Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

June 2006



Newest reports on top.



Tom Burrill, 06-30-06, KATL-KMIA, 155, bgak033, DC 6, Fligth with the DC 6 into Miami with visual approach after NDB navivation to KMIA


Jim Urquhart, 06/29/06, EGLL-CYQX, 720, BGAS041, DC6, via BIRK


Tom Burrill, 06-30-06, KATL-KATL, 60, bgak033, DC 6, Practice with DC 6 for further activity. Taxi, Takeoffs, Ils and Visual approaches in real weahter.


Terry Wright, 06-30-06, CYRL-CYRL, 222, bgak007, DHC-3, Flight to CYWP (Wibiquie) and return to Red Lake.


Allan Lowson, 06-06-29, KTVR-KNEW, 83, bgam007, Spartan Executive, Leg 9 Mississipi Jaunt


Allan Lowson, 06-06-28, KHEE-KTVR, 60, bgam007, Spartan Executive, Leg 8 Mississipi Jaunt


Allan Lowson, 06-06-27, 7M4-KHEE, 32, bgam007, Spartan Executive, Leg 7 Mississipi Jaunt


Allan Lowson, 06-06-26, KFES-7M4, 76, bgam007, Spartan Executive, Leg 6 Mississipi Jaunt


Allan Lowson, 06-06-24, KHAE-KFES, 55, bgam007, Spartan Executive, Leg 5 Mississipi Jaunt


Allan Lowson, 06-06-24, KSFY-KHAE, 74, bgam007, Spartan Executive, Leg 4 Mississipi Jaunt


Allan Lowson, 06-06-23, KONA-KSFY, 62, bgam007, Spartan Executive, Leg 3 Mississipi Jaunt


Allan Lowson, 06-06-23, KSTC-KONA, 56, bgam007, Spartan Executive, Leg 2 Mississipi Jaunt


Allan Lowson, 06-06-22, CYRL-CYRL, 31, bgam007, ASW15, Aero tow and local soaring


Allan Lowson, 06-06-03, PHTO-KHSV, 457, bgam007, Vickers VC10, Completion of world tour


Don Hulick, 06-29-06, KPNE-KACY, 132, bgan033, OV1C, KPNE (North East Philly) to KPHL (Philly Intl) for a T&G, to KWWD (Cape May County) for a T&G, to KACY (Atlantic City Intl) for a full stop.


John Pate, 06-29-06, KMOB - KBHM, 75, bgas008, Constellation, Had number 1 engine fail while intercepting the localizer, had to do a go around to feather prop and try to start engine, but would not start.  Landed with No 1 out.


Michael Dale, 06-30-06, PHLU-PHTO, 76, BGAD045, Cessena 172SP, Westcoast Explorer Hops Hawaii 5


David R. Evans, 06-29-06, cyyl-cycr, 93, bgak015, Dhc-2, scattered clouds at 5000,light wind ,flying along at 4000 fat dumb and happy, shouting with the passengers over the engine noise.Then 10 miles from cycr you could hear a pin drop!! was so mezmerized by the never-ending lakes and woods forgot to switch tanks and ran the front dry. the old radial caught as soon as the nut behind the yoke gave it fuel. Had this happen once for real,except the tank i switch to had a clogged line.set down in a field.drained fuel from one to the other and got to a airport with A&E. Just bought the 172 and first long trip were needed to switch tank.


Michael Dale, 06-30-06, PHLU-PHHN, 73, BGAD045, Cessena 172SP, Explorer Hop Series Hawaii Hop 4


Ron Jorgensen, 06/29, NV13 KTVL, 12, BGAK030, T-50 Bobcat, Test hop in a Cessna T-50 Bobcat of "Sky King" era on TV.


Michael Dale, 06-30-06, PHNG-PHLU, 53, BGAD045, Cessena 172SP, Explorer Hop Series Hawaii Hop 3 . . . This is a correction on the date


Michael Dale, 06-29-06, PHNG-PHLU, 53, BGAD045, Cessena 172SP, Explorer Hop Series Hawaii Hop 3


Bill Von Sennet, 06-29-06, kauw-kosh, 56, bgas001, Waco ATP, 20gal  Via Ripon-Fisk VFR Airventure arrival procedures


Bill Von Sennet, 06-29-06, kdll-kauw, 51, bgas001, Waco ATO, 22 gal.   Added the smoke feature to the aircraft.cfg  Put on a little show at Wisconsin Dells  Followed the Wisconsin River all the way.


