXY, 215, bgak007, Beech D18, Whitehorse Hub flight from PAOR (Northway, AK) to CYQH (Watson L)then back to Whitehorse. Great weather up there this problems.


MH Luke, 07-29-06, KATL.KMCN, 36, bgam010, PBY-5A, Leg 1 1929 CAM Route 25


MH Luke, 07-26-06, KMKL.KMEM, 45, bgam010, PBY-5A, WCATC KZME Group Flight Wed.07-26-06


MH Luke, 07-27-06, KMCN.KJAX, 80, bgam010, PBY-5A, Leg 2 1929 CAM route 25


Michael Dale, 07-28-06, 09ID-2ID7, 57, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, BGA Toughman 03 airstrips


Tom Burrill, 07-28-06, KBNA-KMEM, 112, bgak033, DC3, Flew Delta Ship 41 livery to Memphis on line wist WTAC. Good flight and ATC IFR weather and rain. Able to make a visual approach to KMEM.


Tom Burrill, 07-28-06, KMSN-KMSN, 60, bgak033, VS44 Excambian, Flew the Excambain on IVAO from the lake near Madison to Oskosh and back performed a fly by during a special event.


Bill Hendrix, 07-28-06, KATL-MMUN, 160, bgas046, Airbus 340-200, Flight made on Vatsim, landed ILS rwy 12, weather was great.


Gary McCarty, 07-28-06, YBRK-YBWP, 283, bgas031, Beech 18, YBMK-YBTL-YBCS


Patrick Stewart, 07-28-06, KPIE - KOPF, 112, bgas060, DHC-2, CAM 25.


Patrick Stewart, 07-28-06, KTPA - KPIE, 13, bgas060, DHC-2, CAM 25.


Patrick Stewart, 07-28-06, KORL - KTPA, 46, bgas060, DHC-2, CAM 25.


Patrick Stewart, 07-26-06, KDAB - KORL, 35, bgas060, DHC-2, CAM 25.  When landing at bigger APS, sometimes it seems like you have to taxi as long as you fly!


Terry Wright, 07-28-06, KBGR-KBGR, 140, bgak007, DC-5, BGR008F and 009F from KBGR to KPSM (Portsmouth NH) and return to KBGR, then to KBHB (Bar Harbor) and returning to Bangor. Bouncy 20 kt headwinds to Portsmouth, but nice 22 kt tailwind back to Bangor. Nice flights with no problems.


Norm Holman, 7-28-06, KAZO-KOSH, 466, bgad026, Stearman. Barnstormers Tour, flew all the flights and enjoyed it. Took some photos along the way.Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 10:41 PM


John Franco, 07-27-06, KMTJ-KGJT, 30, BGAN011, DC3, Another Joystick Failure was dealt with butthe plus is that I keep making the airplane lighter and lighter from burning off fuel. She touched down nicely with a slight crosswind of 6 knots on runway 29.


Luke, 07-26-06, YAMB-YBBN, 26, BGAN021, Airtruk, WIZZA,YBAF. Nice plane, small ugly, slow, everything you need for a good scenic flight


Tom Burrill, 07-27-06, KMSN-KMSN, 108, bgak033, Sikosky VS44, Flight from Maies Marine to Maies Marine naer Madison to do a fly by practice for on line at KOSH with IVAO this week end.


Bill Agee, 07-27-06, PASI-KAE, 105, bgas006, G-21 Goose, Via PEC-CYM.  Fuel 470 lbs.


Bill Hendrix, 07-27-06, KCHS-KBHM, 103, bgas046, L049A, WCATC flight, via ALD, ATL, TDG, real wx, landed ILS rwy 24, nice airplane


Jim Urquhart, 07-26-06, KSTL-KMIA, 244, BGAS041, DC4, via KMCO


Tom Burrill, 07-26-06, KMEM- KLGA, 168, bgak033, MD88, On line with group from Atlanta to LaGuardia the ATC was good at Memphis


Patrick Stewart, 07-26-06, KJAX - KDAB, 58, bgas060, DHC-2, CAM 25


Patrick Stewart, 07-26-06, KMCN - KJAX, 101, bgas060, DHC-2, CAM 25


John Franco, 07-26-06, KBNA-KMEM, 95, BGAN011, DC3, Did this flight VFR in a WCATC KZMA Center Session. 6500 feet. Had a joystick failure but i solved it by the time i was on a 3 mile final. I was joined by BGAK033 and bgam010 in the airspace. we all came from diferent departure fields.


Pat Daley, 07-26-06, RK0H-RK0T, 27, bgak029, DHC-2, Thanks again Ron for your effort on challenge # 18.


Pat Daley, 07-26-06, F69-0TS0, 28, bgak029, DHC-2, Could not find A/P had to use GPS


Joe Weber, 07/26/06, KSMD-KBMG, 107, BGAN002, Travelair, Leg 2 of Barnstorming Tour - eal Weater  Clouds at 5000


John Franco, 07-26-06, KGUC-KMTJ, 36, BGAN011, DC3, This was probably the most peaceful of the hops on the 1950 Denver-Salt Lake route so far. the only annomaly on this leg was a balked landing at Montrose Regional Airport for runway 35 on the first attempt.


Bill Agee, 07-28-06, 4AK5-PASP, 98, bgas006, DHC-3 OTTOR, Fuel 350 lbs.


Bill Agee, 07-28-06, CXC-4AK5, 43, bgas006, PA-20, Fuel 111 lbs.


Terry Wright, 07-26-06, KPVD-KBGR, 84, bgak007, DC-5, BGR007 flight from Providence to Boston, to Portland and returning to Bangor. Cloudy, except for overcast and foggy in Maine. All were nice flights with no probs anywhere.


Terry Wright, 07-26-06, KMVY-HPVD, 40, bgak007, D18 Beech, Flight BGR006 from Vineyard Haven to Block Island, to Newport then to Providence. Heavy clouds, light westerlies.


Terry Wright, 07-26-06, KBGR-KMVY, 117, bgak007, DC-5, BGR flights 004 & 005 from Bangor to KAUG to KPWM to KBOS to KHYA to KMVY. Overcast and fog to NJ border, then partial clearing through Massachusetts.


John Franco, 07-26-06, 1V6-KGUC, 45, BGAN011, DC3, IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? Geez, I am willing to bet that many planes were lost on this sector in the 50's. I weaved through mountains and clouds and had an extremely close encounter with mountainous terra firma. Passed by Monarch Pass which is 11,312 feet! The engines whined and huffed as I struggled over the pass at Full RPM and throttle, seeking the best air fuel mixture. Frontier DC3 Denver to Salt Lake leg 3.


Ron Jorgensen, 07/23, KAUW  KOSH, 36, BGAK030, N Norseman, ABT Final leg


John Franco, 07-26-06, KPUB-1V6, 25, BGAN011, DC3, Followed the highway to Fremont Co. Airport and had a not so beautiful landing.


Jim Urquhart, 07-25-06, KLGA-KSTL, 351, BGAS041, DC3, via KIND


MH Luke, 07-24-06, KSMF To KSFO, 35, bgam010, DHC-3TTC  Wheeled, Leg 13 1929 CAM Route 18.