Michael Dale, 06-29-06, PHDH-PHNG, 54, BGAD045, Cessena 172SP, Explorer Hop Series


Michael Dale, 06-27-06, PAK-PHDH, 84, BGAD045, Cessena 172SP, Explorer Hop Series


Jim Urquhart, 06-28-06, CYQX-EGLL, 559, BGAS041, DC6, via EINN


Tom Burrill, 06-28-06, KBWI-KATL, 245, bgak033, DC3, Head and cross winds were a chore during this flight but landed safely.


Bill Agee, 06-28-06, YZT-A29, 75, bgas006, G-21 Goose, Via YZP-AKW-BKA  Fuel 745 lbs.


Bill Agee, 06-28-06, YZT-A29, 75, bgas006, , Via BTG-TOU. Fuel 816 lbs.


Bill Agee, 06-28-06, KTTD-YZT, 100, bgas006, B247D, Via BTG-TOU. Fuel 816 lbs.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/28, VABV - VAID, 120, BGAK030, DHC-2 F, Leg #34 ATW


MrHobbit, 06-28-06, PAPH - PAOL, 109, bgak013, DHC-2, The First Leg of  the "First Tough Man Challenge". Great Introductory flight. I few this leg at a different time then stated on the Flight Plan. Also flown in Summer rather then winter. From (PAPH) Port Heiden,AK to (PAIL) Iliamna,AK, was about 210nm. Great first leg. I flew over Big Mountain at 3000ft then across Iliamna Lake right down the chute to PAIL! Gonna Spend the night right here. Continue tomorrow.


Barry Theodore, 06-28-06, KBIF-KMAF, 101, BGAD012, Lockheed L10E, Another leg completed. A little rough on cross wind landing, I think I am getting better !!!!! AE-006


Terry Wright, 06-28-06, CYRL-CYRL, 161, bgak007, DHC-3, Run to CNM5 (Kingfisher Lake) and return to Red Lake. Lots of haze and clouds around...good flying day, though.


Luke, 06-27-06, ZYCC-RKSS, 87, BGAN021, C-17, ZKPY I have no idea how wcatc got that I flew china to seoul via amberly australia but there's 2x YAMB in there too. Incredible plane the C-17


Luke, 06-27-06, zycc-yamb, 6, BGAN021, kc-130f, of course I havent figured out how WCATC got that muddled...


DON MOORE, 06-26-06, CVFS-PASI, 140, BGAD042, DHC 8-400, Set to fly singly but was joined by another flyer.   On nearing enroute waypoint YQH another aviator requested joining the flight so we landed at CYQH to accommodate him and so the three of us departed for SITKA and shortly after yet another aircraft joined the flight.   The scenery over the Rockies was spectacular and the arrival just prior to sundown was enhanced with sunset colour.   Great flight with good company


Tom Burrill, 06-27-06, KBOS_KBWI, 184, bgak033, DC3, On line with IFR conditions in BOS and BWI did ILS approach with low visibility at BWI


Jim Urquhart, 06-27-06, KMIA-CYQX, 465, BGAS041, DC6, via KBOS




Ron Jorgensen, 06/27, VA1D  VABV, 230, BGAK030, DHC-2F, ATW 31 > 33


Patrick Stewart, 06-27-06, LMAT - TXDI, 265, bgas060, b-314, Real Wx flight down to TXDI.  Good wx all the way.  Neat seaport down there.  Like this big old plane....


Luke, 06-26-06, EGMH-EGMD, 45, BGAN045, B17 Memphis Belle, LFQD

(Pilot ID is bgan021)


peter waldron, 06-27-06, YSSY-YSDU, 66, BGA-024, DC3,

(Pilot ID is bgad024)


Bill Hendrix, 06-26-06, KLEX-KMWA, 80, bgas046, Martin 404, flew IFR using real wx, 4000', really socked in, never saw the ground after I took off until I was on final approach at about 1000 ft, landed ILS rwy 20, never would have made it without ATC.


MrHobbit, 06-25-06, 52Z - PABT, 145, bgak013, C208, This flight, from 52Z (Summit Lake) in Moose Pass, AK, to my Home Base PABT Bettles, AK, was my Celebration Flight for being promoted to First Officer!   Thanks Bill!


Barry Theodore, 06-26-06, NZNV-NZQN, 67, BGAD012, Douglas DC-3, A good flight over snow capped peaks.


Jim Urquhart, 06-25-06, KDEN-KMSY, 296, BGAS041, DC4, via KTUL


Gayngel van den Ing, 25-06-06, YSSY-VHHX, 1449, bgad022, Douglas DC-4, bgad 739


Tom Burrill, 06-25-06, KASH-CYGK, 143, bgak033, Beech Bonanza V35, Intrument flight with the Mike Stone aircraft nice machine


Guy Goddard, 06-25-06, KLGA-CYSK, 197, bgan023, B314, First leg of flight PA101.  Could not find KLMT in New York so used KLGA as origin.


MrHobbit, 06-25-06, PABT - SVS, 45, BGAK013, DHC-2,  Return to SVS Steven Village today, 06-25-06. Leave SVS tomorrow to explore the Yukon River to the Southwest.


MrHobbit, 06-25-06, WBQ - PABT, 56, BGAK013, DHC-2,  Return flight from Beaver WBQ, to PABT. un-eventful flight. Aprox. 100 nm Weather was fair.


Luke, 06-22-06, KMUO-KLLJ, 67, BGAN021, C-17, KSUN


MrHobbit, 06-25-06, PABT - WPB, 54, BGAK013, DHC - 2, Flew from PABT to WBP.  Return to PABT later today


Terry Wright, 06-24-06, KGBR-KJFK, 82, bgak007, DC-7F, Lots of cloud, variable winds and lightning, especially around the Sound. ATIS gave 1,600' ceiling..didn't look like it to me, but no real probs anywhere.


Jim Urquhart, 06-23-06, KDEN-KBIL, 204, BGAS041, DC3, via KCYS-KCPR-KCOD


MrHobbit, 06-22-06, PABT - PAGA, 96, BGAK013, DHC-2, Long Long Flight. The Beaver is fantastic! Weather was no factor


MrHobbit, 06-23-06, PABT - PABT, 53, BGAK013, C208, Left Bettles (PABT) on the 185 degree radial from VOR 116.0 BBT. Made water landing at Lake Todatonten, distance of 56.6 nm. Landed on Lake at 18:02. Took off for the return flight to Bettles (PABT) at 18:09 landed at Bettles (PABT),Run Way 1, at 18:35.  Great flight.


Bill Agee, 06-23-06, IME-CBU2, 130, bgas006, PA-20, 104 lbs of fuel


Bill Von Sennet, 06-23-06, kfep-kdll, 62, bgas001, Waco ATO, 23 gal  followed state routes north to the Wisconsin River, then the river north east to the Wisconsin Dells.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/22, KMOT  KDFW, 133, BGAK030, B-52H, Test Hop.  WWWAAAYYY  TTTOOOO  BBIIGG


MrHobbit, 06-22-06, PABT - PARC, 78, BGAK013, DHC-2, Great Flight To Artic village.


David R. Evans, 06-22-06, KULZ-KCVX, 142, bgak015, STINSON R-10, Charter, Picked up two GM executives for a trip to Charlevox ,going up north for a confrence,though only had one suitcase each and a bunch of fishing tackle an golf clubs.Took a little longer as I had to detore around a local thunder storm that was developing fast enough I wasn,t going to try to scoot under it. "there are old pilots..."


Jim Urquhart, 06-22-06, KSLC-KDEN, 233, BGAS041, DC3, via KBJT KCOS


Barry Theodore, 06-22-06, YBHM-YBTL, 79, BGAD012, Douglas DC-3, Another leg completed on round Australia charter.


MrHobbit, 06-22-06, LOH - 52Z, 29, BGAK013, DHC - 2, Nice flight up to Summit Lake. Water Landing and then return to Hood Lake.


MrHobbit, 06-21-06, PAML - PAMR, 108, BGAK013, DHC - 2, Great Flight over Danali National Park at 13,200 ft and then down the Eldridge Gacier! By fr the most exciting flight I have ever taken and it was done in my brand new DHC-2.


MrHobbit, 06-21-06, PABT - PAML, 61, BGAK013, DHC - 2, Weather no factor


Barry Theodore, 06-22-06, KRYN-KBIF, 103, BGAD012, Lockheed L10E, AE-005 leg flown this time. Varying winds and thick cloud around El Paso. This is a desolute country like central Australia. I wonder what it looked like when Amelia Earhart flew over, I believe there was a dense sandstorm at the time.


John Pate, 06-21-06, KATL - KAGS, 57, bgas008, Constellation, Familiarization flight with the Connie


Terry Wright, 06-21-06, CYRL-CYRL, 195, bgak007, DHC-3, Heavy clouds and overcast most of the way to Landsdowne House (CYLH) and return. Steady 22 kt headwind added 25 mins to the return trip to Red Lake.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-21-06, kbrl-kfep, 73, bgas001, Waco ATO, 27.4 gal  flew up the Mississippi to Rock Island - then up the Rock River to Sterling before heading north to Freeport


Terry Wright, 06-21-06, KBGR-CYYR, 126, bgak007, DC-7, Lovely flying weather this morning. Would have made better time, but lost an engine, then lost couple thousand feet until I got a restart (still don't know what happened!) No other probs.