MH Luke, 07-24-06, KRNO to KSMF, 58, bgam010, DHC-3TTC  Wheeled, Leg 12 1929 CAM Route 18


MH Luke, 07-24-06, KEKO To KRNO, 85, bgam010, DHC-3TTC Wheeled, Leg 11 1929 CAM Route 18.


Gary McCarty, 07-25-06:, YAYE-YPDN, 427, bgas031, Douglas DC-3, YBAS-YTNK-YHOO-YVRD-YBMY


Patrick Stewart, 07-26-06, KATL - KMCN, 49, bgas060, DHC-2, 1st leg of CAM 25 Mail Route.


Bill Hendrix, 07-25-06, KROA-KCHS, 110, bgas046, DC-4, WCATC flight, real wx, landed ILS rwy 33, see screenshot.


Terry Wright, 07-25-07, CYQY-KBGR, 158, bgak007, L10E, Route included stop at CYYG (Charlottetown). Very good flying in NE this morning. Love this Electra.


Terry Wright, 07-25-07, KGBR-CYQY, 131, bgak007, DC-5, Amended Report to include info that flight stopped off at Charlottetown (CYYG) before ending at Sydney.


Barry Theodore, 25-07-06, YMML-YMHB, 84, BGAD012, King Air 350, Thought I would try something a little faster. Auto pilot let me down on approach so had to go around, landing a little fough and to the side of the runway, everyone survived.


Luke, 07-24-06, PADQ-CYVR, 168, BGAN021, c-5, CAT4 Enjoyable flight despite having to pause for an hour while wife looked at ebay. Nice landing. Rain when I left Kodiak (PADQ), clear skies till I hit Vancouver Island then pea soup all the way. Was aiming at FL330 but the plane wouldnt go above 29,000. Took half an hour to reach that. E-mailed 62nd AW in hopes that I may recieve a checklist for the c-17 & c-5 since there are none published online. Also wrote AMC e-publications office @ pentagon...Won't hold my breath, waiting for CIA or something to knock on door to ask why I require checklists for their military aircraft.


DON MOORE, 07-21-06, LEBZ-LEST, 124, BGAD042, Baron 58, One of a series of 10 flights around Spain


DON MOORE, 07-21-06, LPPT-LPCO, 76, BGAD042, Cessna Caravan Amphibian, Repeat of flight 1 Portugal using amphibious Cessna Caravan


DON MOORE, 07-20-06, LCPO-LPBR, 63, BGAD042, MOONEY BRAVO, Second flight of the Portugal series


DON MOORE, 07-20-06, LPPT-LPCO, 73, BGAD042, MOONEY BRAVO, One of a series of seven flights circumnavigating Portugal


DON MOORE, 07-18-06, NZWB-NZWN, 28, BGAD042, CESSNA 172, Short vfr flight in NEW ZEALAND


DON MOORE, 07-17-06, YBLT-YMNG, 58, BGAD042, CESSNA 172, Real world weather used for this flight and it gave me trouble attempting a waypoint touch and go at puckapunyal,aborted attempt and went on to mangalore


DON MOORE, 07-15-06, GMFZ-DAOB, 71, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, VFR trip along northern coast of Africa starting a little bit East of Gibraltar


DON MOORE, 07-15-06, GMFZ-DAOB, 71, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, VFR trip along northern coast of Africa starting a little bit East of Gibraltar


Jim Urquhart, 07-24-06, KSTL-KLGA, 216, BGAS041, M404, via KPIT


Rick Miller, 07-24-06, CYDQ-PAOR, 750, bgak016, Otter, Beautiful flight-Dawson to Northway on Alcan.


Tom Burrill, 07-24-06, WSM-PABT, 30, bgak033, DHC2 Beaver, Return flight from Wiseman to Bettles very good flight no problems.


Tom Burrill, 07-24-06, PABT-WSM, 40, bgak033, DHC2 Beaver, A nice flight from Bettles to Wiseman which went well. Did use GPS for orientation to Wiseman. One go round due to too high on initial approach


Gary McCarty, 07-24-06, YPDN-YAYE, 430, bgas031, Douglas DC-3, YBMY-YVRD-YHOO-YTNK-YBAS


Jim Urquhart, 07-24-06, CYXY-CYVR, 247, BGAS041, DC4M, via PASI


MH Luke, KSLC To KEKO, 91, bgam010, DH C 3 TTC Super Otter, Leg 10. 1929 CAM18 AirMail Route.


MH Luke, 07-23-06, KRKS To KSLC, 65, bgam010, DHC-3TTC, Leg 9. 1929 CAM18 Air Mail Route.


John Franco, 07-23-06, KDEN-KPUB, 60, BGAN011, DC3, leg 1 of the Denver-Salt lake Route flown at 9500 feet for fear of mountainous terrain. It took 25 minutes longer than FS said it would.


Bill Hendrix, 07-23-06, KLEX-KROA, 87, bgas046, Bluegrass DC-4, Via ECB, BKW, real wx, landed rwy 6, WCATC flight.


Jim Urquhart, 07-23-06, CYYC-CYXY, 350, BGAS041, DC4M, via CYVR


Gary McCarty, 07-23-06, YGTE-YPDN, 166, bgas031, Douglas DC-5, ypgv


Ron Jorgensen, 07/23, KDLL KAUW, 42, BGAK030, N Norseman, ABT  Flight #7


Ron Jorgensen, 07/22, KFEP  KDLL, 38, BGAK030, N Norseman, ABT Flight # 6


Terry Wright, 07-23-06, CYDQ-PAOR, 353, bgak007, DHC-6, This was the Alaska Highway inspection trip from Dawson Creek with stops at Ft St John, Ft Nelson, Toad R (nasty approach), Watson L, Teslin, Whitehorse, Haines Junction, Burwash (always a dungeon of fog), Beaver Creek, and ending at Northway, AK. Fair bit of haze and heavy clouds, no probs anywhere.


David R. Evans, 07-23-07, T44-Kwp-T44, 58, bgak015, PBY-5A, Grab a cup of java and headed for the dock,as the sun was just riseing out of the water.castoff the lines after a walk around,and headed for WestPoint for a load of seafood to be canned.visibility 10Mi or less and a 6-10 gusty head wind was going to make the wind current fun while letting down into the bays.landing was positive as an eddy of air shoved the cat down to the water from 10ft up.took 33min with Hw.the trip back was ok except some crabs were not dead and deviced an escape plan,went on autopilot a few minutes to round the viciouse crustations up...wonder if the natives are chuckling thinking what my face looked like when my copilot was a king crab.arrived back at Trident hoping to get time enough for a quick bite to eat.took 25Min return.


Barry Theodore, 07-23-06, LPPT-LPCO, 92, BGAD012, Lockheed Vega, First time flying the Vega. Take off ok, managed to use the "Auto Pilot", lined up beautiful but found the plane easy to stall so landed a bit hard or perhaps I should re-phrase that "BL......DY Hard". Maybe better next time.