Bill Von Sennet, 6-20-06, c16-kbrl, 74, bgas001, Waco ATO, 26.8 gal   had a nice tailwind  Planning trip leg 4 Barnstormer Tour


Pat Daley, 06-20-06, PA61-PA78, 21, bgak029, DHC-2, Challenge # 18


Pat Daley, 06-20-06, 7G1-4G3, 24, bgak029, DHC-2, challenge # 18


Bill Von Sennet, 06-20-06, kbmg-c16, 55, bgas001, Waco ATO, 18.5 gal  preparing leg 3 American Barnstormers Tour


MrHobbit, 06-20-06, PFYU - PABT, 68, BGAK013, C208, Return Trip From Ft Yukon PFYU). No problems. RW 1 at PABT is like a dream! Beautiful. Weather No Factor.


Jim Urquhart, 06-19-06, KRNO-KSEA, 292, BGAS041, DC3, via KBOI


MrHobbit, 06-19-06, PABT - PFYU, 60, BGAK013, C208, Nice flight... I did get a warning lite for low fuel.  Return Flight to PABT Tomorrow After I refuel!


Tom Burrill, 06-19-06, KALB-KMHT, 58, bgak033, Beech 1900, Bad weather flight in thunderstorms and high winds. Got to go it is comming now.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/19, KDAL KDFW, 25, BGAK030, B 247, Test hop     Toooooo big a plane for me.


MrHobbit, 06-19-06, PAKP - 1AK1 - PABT, 59, BGAK013, C172SP, Great flight back home. Made one stop over at Crevice Creek. Not much there. I flew low & slow at 2000 ft. staying in the valley's. Five & Six thousand foot mountains on my left and right. It was something else. Good to be home though.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/19, OIBQ VA1D, 660, BGAK030, DHC-2 F, ATW Legs 21 > 30


MrHobbit, 06-19-06, PABT - AKP, 45, BGAK013, Cessna  C172SP , Probably the most interesting flight I have taken so far. It was great!!  I will make the return flight to PABT later this afternoon. Have to get some supplies and gas.


Michael Dale, 06-19-06, VNJS-VNKT, 51, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 02 VNJS-VNKT return flight


Michael Dale, 06-19-06, VNKT-VNJS, 60, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 02 VNKT-VNJS flight


John Pate, 06-18-06, KJAX - KSAV, 37, bgas008, Martin 404, Familiarization flight


Bill Hendrix, 06-18-06, KBNA-KLEX, 65, bgas046, Martin 404, First flight with the new 404 panel from AVSIM, used real wx now that I have a new puter and am back on cable internet, visibility was terrible on this flight, landed ILS rwy 22.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/18/06, OPGD - OPPI, 25, BGAK030, DHC-2, Future TMC Flight


Jim Urquhart, 06-18-06, KABQ-KBUR, 271, BGAS041, DC3, via KLAS


Michael Dale, 06-18-06, VNKT-VNKT, 99, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 02 VNKT-VNLK-VNKT flight - had to wait a week for decent weather


DON  MOORE, 06-12-06, YMML-YWBL, 63, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, Tourist trip to Warrnambool A/P. thence to Tower Hill by bus.   Late afternoon return to YMML


DON MOORE, 06-11-06, YMML-YPAD, 88, BGAD042, B737-400, Passenger flight from Melbourne to Adelaide via Mildura


DON  MOORE, 06-10-06, BI0A-BITE, 13, BGAD042, PIPER  AMPHIBIAN, Third flight of triplet beginning at BIST and ending at BITE


DON MOORE, 06-08-06, YSWL-YWBL, 74, BGAD042, PIPER  AMPHIBIAN, Flew in company with two other aircraft from Stawell via Victoria valley then south to Tower hill.   Did two outlandings, both wet, on the way to Warrnambool.   Nice flight.


MrHobbit, 06-18-06, PAFA - PABT, 65, BGAK013, C208, Return trip to Bettles (PABT) from Fairbanks (PAFA) From last evenings flight. Left Fairbanks this morning at 5:58 AM, Landed RW 1 at Bettles at 7:03! Great weather! Good flight.


John Pate, 06-17-06, KMCO - KJAX, 58, bgas008, C119, Getting practice on instrument approach at night in bad weather.


Jim Urquhart, 06-17-06, KMKC-KABQ, 272, BGAS041, DC3, via KICT-KAMA


MrHobbit, 06-17-06, PABT - PAFA, 84, BGAK013, C208 , Weather not an issue on this flight. Left Bettles (PABT) at 18:24. Used GPS and NAV Radio. Way Points were Five Mile(FVM) Airfield, and ENN VOR 160.0, Saw two Cessna 182's on the way. Yukon River was a good reference. Tanana River was also a good reference. My Altitude was 6000 ft. for most of the flight. Made an ILS approach on RW 01 at Fairbamks (PAFA). Landed at 18:48 hours. Return to Bettles on 06-18-06.


John Franco, 06-17-06, KNUQ-KNUQ, 65, BGAN011, C172SP/BE58, Short Takeoff Comp with the Cessna and a Corss country race with the Baron. International Virtual Airshow 2006


Joe Weber, 06-17-06, KSTL-KBUP, 77, BGAN002, Boeing 247, Thunderstorms  St Lou o Indiana Border


Terry Wright, 06-17-06, CYRL-CYRL, 135, bgak007, DHC-3, Trip from Red Lake to CKM8 (Opopimiskan) and return. Lots of cloud, light winds. No probs.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/12/06, LGAL OIBQ, 890, BGAK030, DHC-2 F, ATW Legs 11 > 20


Don Hulick, 06-16-06, KJGG-KJGG, 132, bgan033, Cessna 140, Williamsburg to First Flight (Kill Devil Hills, NC) and back. A sorta local flight on a beautiful Friday afternoon.


Mrhobbit, 06-17-06, PAVD - PACV, 100, BGAK013, Cessna C208, Took off from PAVD at 5:18 AM. Landed at North end of lake 17 minutes later at 5:35 AM. Parties waiting on shore with injured individual. We had a quick turn around. Canoe lashed down and all equipment stored along with 7 souls. Took off  16 minutes later at 5:51 AM,  heading for Tanana VOR 116.60. Picked up the VOR on a heading of 160 degrees about 4 minutes into the flight.  We had 131 NM to go, heading for the Yukon River and Calhoun Airfield. We made a water landing, on the Yukon River at Calhoun  at 6:58 AM, 1 hour and 40 minutes after leaving Bettles (PAVD) Airfield.  Weather Was No Factor.


David R. Evans, 06-15-06, CYYL - CYBT, 43, bgak015, Dhc-2, Back to the Bush and lucky me just in time for black flies and Mosquitoes.Takeing two Bow hunters from Michigan and a camera man to Brochet, low ceiling and sharp turbulance.I notice they had a diffrent type of Bow, Till now everybody has hauld in longbow and recurves,but this guy Bear invented this recurve that can be taken apart for travel.hope it holds when he meets these bears up here! they got a rough ride.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-16-06, kiwa-gcat, 152, bgas001, DC-3, Phoenix to Los Angeles (grand central air terminal in golden wings)  258 gal


Jim Urquhart, 06-16-06, KATL-KMIA, 245, BGAS041, DC3, via KSAV


John Franco, 06-15-06, KBWI-KBWI, 55, BGAN011, BE58, ILS rwy 28 Approach Night Practice. FSTOPGUN Server w/ ATC


Tom Burrill, 06-15-06, VERU-HSCU, 348, bgak033, DC3, Flight over the hump from Rupsi India to Chenglu Chine a distance of 900 miles over the Himalayas. The start was good  weather with a stop for minor engine adjustemnt. Apraoch into HSCU was done NBD with three miles visibiilty not easy but ended up ok.


John Franco, 06-15-06, KHVN-KBWI, 64, BGAN011, B734, FSTOP GUN MP server w/ATC services


John Lawler, 06-15-06, RPMD-RPLL, 223, bgad017, DC-3, 353 gallons


John Franco, 06-15-06, EHEH-EBCI, 55, BGAN011, C182S, nasty clouds were in my flightpath all the way to Brussels South Airport.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-15-06, kcrg-ktlh, 60, bgas001, Baron 58, Ram Air Freight IFR 6,000'

Terry Wright, 06-15-06, CYRL-CYRL, 174, bgak007, DHC-3, Trip from Red Lake to Miminisik Lake (CPS5) and return. High cloud and haze for this morning's problems anywhere.


John Lawler, 06-14-06, WRKK-RPMD, 505, bgad017, DC-3, That's a looooong haaaaul, mostly out of sight of land and beyond the range of radio navaids. Hooray for DR and the bubble sextant!