Luke, 07-22-06, PKRO-PWAK, 44, BGAN021, AN225, Nice flight with LTC crew. Good landing at Wake Island, pulled up my big bird at the last taxiway. Had trouble with vibration in the 225 so I downsized mid-air shortly after take-off to the slightly smaller 124 which was still my no means a light plane. Landing a galaxy class aircraft at Wake was no problem although she didnt want to drop. Turned for final too high due to visitors dropping in and distracting me but managed beautifully to bring her down.


Tom Burrill, 07-23-06, KMEM-KLGA, 157, bgak033, DC9-50, On line flight with West Coast from Memphis to New York Laguardia.  Good flight with interesting appraoch due to Thunder Storm in the Area. Used ILS for Rwy 13 with a landing on the first try.


Barry Theodore, 07-22-06, YMEN-YKII, 75, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, Parts arrived ok. Uneventful flight back to King Island, a little rough on the landing. Also the modem stopped during the flight (I was using "real weather") so had to revert to something else.


John Franco, 07-22-06, 4B9-KBDL, 8, BGAN011, C172SO, Was checking out an AFCAD file for Bradley Airport but it looks the same.


Gary McCarty, 07-22-06, YPDN-YGTE, 355, bgas031, Douglas DC-5, YPGV-YGTE-YNGU-YMHU-YNGU


John Franco, 07-22-06, KHVN-KBDL, 63, BGAN011, C208B, I was in the soup the whole way up. What a yucky day for flying. And then I had an unexpected go around on the GPS 15 approach because a goonhead wouldnt turn off the runway in time.


John Franco, 07-22-06, LSZH-LFSB, 35, BGAN011, CRJ2, Hop 1 of 23 on a swiss server.


Ron Jorgensen, 07/22, KBRL KFEP, 55, BGAK030, N Norseman, ABT Flight # 5


Tom Burrill, 07-22-06, KCON-KCON, 73, bgak033, WACO UPF7, Local flight fron Concord to test out WACO UPF7 flown VFR with clear weather , landed at Cooper Farm and Intervale which are short grass private airports in the area of KCON. Nice plan but jumps along the ground at time. Time was logged on West Coast ATC.


Luke, 07-21-06, LEBZ-LEST, 117, BGAN021, A65 Queenair, LPBG. Flight with Don again. Thouroughly enjoyed it. The touch and go in a paddock saw me bust my landing gear and had to repair craft and on my way. Followed the valleys to get under the cloud. Heap big turbulence on approach for Santiango (Spain) NIce landing but the plane eventually broke it's landing gear when I braked and went off the runway. I think its the model. I have a mitchell by the same author which does exactly the same thing no matter how soft I land. Repeated the same flight for LTC later in the F-14d and followed the valley inverted...I guess small things...never mind.


David R.Evans, 07-22-06, KAUW-KOSH, 68, bgak015, PT-17, removed the broken cable,pick one up at Oshkosh,only 10mi vis. haze but it's suppose to clear later on. flight was uneventfull,with time spent thinking of the looks on those who went for there first rides,in a open cockpit an seen there town or house from the air.watching aome grab the leather combming in terrror only to relax and point to land marks even though i can not hear them over the wind an motor,the smile is worth more than the cost of the ride.


Luke, 07-21-06, KEDW-KSUU, 36, BGAN021, F14-d, NGZ (waypoint) Crash landing at Travis, respawned and landed succesfully at KSFO. Perfect landing. Impressed with models carrier gear, no landing noise or anything.


David R. Evans, 07-09-06, KDLL-KAUN, 52, bgak-015, PT-17, Took my time on the preflight trying to work the kinks out from sleeping under the wing,i was sure i,d got ever rock out from under me,but they must have returned during the night.. about 5minutes out heard a ping and the tach stopped working figured the cable let go. nothing else changed so cruised on to WASSAU ,weather perfect and burned only 14Gal. little or no wind,patchy ground fog near the river but it burned off with the sun.


Don HUlick, 07-21-06, RJSO-RJTT, 138, bgan033, Grumman Albatross, Leg 13 Round the World. Ominato to Tokyo/Haneda. Winds on the nose all the way, otherwise decent weather. Landed Rwy 34R ILS.


David R. Evans, 07-21-06, KFEP-KDLL, 97, bgak015, PT-17, Recived the green light at 9:24 heading northerly against a light 3-6Knt headwind.settled into a nice cruise setting,dug out the thermose,and watch the peacefull farm land pass under the wings.Those poor souls who have never flown.  burned 34Gal. of fuel and will have to wash a little oil off so she shines by show time,grab a burger,and sleep under the wing.


Joe Weber, 07-21-06, KLEX-KEVV, 56, BGAN002, Convair CV-340, TSTMS at Destination


Gary McCarty, 07-21-06, YPPH-YPDN, 300, bgas031, Lear 23, YCAR-YPKA-YDRY


MH Luke, 07-20-06, PFYU To PABT, 74, bgam010, DH C 3 TTC Super Otter, Leg 5 Alaska Flt. for July 06. Left Ft. Yukon at 0216 am and watched the sun come up on the way back to Bettles.


MH Luke, 07-20-06, PARC To PFYU, 44, bgam010, DHC 3 TTC Super Otter, Leg 4 Alaska Flt. for July O6. 93 miles had a tailwind of approx 18 kts. Unloaded furs,(pelts),at Ft. Yukon.


MH Luke, 07-20-06, PAGB To PARC, 37, bgam010, DHC 3 TTC Super Otter, Leg 3 Alaskan Flt. for July. Three trapppers from Galbraith Lk. to Artic Village.


Terry Wright, 07-21-06, KBOS-KBGR, 139, bgak007, Beech D18, Flight from Boston to Claremont, NH (KCNH), then to Bangor, ME (KBGR). Lots of cloud, gusty winds and some rain...good flight, though.


Terry Wright, 07-21-06, KBGR-KBGR, 133, bgak007, Beech D18, Flight from Bangor to Berlin, NH (KBML) to Portsmouth, NH (KPSM) and return to KBGR. Lots of clouds, some rain and gusty winds. Nice flight.


Ron Jorgensen, 07/21, WION WAKK, 1410, BGAK030, DHC-2 F, ATW Legs 51 > 60


Bill Hendrix, 07-21-06, KBRL-KFEP, 62, bgas046, Waco CTO Mailwing, winds out of the south so I looked for rwy 18, it is a turf rwy but I never saw it so I landed on the grass near the taxiway.


Luke, 07-21-06, NZCH-NZDN, 23, BGAN021, FH-1 Phantom I, Beautiful plane. Nice landing...getting better at fighter jet landings. I actually reckon this is as good as it's replacement, the F-4 Phantom II.


Luke, 07-21-06, NZCH-NZDN, 20, BGAN021, F-22 Raptor, Nice flight through the Mountains. Dunno why westcoast didnt register arrival at destination because I made a perfect landing in this hard to land ship. I didnt actually go belly up till I over-steered on the taxiway with my extra bouncy fighter gear.


Barry Theodore, 07-21-06, YMIA-YBHI, 69, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, First solo flight on WESTCOASTatc. Talked to Luke BGAN012 on route.


Luke, 07-19-06, Q87-Q86, 27, BGAN021, HU-16, Nice favourite water landing...If youre looking for a scenic short seaplane flight then you gotta try it, no AP. You head out over Travis and turn towards the pass in the hills (you should see Lake Berryessa over the top of the mountains) Head across the lake decending from Travis aero and turn across the island, Closest runway to the base is 32W which is level with the shoreline landing anywhere after you cross the peninsula...