Ron Jorgensen, 06//14/06, LGAL  OIBQ, 912, BGAK030, DHC-2F, ATW Leg #11 thru #20


Jim Urquhart, 06/14/06, KMSY-KORD, 326, BGAS041, DC3, via KJAN - KMEM - KSTL


Terry Wright, 06-14-06, CYRL-CYRL, 212, bgak007, DHC-3, Red Lake to CYPL (Pickle Lake) to CJV7 (Summer Beaver) to CNM5 (Kingfisher Lake) then back to Red Lake. Another overcast, misty morning everywhere except in Red Lake area. No probs anywhere.


Don Hulick, 06-12-06, PAAK-ATU, 156, bgan033, Grumman HU-16 Albatross, Atka to Attu. Continuing around the world. Nrxt stop, Russia!


John Lawler, 06-12-06, YBBN-YBMA, 439, bgad017, DC-3, 8000' IFR with 15-20kt tailwinds most of the way. Fuel 656 gallons.


Patrick Stewart, 06-12-06, CYSK - LMAT, 399, bgas060, b-314, Made it back to New York.


John Franco, 06-12-06, EGLL-EGCC, 59, BGAN011, B734, UKATC server with server controlled WX and a kudos to the ATC crew over there.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-12-06, ksmd-kbmg, 115, bgas001, Waco, followed US-30 to Columbia City - IN-9 to Shelbyville - IN44 to Martinsville - IN-37 to Bloomington.  34.6 gal  (IFR "I follow roads") preparations for the Barnstormers Tour feature.


John Franco, 06-12-06, VA61-VA17, 42, BGAN011, Piper Cub, Had to deal with dodging through Clouds. Landed in time to see the USA play the Czech Republic in the World Cup


Terry Wright, 06-12-06, CYRL-CYRL, 74, bgak007, DHC-3, Flight to CYKQ (Kenora) and return to Red Lake. Good weather up here this probs anywhere.


Jo, 06-11-06, Q08-VA61, 95, BGAN011, Piper Cub, Continuation from Smoketwon, PA on the Vin Fiz Route (Flight Says to pick your own route {My plan is to head west but avoid the Rocky Mountains and go via Alberquerque and Phoenix to get to LAX})


John Franco, 06-11-06, 9N1-Q08, 75, BGAN011, Piper Cub, Hop #2 on the FLight of the Vin Fiz default flight on FS2004 select a flight menu.


Michael Dale, 06-11-06, VNRB-VNRB, 67, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 02 VNRB-VNTR-VNRB


Michael Dale, 06-11-06, VNRB-VNRB, 37, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 02 VNRB-VNVT-VNRB RW Wx furel run prior to attempting VNRB-VNTR-VNRB


Bill Von Sennet, 06-10-06, ksmd-kbmg, 84, bgas001, Waco CTO Mailwing, 33 gal  via AI - BA


Michael Dale, 06-11-06, VNRB-VNRB, 80, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 02 VNRB-VNLD-VNRB RW Wx had to wait 4 days for the Wx to clear sufficiently


Bill Von Sennet, 06-10-06, kazo-ksmd, 45, bgas001, Waco Biplane, 14 gal.


Terry Wright, 06-10-06, CYRL-CYRL, 86, bgak007, DHC-3, To CYVZ (Deer Lake) and return. Weather good, lots of high haze and probs.


Terry Wright, 06-09-06, CYRL-CYRL, 201, bgak007, DHC-3, Flight to (CYNE) Norway House and return. Real Weather server down, so set grey and rainy which was similar to today's weather up there.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-09-06, klbe-kmpo, 41, bgas001, Eclipse 500, 48 gal 19500' cruise via PSB VOR and RW13 VOR Approach   Charter hauling VIP's to the Pocono 500.


Barry Theodore, 06-09-06, YBRK-YBHM, 111, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, Yes, the next leg around Aus


Paul Mensch, 06-08-06, MPJE-SKBU, 84, BGAN047, B25J, IVAO VFR world tour leg 3


Patrick Stewart, 06-08-06, EIFN - CYBW, 669, bgas060, b-314, Made the long trip back.  Got to learn how to navigate the big pond w/o using FSNAV & GPS.


Terry Wright, 06-08-06, CYRL-CYRL, 182, bgak007, DHC-3, Trip from CYRL to Dryden (CYHD), then to Winnipeg (CYWG)and back to Red Lake. Weather much as yesterday...clear in Red Lake area, overcast and fog everywhere else.


Joe Weber, 06-07-06, KEVV-KLOU, 43, BGAN002, Boeing 247, In squall line all the way


Ron Jorgensen, 06/07/06, EGDP  LGAL, 1050, BGAK030, DHC-2 F, Legs 1 thru 10  ATW  More to come.