Luke, 07-19-06, NZAS-NZCH, 18, BGAN021, Curtiss Jeep, Nice little ship the jeep. Took off from ashburton a breeze. Coudlnt even get the cessnas off from the short runway there.


Luke, 19-07-06, EGKK-LFPG, 49, BGAN021, BAE-RJ85, LFOE Beware the airbrake on th RJ85. Its a venus-flytrap type thing in the tail that opens up and slows you right down... dropped like a stone as soon as I activated the brake.


Gary McCarty, 07-20-06, YPDN-YPPH, 318, bgas031, Lear 23, YDBY-YPKA-YCAR


Jim Urquhart, 07-19-06, KSFO-KLGA, 493, BGAS041, L1049, via KMDW


Ron Jorgensen, 07/20, C16  KBRL, 75, BGAK030, N Norseman, ABT Flight #4


Terry Wright, 07-20-06, CYRL-CYRL, 76, bgak007, DHC-3, Trip from Red Lake to Cat Lake (CYAC) and return. Fine weather, no probs.


John Franco, 07-19-06, KTYS-KMEM, 79, BGAN011, DC9, Aother Memphis CTR session with WTR_755 Jeffn Acting as KMEM TWR+ GND WCATC


Luke, 18-07-06, NZWB-NZWN, 21, BGAN021, Bristol 170 freighter, Nice flight with Don. Good landing in the Bristol. Nice plane...low stall speed... landed full flaps, throttle off at 55 KIAS. Up to 188 cruise speed. Turned on a dime when braking but. If you want a decent sized plane for STOL the 170 is excellent...better than a dash 8 or whisper-jet.


Luke, 18-07-06, KBUF-CYWG, 145, BGAN021, Emirates 7e7, TVF. Failure to land due to fs9 crashing on approach.


John Franco, 07-19-06, LIRF-LIRN, 59, BGAN011, C208B, In tow with others on the Sky America Server


John Lawler, 07-19-06, KSMD-KBMG, 110, bgad017, DH89A Dragon Rapide, Definitely a day for cabined aircraft. Overcast at Fort Wayne, with patches of rain en route to Bloomington but 2500' VFR was straightforward, and the roads stayed under the port wing all the way.  


Tom Burrill, 07-19-06, KCON_KACK, 60, bgak033, Piper Navaho Chieftian, IFR flight on line with West Coast ATC. Some IFR weather and rain experinced with a good finish.


Bill Hendrix, 07-19-06, KBVL-KMGE, 74, bgas046, C-141, flew a Starlifter from Scott AFB IL to the Lockheed plant in Marietta, GA for some update work. Flew on WCATC using real wx and the wx was great, landed ILS rwy 11.


Gary McCarty, 07-19-06, YPAD-YPDN, 387, bgas031, Lear 35, YMML-YSCB-YBRK


Ron Jorgensen, 07/19, WAAL WAPP, 210, BGAK030, DHC-2F, ATW #57


Ron Jorgensen, 07/19, KBMG  C16, 50, BGAK030, N Norseman, ABT


Geoff Boardman, 07-19-06, KVQQ-KMIA, 128, BGAD047, DC3, I don't Like Florda, too flat no hills to get around           Geoff


Barry Theodore, 07-19-06, YKII-YMEN, 81, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, Used real weather, and yes, living close to the area I can say the weather is real ok. One of my best landings so far, kept the speed up and no flaps. Now to load up the requested parts and back to King Island.


Tom Burrill, 07-18-06, KJAX-KMIA, 98, bgak033, DC6, Flight on Vatsim with traffic and using NBD NAV with DME back up. 1950's type auto pilot and NO FSNAV. Stayed glued to to the seat the whole time. Real flying for sure but great fun.


John Franco`, 07-18-06, KBDR-KBDL, 31, BGAN011, C208B, Fedex Feeder flight 8307 (Wiggins Airways)


John Lawler, 07-18-06, KAZO-KSMD, 58, bgad017, DH89A Dragon Rapide, Off on the Barnstormer's Rally at last. The Rapide is a little modern for the event, but not as much as some of the actual machines taking part, besides which the last three letters of Cambrian's G-AJCL are my initials, and in her BEA days, she flew the last fixed wing service out of the Scilly Isles into Cornwall. As I am 2 parts Cornish (the "C") and 1 part each Welsh and Irish (the "L") I feel that I have a claim to (virtual?) ownership. Real weather (delightful), flew VFR at 1200-1500' agl.


Gary McCarty, 07-18-06, YPDN-YMML, 386, bgas031, Lear 35, YBRK-YSCB-YPAD


John Franco, 07-18-06, CYXY-CYUB, 104, BGAN011, CRJ2, barren nothingness near CYUB airfield (Northern Canada near Alaska)


Terry Wright, 07-18-06, CYRL-CYRL, 280, bgak007, DHC-3, Flight from Red Lake to CZRJ (Round Lake) to CYQT (Thunder Bay) then back to CYRL. Good weather, flat terrain...long haul!


Ron Jorgensen, 07/18, KSMD  KBMG, 85, BGAK030, N Norseman, Flight #2 of ABT


Ron Jorgensen, 07/15, KAZO  KSDM, 36, BGAK030, N Norseman, Flight 1 of ABT


John Franco, `07-17-06, MYBS-KMIA, 38, BGAN011, C172SP, Civil Air Patrol Paintscheme. I was testing a new *WIRELESS* Joystick by Logitech.


Bill Hendrix, 07-17-06, KAZO-KSMD, 50, bgas046, WACO CTO, Used real wx, winds from 240 @ 20 kts, West Coast ATC, landed rwy 23 after flying over the field.


John Franco, 07-16-06, KSEA-PAKT, 103, BGAN011, DC10, found this route idea at How To section (Something like How to 101)


Don Hulick, 07-15-06, RJCN-RJSO, 62, BGAN033, Grumman Albatross, Nakashibetsu to Ominato. Leg 12 (I think) of my RTW adventure. Rain at take off, but cleared well before landfall at Honsho. On to Tokyo!!!


John Franco, 07-16-06, KBDL-CYYZ, 71, BGAN011, DC9, Nasty low clouds I encountered on approach to Toronto Pearson INTL.


Rick Miller, 07-16-06, CYRL-CYVZ, 90, bgak016, Cessna Caravan, Touch and go at Pikangikum and Poplar Hill to familiarize with those strips.  Show hikers close up view of the Poplar Hill General Store.


Brent Brazeel, 07-16-06, EINN - EICM, 35, bgak001, Cessna 210M, Touring the Coast of Ireland


Brent Brazeel, 07-16-06, EIKY - EINN, 40, bgak001, Cessna 210M, Touring the Coast of Ireland


Brent Brazeel, 07-16-06, EICK - EIKY, 61, bgak001, Cessna 210M, Touring the Coast of Ireland


Brent Brazeel, 07-16-06, EIWF - EICK, 32, bgak001, Cessna 210M, Touring the Coast of Ireland


Gary McCarty, 07-16-06, ZBAA-RPLI, 390, bgas031, Citation X, UHWW-ZBAA


Terry Wright, 07-16-06, CYRL-CYRL, 194, bgak007, DHC-3, Trip out to Wapakeka (CKB6) and return to Red Lake.


Barry Theodore, 07-16-06, KMAF-KILE, 108, BGAD012, Locheed 10E Electra, Flight AE-007 of Amelia Earhart around the world. At last into a populated area. Still having trouble landing on runway, landing on grass beside the runway ok.


Luke, 15-07-06, MMTM-FHOU, 102, BGAN021, C-17, Helluva approach to Hobby in Houston. had a passenger fear rating of 65% because I caught a gust of wind and the plane started to lift again... Surprised I got a landing bonus because I went about 100 metres past the runway...KNOG was the waypoint for decent


Luke, 14-07-06, FOOL-FGBT, 37, BGAN021, HU-16, unscheduled layover at FOOC while waiting for Don to join flight. Don was impressed with Bata (FGBT). He thougth I was a bit short of a pound when I disappeared over the cliff to make my approach. Bata should be included in the toughman challenge. FOOC is just as hairy... super short grass strip which sent my albatross on a cross country bush-bash where I had to catapult off a cliff to get airborne.


Luke, 14-07-06, MMTM-KHOU, 28, BGAN021, AN-225 RUSSIAN SPACE AGENCY, 4TA0


David R. Evans, 07-16-06, KBRL-KFEP, 81, bgak015, PT-17 ARMY,  After a lenghty conversation with FAA officals on the matter of aerobatic manuvers within a controled airspace and trying to sell the idea I was gaught up in the barnstorming spirt, my batteries went dead on the hand held,was it really PEORIA??,the heat must have got to me..Ect. the fine really hurt the budget,but they must have been in a good mood as I'm under probation and can continue the tour. got out of town,I mean left a little early ,already 75deg out,flight was uneventfull.


Bill Hendrix, 07-15-06, KPNS-KXNA, 90, bgas046, EMB-170, flight on WCATC live ATC session.


MH Luke, 07-15-06, KCYS To KRKS, 87, bgam010, Lockheed Vega 5C, 1929 CAM18 Route Leg 8


MH Luke, 07-15-06, KLBF to KCYS, 86, bgam010, Lockheed Vega 5C, Leg 7 1929 CAM18 Route


MH Luke, 07-15-06, KLNK to KLFB, 69, bgam010, Lockheed Vege 5C, Leg 6 1929 CAM18 Route


John Franco, 07-15-06, KDCA-KMEM, 128, BGAN011, CRJ2, Memphis CTR Fly In at 7/15/06


Tom Burrill, 07-15-06, 1U1-ID76, 65, bgak033, DHC 2 Beavaer, Flight along the Salmon River of Idaho from Moose Creek to Wilson Bar over tough territory. Not an easy flight for one out of practice in bush type landings but alot of fun,


Ron Jorgensen, 07/15, VGCB  WION, 901, BGAK030, DHC-1F, ATW Legs #14 > 50


Gary McCarty, 07-15-06, YPDN-ZBAA, 431, bgas031, Citation X, RPLI


Jim Urquhart, 07-15-06, KIND-KPIT, 109, BGAS041, DC3, via KCMH


Joe Weber, 07-15-06, KAZO-KMSD, 54, BGAN002, Stearman PT-17, Barnstormer Tour Leg 1


DON MOORE, 07-14-06, LXGB-GMFZ, 78, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, First stage of flight from Gibraltar to  Algeria


DON MOORE, 07-14-06, LXGB-GMFZ, 78, BI0A-BITE, KINGAIR 350, First stage of flight from Gibraltar to  Algeria


DON MOORE, 07-08-06, YPAD-YMML, 72, BGAD042, B737-400, Used real world weather,visibility was good up until final when it dropped to about half a mile.  That makes life interesting very quickly and dangerous!.


Don Hulick, 07-14-06, UHPP-RJCN, 252, bgan033, Grumman Albatross, Leg 10 of my Round The World trip...Petropavlovsk,RU to Nakashibetsu,JA. Took off in a rainstorm, landed in a rainstorm.


Jim Urquhart, 07-14-06, KICT-KIND, 237, BGAS041, DC3, via KMKC, KSTL


John Franco, 07-14-06, KATL-KMEM, 61, BGAN011, MD80, Im Back! I was also enjoying a nice sunset.


Bill Agee, 07-14-06, KTTD-CVO, 180, bgas006, PA-20, via UBG-AST, Fuel 90 lbs


Bill Agee, 07-14-06, KTTD-KSEA, 56, bgas006, PA6, via KOLM, Fuel 110 lbs


Bill Von Sennet, 07-14-06, klbe-klbe, 25, bgas001, Boeing 247D, refamiliarization flight.  North to Homer City power plant then ILS RW 23 approach.


David R. Evans, 07-15-06, C16-KBRL, 128, bga015, Stearman PT-17, Departed at 9am and headed out at 136Deg. after 15Min and no land marks figured that was  supposed to be a 036 instead of 136!!,worst part I had to return back the way i came, will be the joke of the hanger for awhile... as I passed Peoria a storm was building on the route it was local enough to skirt around with nothing but a few bumps and gust. Also the prop readjustment worked,gained 3Knts and was able to climb.  (Pilot ID is bgak015)


Gary McCarty, 07-14-06, PWAK-YPDN, 410, bgas031, Citation X, PGUM


Luke, 07-12-06, 7WI5-CYYZ, 1, BGAN021, C-17, Crash due to failure to lift


Luke, 07-12-06, KJXN-CYYZ, 52, BGAN021, C-17, CYHM


Bill Hendrix, 07-14-06, 83J-7A2, 70, bgas046, Waco CTO, flew this flight again to get credit for flight on WCATC.


Terry Wright, 07-14-06, KORF-CYHU, 161, bgak007, DC-7, Bangor-based flight continuation from Norfolk to Boston to St-Hubert. Great flying weather in the NE this morning.


MH Luke, KOFF-KLNK, 29, bgam010, Lockheed Vega 5C, Leg 5 of 1929 CAM18 Air Mail Route. 42.8 Mi. and 11.33 Gal fuel

(Date field not entered)


MH Luke, 07-13-06, KDSM-KOFF, 57, bgam010, Lockheed Vega 5C, Leg 4 of 1929 CAM18 Air Mail Route. 104.1 Miles, 31.5 gals fuel.


MH Luke, 07-13-06, KALO-KDSM, 48, bgam010, Lockheed Vega 5C, Leg 3 of 1929 Airmail routes CAM18, Used 20.43 Gal fuel


MH Luke, 07-13-06, KIOW-KALO, 30, bgam010, Lockheed Vega 5C, second leg of cam 18 Air Mail route destination on the route was Cedar Springs IA. No Such so went to Cedar Falls/Waterloo Mun.


MH Luke, 07-13-06, KMDW-KIOW, 87, bgam010, Lockheed Vega 5C, First leg of CAm18 route from Airmail Div. 1929 routes.