Terry Wright, 06-07-06, CYRL-CYRL, 107, bgak007, DHC-2, Flight to CKX3 (Eagle River) and return with stop at CKQ7 (Vermillion Bay). Mostly cloudy at Red Lake...overcast and light fog at CKX3 and CKQ7. No probs, but slow on the return with 20+ kts headwind.


DON MOORE, 06-0706, F69-OTSO, 15, BGAD042, Curtiss Jenny, Able to get down and stop using a little bit of runway overrun.


DON  MOORE, 06-04-06, LLBG-LLMZ, 62, BGAD042, Vega 5B, Israel flight in company with another pilot in the Vega 5C Winne May.


DON MOORE, 06-03-06, PA71-PA78, 23, BGAD042, CESSNA 172, Successful tough-man challenge flight.


BGAD042, 06-03-06, LLMZ-LLJR, 55, BGAD042, Vega 5B, Easier to take off from this airfield in the Vega.


DON  MOORE, 06-01-06, YPJT-YPPH, 53, BGAD042, CESSNA 172, Nice VFR flight in familiar territory.   Directional control difficulties caused landing on runway verge.


DON  MOORE, 05-29-06, YMML-YMEN, 43, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, Familiarisation with this route.


DON  MOORE, 05-29-06, YMML-YMEN, 9, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, Flight cancelled returned to YMML


DON  MOORE, 05-27-06, KMIA-KMCO, 45, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, Nice trip until computer problems set in just ten NMs from destination


DON  MOORE, 05-27-06, YMML-YMIA, 96, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, Good IFR flight in stormy weather.


DON  MOORE, 05-24-06, HECA-LLMZ, 89, BGAD042, B737-400, Training B737-400 flight.   Had trouble landing at this airfield,need more practice.


DON  MOORE, 05-24-06, HECA-HESN, 10, BGAD042, B737-400, Flight cancelled after 10 min.   Returned to Cairo.


DON  MOORE, 05-23-06, LFPG-EGLC, 69, BGAD042, P 3C ORION, P 3C Orion training flight


DON MOORE, 05-22-06, UGEE-UGOY, 79, BGAD042, AVIAT, A VFR flight out from UGEE to inspect Mount Ararat.   The mount is most imposing and has a smaller peak.   Return to UGOY altered to landing at departure point.


george adair, 06-06-06, CYQQ-KRDU, 450, bgan012, super connie, 7.5 hours of screaming hockey fans down to Raleigh for game 2 of Stanley Cup. This charter just wasnt as much fun as I thought. Had to vector north 80 miles to avoid a storm front through North Carolina. Last hour was up and down the whole way.


Paul Mensch, 06-06-06, MRPV-MPJE, 156, BGAN047, Bristol 170 freighter, leg 2 IVAO VFR world tour


Jim Urquhart, 06-06-06, KLGA-KMCO, 289, BGAS041, CV240, via KRDU


Terry Wright, 06-06-06, CYRL-CYRL, 84, bgak007, DHC-3, Flight to CKQ3 (N Spirit Lake) and return. Clouding over at Red Lake, hvy clds and lightning at rain, though. No probs anywhere.


Terry Wright, 06-06-06, CYRL-CYRL, 168, bgak007, DHC-3, This was the double return trips to CYXL (Sioux Lookout). Great weather at Red Lake, heavy cloud and fog at Sioux Lookout. No probs. Time calculated from liftoff to runway stop.


David R. Evans, 06-06-06, KDET-KMWC, 276, bgak015, PT-17, Flew AM32 route along landmarks an places i have been, no radio , just mag.commpass.seemed like i would never get across lake michigan flying at 100Knts and 3000Ft. but it was satisfing to figure course Hdg. wind drift and see the airports come up on the nose.


Michael Dale, 06-06-06, VNJP-VNJP, 90, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman02 VNJP-VNRC-VNJP


Michael Dale, 06-05-06, RK0H-RK0T, 28, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, was in extensive fog/low cloud so travelled the whole way at 200'AGL with about 1NM Viz. After time expired and no airfield in sight i continued an extra minute, turned south to located the lake, tracked back NE along the lakean at the NE point of the lake tracked 030o and within 3NM the airfield appeared. I was glad I did a good map recce prior to departure! 




Barry Theodore, 06-06-06, KLGF-KRYN, 76, BGAD012, Lockheed L10E Electra, Another leg of the "Amelia Earhart" flight around the world "route 1" AE-004.