Jim Urquhart, 07-13-06, KINW-KICT, 265, BGAS041, DC3, via KABQ - KAMA


Tom Burrill, 07-13-06, PANC-PACO, 60, bgak033, Dash 8-100, A fster nicer plane to fly then the Otter but needs more room to land.


Tom Burrill, 07-13-06, PANC-PAHO, 61, bgak033, Twin Otter, Nice flight into Homer to get used to the Twin Otter. She lands like an elevator with full flaps.


Bill Hendrix, 07-13-06, 83J-7A2, 68, bgas046, WACO CTO, M/P flight with Bluegrass using Golden Wings 3.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-13-06, 83j-7a2, 66, bgas001, Waco CTO Mailwing, 29 gal via MVC VOR with bgas046 on West Coast ATC


Tom Burrill, 07-13-06, KSEA-CYWL, 195, bgak033, Dash8-100, Familiarization flight flown without AP and GPS fix to find a location to land. All in all sucessful


Barry Theodore, 07-13-06, YSRN-YKII, 132, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, Non eventful trip. I have just been approached by a pilot who is having trouble with A Bristol Freighter and wants to charter me to go the Essendon on the mainland to pick up some parts for him. I told him I would make the trip for him. But first I am going to have a feed of Cray Fish and a couple of glasses of brown stuff and a glass of port. I guess the trip to the mainland will be tomorrow. I actually flew down here in a real Bristol Freighter some years back. We picked up a load of Cray Fish for the mainland. There was a shed here then, I guess it has fallen down.


Don Hulick, 07-12-06, KJGG-KJGG, 54, bgan033, WACO YMF, KJGG_KPHF_KJGG. Check flt for my re-rigged throttle. 3 T&Gs at Newprot News-Williams burg (2 visual, 1 ILS) and back to Williamsburg-Jamestown. Throttle works great...Thanks Tom and Joe


LUKE, 07-09-2006, YPDN-WPEC, 84, BGAN021, C-17, WPAQ Emergency landing using FSpassengers. 45% war zone.


Luke, 10-07-2006, OLKA-LGVZ, 50, BGAN021, C-17, LLAZ


Luke, 07-11-2006, CYXE-CYVR, 1, BGAN021, C-17, Got bumped of server


Jim Urquhart, 07-12-06, KBUR-KINW, 155, BGAS041, DC3, via KGCN


Bill Von Sennet, 07-11-06, klbe-ips0, 27, bgas001, Waco ATO, Coss country training hop.  Latrobe to Ickes Ultralight field near Osterburg PA   via US 30 to Stoystown NDB then 77 deg to Ickes.  Grass field hard to see.


Bill Hendrix, 07-11-06, H35-KATL, 120, bgas046, Dash-8-Q200, Flew on WCATC server 3.


Jim Urquhart, 07-11-06, TNCC-KMSY, 418, BGAS041, L1049, via MKJS


Bill Agee, 07-11-06, KTTD-CVO, 180, bgas006, PA-20, Via AST. Fuel 90 lbs.


Terry Wright, 07-11-06, KTPA-KSAV, 139, bgak007, DC-7, Continuation of Bangor-based flight, Tampa to Miami to Savannah. Rain and heavy cloud over Forida this morning...cleared up over Georgia coast.


Luke, 07-09-2006, YPDN-WPDL, 84, BGAN021, C-17, WPAQ Fspassengers 49%war emergency landing succesful


Bill Von Sennet, 07-10-06, gcat-koak, 127, bgas001, DC-3, 201 gal on WestcoastATC


Gary McCarty, 07-10-06, KNPA-MUGM, 317, bgas031, HU-16, KMCF-KNQX


Jim Urquhart, 07-10-06, KSMY-TNCC, 444, BGAS041, L1049, via MKJS


Michael Dale, 07-10-06, YGPT-YPDN, 51, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Garden Point, Melville Island to Darwin in the Northern Territory


Michael Dale, 07-10-06, YMGD-YGPT, 94, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Maningrida to Garden Point, Melville Island in the Northern Territory


Ron Jorgensen, 07/10, KARG - KAZO, 210, BGAK030, Norseman, Leg 3 (last) MMGL to KAZO for rally


Ron Jorgensen, 07/09, KALI KARG, 325, BGAK030, Norseman, 2nd Leg MMGL to KAZO


Gary McCarty, 07-09-06, KOPF-KNPA, 240, bgas031, HU-16, MYGF-KNIP


Gary McCarty, 07-08-06, TXKF-KMIA, 379, bgas031, PBY-5A, MYNN


DON MOORE, 07-08-06, YPPH-YABA, 78, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, My fourth dirty serial arrival at destination!!!!   Its got to be a case for revision training!


DON MOORE, 07-06-06, KATL-KPFN, 61, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, If I keep making these abrasive arrivals as of the last three,I'll soon be getting there dead on time


DON MOORE, 07-06-06, CYQY-CYHZ, 43, BGAD042, B737-400, Another flight with a disasterous ending.   Did not make it to the threshhold this time.


DON MOORE, 07-05-06, CYHZ-CYQY, 70, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, A VF/IFR flight that saw zero visibility overcome me just before the threshhold.   Itwas not a pretty arrival!


DON MOORE, 06-30-06, LLES-Z14Z, 54, BGAD042, Fokker VIIa, Second attempt successful at this flight


DON MOORE, 06-29-06, HOOO-LLMZ, 49, BGAD042, B737-400, For me this airfield is sometimes a quirky destination


DON MOORE, 06-29-06, UGOC-UGEE, 15, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, A cancelled trip out to and around Mt Ararat


DON MOORE, 06-28-06, YACR-YKBY, 42, BGAD042, VEGA 5C, Science flight from Lake Acraman meteorite impact site to Streaky Bay in South Australia.


Luke, 07-01-2006, YMAV-YBDG, 66, BAGN021, Bristol 170 Freighter, YBLT

(Pilots ID is bgan021 not bagn021)


Luke, 06-30-2006, Z14Z-LLMZ, 18, BAGN021, v-22 osprey, LLJR


Luke, 06-29-2006, h000-llmz, 44, BAGN021, c-17, waypoint NEOMI


Brent Brazeel, 07-09-06, PABT - PAFA, 77, bgak001, DH-104 Dove, Westcoast ATC


Brent Brazeel, 07-09-06, PANC - PABT, 138, bgak001, AC500 Shrike, Westcoast ATC


Brent Brazeel, 07-09-06, PAJN - PANC, 176, bgak001, AC680S, Westcoast ATC


Brent Brazeel, 07-09-06, PHDH - PHNG, 37, bgak001, Cessna 210M, Westcoast ATC


Brent Brazeel, 07-09-06, PAK - PHDH, 44, bgak001, Cessna 210M, Westcoast ATC


Bill Von Sennet, 07-09-06, ksmd-kbmg, 98, bgas001, Waco ATO, 35.7 gal  IFR (I follow roads)  flight 2 of July feature  on WestcoastATC


Bill Agee, 07-09-06, KTTD-KSEA, 83, bgas006, c-152, via BTG-KOLM testing VOR


Bill Agee, 07-09-06, KTTD-KSEA, 73, bgas006, B247D, via BTG-KOLM


Bill Agee, , KTTD-KSEA, 73, bgas006, B247D, via BTG-KOLM


Bill Hendrix, 07-09-06, KATL-H35, 124, bgas046, EMB-120, Via Birmingham and Little Rock, used real wx and flew on Vatsim using Squawkbox version 3.1, No tower and no instrument approaches at H35, didn't see the runway until about 1 mile out, landed visual rwy 27.


Michael Dale, 07-10-06, PHNG-PHLU, 45, BGAD045, Cessna 182S, Hawaiian VFR Hop 3


Jim Urquhart, 07-08-06, KLGA-KMDW, 268, BGAS041, DC3, via KCLE


Brent Brazeel, 07-09-06, PAJN - PANC, 176, bgak001, AC680S, On Westcoast Server 1


Brent Brazeel, 07-09-06, PASI - PAJN, 48, bgak001, AC680S, On Westcoast Server 1


Ron Jorgensen, 07/09, MMGL KALI, 258, BGAK030, Norseman, Enroute to KAZO for Rally


Norm Holman, 7-07-06, 7G1-RKOH, 130, bgad026, Beaver. Flew all of Ron's Challenges in Toughman 18. Nice work Ron, settles my nerves.


Michael Dale, 07-09-06, YPGV-YMGD, 71, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Gove to Maningrida, NT, Australia


Michael Dale, 07-09-06, YGTE-YPGV, 71, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Groote Eyelandt to Gove, NT, Australia


Michael Dale, 07-09-06, YBRL-YGTE, 95, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Borrooloola to Groote Eyelandt Australia


Bill Agee, 07-08-06, KTTD-KSEA, 166, bgas006, C152, via KOLM, 82 Lbs of fuel. Round Robin.


Bill Agee, 07-08-06, KTTD-KSHN, 46, bgas006, DHC-3 OTTOR, 408 Lbs of fuel




David R. Evans, 07-08-06, KBMG-C16, 67, bgak015, PT-17, ceiling 5000 scattered light wind . Had A&E change pitch setting to get more cruise preformance,but turned out to much as max Rpm was at 1600 and only gained 4 knts and saved no fuel as spent more time at full throttle to climb to Alt. Will have it set back 2deg. which will split the differance and maybe get engine into a better tourge range,flight went smooth once up on step,and found needed landmarks ok.


Barry Theodore, 07-09-06, YMHB-YSRN, 71, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, This time a direct flight. Had a lot of low cloud but managed to see a lot of the scenery, again it is a pleasure to fly over such good scenery. The fishermen left the aircraft here, I think I will continue around the coast and maybe a diversion to King Island.


Barry Theodore, 07-09-06, YMHB-YSRN, 120, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, Tried the coastal route first, this scenery is great.


Barry Theodore, 07-08-06, YBTL-YBCS, 94, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, Have just been informed I will have to take a break here and take a JET (as passenger) to Hobart to try out the new VOZ scenery.


Michael Dale, 07-08-06, YPPH-YABA, 105, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Perth to Albany, Western Australia


Michael Dale, 07-08-06, PHDH-PHNG, 55, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Hawaiian Explorer Hop#2


Michael Dale, 07-08-06, PAK-PHDH, 63, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Hawaiian Explorer Hop#1 - finally worked out how to do a Hop


Gary McCarty, 07-07-06, KSUT-TXKF, 346, bgas031, PBY-5A, KNGU


Jim Urquhart, 07-07-06, KHOU-KLGA, 425, BGAS041, L1049, via KSTL - KDCA


Michael Dale, 07-08-06, PAK-PHDH, 59, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Hawaiian Explorer Hop#1


Terry Wright, 07-07-06, CYRL-CYRL, 189, bgak007, DHC-3, Trip to (CYTL) Big Trout Lake and return. Head wind added over 20 mins to return flight, but no probs anywhere.


Michael Dale, 07-07-06, YMTI-YBRL, 97, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Mornington Island to Booraloola. FSPassenger - Second Officer (C4) with FSPassenger airline Bluegrass Airlines - Fleet now at 5 aircraft (2xDHC-2 Beaver, 2xCessna 172SP and Beechcraft Baron 58TC)


Michael Dale, 07-07-06, YBWP-YNTN, 130, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Weipa to Normanton. FSPassenger - Second Officer (C4) with FSPassenger airline Bluegrass Airlines - Fleet now at 3 aircraft (DHC-2 Beaver, Cessna 172SP and Beechcraft Baron 58TC)


Michael Dale, 07-07-06, YNTN-YMTI, 66, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Normanton to Booraloola - FSPassenger initated fuel leak required declaration of a PAN and uneventful diversion and safe landing at Mornington Island. FSPassenger - Second Officer (C4) with FSPassenger airline Bluegrass Airlines - Fleet now at 5 aircraft (2xDHC-2 Beaver, 2xCessna 172SP and Beechcraft Baron 58TC)


Tom Burrill, 07-05-06`, KENV-KSLC, 34, bgak033, Beech C90, Another leg haluling Cargo back to Salt Lake with VOR Navigation an stop watch timming of approach procedure to sucessful landing.


Tom Burrill, 07-05-06`, KENV-KSLC, 34, bgak033, Beech C90, Another leg haluling Cargo back to Salt Lake with VOR Navigation an stop watch timming of approach procedure to sucessful landing.


Tom Burrill, 07-06-06, KMIA -KALT, 170, bgak033, DC 6, Return flight to Atlanta using NBD naviagtion and DME with real world weather.


Joe Weber, 07-06-06, KJZ1-KILM, 40, BGAN002, CV-240, Ystms at Charleston - clearing somewhat at Wilmington


Gary McCarty, 07-06-06, KMIA-KSUT, 311, bgas031, PBY-5A, MYGF-KNIP-KSVN


Michael Dale, 07-07-06, YBCG-YAMB, 42, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, FSPassenger - Second Officer (C4) with FSPassenger airline Bluegrass Airlines - Fleet now at 3 aircraft (DHC-2 Beaver, Cessna 172SP and Beechcraft Baron 58TC)


Jim Urquhart, 07-06-06, KRDU-KMIA, 199, BGAS041, M404, via KJAX


Michael Dale, 07-07-06, YHBA-YBCG, 72, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Woohoo FSPassenger promotion to Second Officer (C4) with only 31 hours (35 is the minimum as per Career Progression)


Terry Wright, 07-06-06, KBOS-KBGR, 69, bgak007, DC-5, Overcast, rain in Boston...mainly cloudy and turbulent along the Maine coast this morning. No probs anywhere.


Don Hulick, 07-05-09, ATU-UHPP, 210, bgan033, Grumman HU16 Albatross, Attu, AL to PETROPAVLOVSK (Siberia!), via MK NDB. Leg 8 of the RTW


Michael Dale, 07-06-06, YHID-YBWP, 56, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Horn Island - RAAF Scherger - Weipa


Michael Dale, 07-06-06, AYDU-YHID, 58, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Daru, New Guinea


Michael Dale, 07-06-06, YBAM-AYDU, 56, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58TC, Daru, New Guinea


Meryl D Coon, 07-05-06, PACD-PADQ, 121, BGAN038, Avro Shackleton MR3, Nice flight.  Not the usual Aleutian


Gary McCarty, 07-05-06, KMIA-KMIA, 197, bgas031, Beechcraft V35B, MYXE


Tom Burrill, 07-5-06, KENV, KSLC, bgak033, Beech c90, Flight from WNedover Utah to Salt LAke VOR and flight FS Nav flight waypoint times and stop watch to set up on the arrival. Worked out very well.