Barry Theodore, 06-06-06, YBBN-YBRK, 150, BGAD012, Douglas DC3, Yet another leg completed. Crew on board ready for a rest.


Bill Agee, 06-05-06, E67-KTUS, 33, bgas006, DHC-3 OTTOR, Fuel 125 lbs.


Bill Agee, 06-05-06, P13-E67, 13, bgas006, DHC-3 OTTOR, Fuel 55 lbs.


Michael Dale, 06-05-06, F69-05TS, 43, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Did the T/man18 legs out of order to make a nicer flight - F69-0TS0-05TS . . .are you sure 0TS0 isn't a remote controlled aircraft airfield?


Michael Dale, 06-05-06, OR59-20OR, 28, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, I got lost!! Couldn't find a field that was the right direction so I landed and asked for directions (GPS). It turned out that I had landed at Clackamas Heights and were all too keen to charge me a landing fee. They did however point south-eastly and said "It are about 8 minutesin da Moth!" Looking at the Tiger I estimated it should take about 4 minutes and there she was and looking exactly like the sectional chart!


Michael Dale, 06-05-06, 44OR-1OR4, 28, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Do not use the Seattle Sectional at or you will be looking 5nm to the NNE for an airfield in scrub that is not represented in FS9


Ron Jorgensen, 06/04/06, KADS  KADS, 25, BGAK030, T-50 Bobcat, KADS KDAL KADS Test hop


Jim Urquhart, 03-04-06, CYWG-CYYZ, 225, BGAS041, CV240, via CYRT


Bill Hendrix, 06-03-06, KHSV-KXMR-KHSV, 230, bgas046, C-130, took a load of rocket engine parts from Huntsville to the Cape, brought back others to be repaired.


Michael Dale, 06-04-06, Q08-W48, 35, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 18 Dusk flight - went out on 301o initially but found my way there


Michael Dale, 06-04-06, PA61-PA78, 16, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 18 Day flight


Michael Dale, 06-04-06, 7G1-4G3, 18, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Dusk flight


Michael Dale, 06-04-06, 7G1-4G3, 18, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Daytime


John Pate, 06-03-06, MYNN - MYEF, 65, bgas008, C119, Done for the evening!


Jim Urquhart, 06-03-06, KMDW-CYWG, 198, BGAS041, CV240, via KMSP


John Pate, 06-03-06, KFLL - MYNN, 63, bgas008, C119, Having a blast!


Ron Jorgensen, 6/3/06, EGDP  LSGG, 240, BGAK030, DHC-2F, Leg 1 ATW in a GA float plane.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-03-06, 3pn0-pa88, 50, bgas001, DC-3, 4500' via IHD vor  flight between two private aiports. (permission required) and for details


Michael Dale, 06-04-06, YSWG-YSSY, 87, BGAD045, Douglas DC-3, arrived YSSY 0432 local


John Pate, 06-03-06, KTIX - KFLL, 70, bgas008, C119, Friegt flight #CAR73


Jim Urquhart, 06-02-06, KMOB-KSTL, 264, BGAS041, CV580, via KMSY,KJAN,KMEM


John Franco, 06-02-06, RJOA-RJAF, 73, BGAN011, B744, had to navigate around some mountains and made a sharp turn to line up for final approach.


Tom Burrill, 06-02-06, KBTV_KBOS, 87, bgak033, DC3, Flight in heavy weather with hnadflown approach to KBOS


Michael Dale, 06-02-06, 4SD-4SD, 67, BGAD045, North American P51D, Flying PROPS race Dash to the Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Both ways visiting airfields and doing low level passes dow specified runways or taxiways.


Michael Dale, 06-01-06, YSSY-YSWG, 97, BGAD045, Douglas DC-3, BGA Scheduled D527


Paul Roth, 05-30-06, KLEX-KEHR, 182, BGAN 016, DC-3, This was flight M0021R, KLEX-2I0-8M7-5M9-8M9-I05-9I1. 9I1 is no longer an airfield from what I could find it was closed in the 60's. I rerouted to the nearest Airport, KEHR, Henderson County I believe it was, 15nm North. I really enjoyed this flight had a hard time finding a couple of the runways, almost landed at the wrong one once.


Michael Dale, 05-30-06, VNJP-VNJP, 92, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, VNJP-VNBJ-VNJP Toughman 02


Bill Hendrix, 05-31-06, KATL-KOKC, 130, bgas046, 737-200, High Altitude airways, FL240


John Franco, 05-31-06, NZOM-NZWN, 33, BGAN011, DC3, nasty winds encountered when the landing at Christchurch Intl Apt happened. the plane wouldnt stay straight for more than a second