Bill Agee, 07-05-06, CXC-4AK5, 42, bgas006, DHC-3 OTTOR, Fuel 131 lbs.


Bill Agee, 07-05-06, CXC-IBN, 40, bgas006, DHC-3 OTTOR, Fuel 168 lbs.


Jim Urquhart, 07-05-06, KMEM-KLGA, 326, BGAS041, M404, via KIND - KPIT


Terry Wright, 07-05-06, KBGR-KBOS, 72, bgak007, DC-5, Nice aircraft. Mostly fair weather trip save for some spotty turbulence.


Paul Roth, 07-01-06, KLEX-KYNG, 182, BGAN 016, DC-3, FLT P0024R


Maurizio Izzi, 07-04-06, YSCB-YSSY, 84, BGAD020, DC-3, Dusk landing at Kingford Smith International. A little foggy. ILS landing runway 34L.


David R. Evans, 07-09-06, KTVC-Y70, 185, bgak015, Minimoa GO-(1937), This week was the region8 soaring champion-ships held at Y70 Ionia Mi. so I thought I would try to make a sailplane flight from Traverse City . down loaded a program that contained thermals for both areas.and hoped to get enough altidude to connect. circled in thermals at ktvc until they faded at 15000ft and headed south,found lift at cadilac, then south east,was down to 1000 when a large cloud popped up and i got lifted to 8000 and made it rest of the way. sending screen shots taken by chase crew in a cessna,and one from the cockpit.


Jim Urquhart, 07-03-06, KELP-KMEM, 242, BGAS041, CV240, via KDAL


David R. Evans, 07-04-06, KMIA-KLEX, 201, bgak015, DC-4, departed KMIA at 0838 climbed to 11500 set cruise at 210Knt, ran into sever turbulance and thunderstorms between KEZM & KAZE and had to slow to 180Knts and ride it out.once passed line of storm rest of flight ok,delivered the sea food before the ice was gone.


Barry Theodore, 07-04-06, YBTL-YBCS, 94, BGAD012, DOUGLAS DC3, Next leg complete, new VOZ scenery looks great.


Maurizio Izzi, 07-04-06, YMML-YSCB, 126, BGAD020, DC-3, Very nice flight in perfect weather. Visual landing on runway 12 (5500 ft).


Michael Dale, 07-04-06, YBMK-YBWN, 66, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58, Building up hours so I can return to BGAD Scheduled using FS PAX


Maurizio Izzi, 07-03-06, YMHB-YMLL, 166, BGAD020, DC-3, Night flight. Had to go around once at Melbourne because of poor visibility.


John Pate, 07-03-06, KCTY - KTLH, 62, bgas008, AN-2, Missed approach in storm, had to go around!


Maurizio Izzi, 07-03-06, YMML-YMHB, 168, BGAD020, DC3, First flight with Bluegrass Australian from Melbourne to Hobart. Good weather and visual landing on runway 30.


Bill Hendrix, 07-03-06, KJEF-KAZO, 175, bgas046, Piper Cherokee, Real wx, started out VFR but had to switch to IFR flight when I called tower at KAZO, field was IFR, landed ILS rwy 35.


David R. Evans, 07-03-06, KSMD-KBMG, 90, bgak015, PT-17, Left KSMD at 9am with a light hesd wind forcast the whole trip,should have made a stop along the way as the coffie i had before leaving had me tap dancing on the pedals at Indy. any one leaveing later watch the weather the cummulus was starting to build and some bumps once and awhile


Jim Urquhart, 07-03-06, KDEN-KELP, 97, BGAS041, CV240, via KAMA-KLBB


Ron Jorgensen, 0703, VA1D VGCB, 885, BGAK030, DHC-2F, ATw Legs 31 > 40


Terry Wright, 07-03-06, CYRL-CYRL, 204, bgak007, DHC-3, Trip out to CYAQ (Kasabonika) and return.


Bill Agee, 07-02-06, 09AZ-31AZ, 25, bgas006, C152, via P29,Fuel 18 lbs


Bill Agee, 07-02-06, 02AZ-03AZ, 21, bgas006, C152, via P33,Fuel 17 lbs


Tom Burrill, 01-02-06, KEKO-KENV, 54, bgak033, Beech c90, A flight from Elko Nevada to Wendover Utah with another 2,000 lbs of freight.  This high desert at 6000 ft and high mountains around. Used GPS approach again with less luck. Had to do a go around with a suceesful landing.


Tom Burrill, 07-02-06, KSLC-KEKO, 54, bgak033, Beech C90, A flight from Salt Lake into Nevada with 2145 lbs of freight. A good flight with a GPS appoach set up and then hand flown given good visibility.


Michael Dale, 07-03-06, PHDH-PAK, 50, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58, Westcoast Explorer Hops Hawaii Hop 10...This completes the Westcoast VFR Explorer Hawaiian Series


Michael Dale, 07-03-06, NPS-PHDH, 49, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58, Westcoast Explorer Hops Hawaii Hop 9 Correction to Flight Route


Michael Dale, 07-03-06, JHM-NPS, 49, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58, Westcoast Explorer Hops Hawaii Hop 9


Michael Dale, 07-02-06, JHM-NPS, 55, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58, Westcoast Explorer Hops Hawaii Hop 8


David R. Evans, 07-02-06, KAZO-KSMD, 59, bgak015, PT-17, A great morning for vfr,departed KAZO and climbed to cruise Alt of about 3000ft,turned to 175Mag. No NDB,VOR,Transponder Just a hand held Com. Wheat fields being harvested,2nd cutting hay being mowed,and dark green corn way overknee high.picked up landmarks one by one,though got side-tracked as I buzzed a farm to get a better look at the farmers daughter,arrived at KSMD and got a cold coke. Did the term Dead Reckoning come from those waiting when the plane is late saying, Ya Reckon He's Dead?


Michael Dale, 07-02-06, PHKO-JHM, 54, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58, Westcoast Explorer Hops Hawaii Hop 7


Michael Dale, 07-02-06, PHTO-PHKO, 60, BGAD045, Beechcraft Baron 58, Westcoast Explorer Hops Hawaii Hop 6


John Pate, 07-02-06, KMIA-KMIA, 24, bgas008, AN-2, Touch and Go's in the Antonov Colt


Ron Jorgensen, 07/01, VA1D - VGCB, 885, bgak030, dhc-2f, ATW Legs 31 > 40


MrHobbit, 07-01-06, PAIL-PASX, 72, bgak013, DHC-2, Great Flight across Iliamna Lake to Pedro Bay, across Pedro Airfield and then along the coast with Iliamna Volcano at 10,016 ft off my left wing. Up to Camp Point Airfield, then continued up to Drift River Airfield and then across Cook Inlet to Soldotna Airport and a good landing. Will spend the night there and leave in the morning for the next leg in my trip back to Bettles.