Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

May 2006



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Bill Von Sennet, 05-31-06, kryn-kiwa, 30, bgas001, DC-3, Tuscon-Phoenix 6500' cruise  63 gal


Barry Theodore, 05-31-06, KLGF-KRYN, 76, BGAD012, Lockheed L10E Electra, Flight AE-004 from Amelia Earhart round the world flight Route info 1.


Patrick Stewart, 05-31-06, CYBW-EIFN, 639, bgas060, b-314, This was a trip and a half.  Long, long time.  I used FSNAV to keep me on course.  Got to learn how to navigate w/o.  Even tho I cheated using FSNAV it still felt good to hear the NDB at EIFN.  Even then, I can't find a gauge to read the NDB.....


DON MOORE, 05-24-06, HECA-LLMZ, 89, BGAD042, B737-400, Easy to get caught out when landing as this airport is over 1000' below sea level, landed on the third attempt.


DON MOORE, 05-22-06, UGEE-UGOY, 79, BGAD042, AVIAT, I meant to start at UGEE fly out around Mount Ararat and return to UGOY which is only 4.3 miles away but somehow I got confused and landed back at UGEE.   No landing bonus for such errors.


DON MOORE, 05-24-06, HECA-HESN, 10, BGAD042, B737-400, Flight abandonded 10 minutes after take off.   Recalled to HECA. 


DON MOORE, 05-29-06, YMML-YMEN, 9, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, Time constraints again.


DON MOORE, 05-27-06, KMIA-KMCO, 45, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, Computer problems and time constraints prevented reaching destination.


Ron Jorgensen, 05/30/06, KDAL  KDAL, 15, BGAK030, DHC-1, Test hop  KDAL - KDFW - KDAL


Bill Von Sennet, 05-30-06, kdgl-kryn, 54, bgas001, DC-3, 84 gal


Bill Von Sennet, 05-30-06, t27-kdgl, 80, bgas001, DC-3, 129 gal


Jon Carlson, 05-30-06, FT7 - CED4, 116, bgas012, 172 SkyHawk, Pick up Forestry Technician from Thunder Lake and drop him off at Wildhay (FL7). Take off from Wildhay and head to CED4 Fox Creek where we find some cached fuel for the Cessna and a bunkhouse trailer to spend the night for ourselves. Clouds starting to build up towards end of flight. Good to be on ground. Bumpy flight.


Jon Carlson, 05-30-06, CZVL - FT7, 120, bgas012, 172 SkyHawk, Pick up some sportsmen with overloaded packs and drop them off at Wolf Lake (FU7). Crosswind and bump in runway force a second attempt to take off from tree lined runway. Land at Thunder Lake (where's the lake?) and wait for our next paying passenger to arrive at airfield.


Jon Carlson, 05-29-06, CEX3 - CZVL, 42, bgas012, 172 SkyHawk, Rent a plane in Wetaskiwin to shuttle some sportsmen into the "wilderness". Have to get back to Villeneuve first to meet them! Another excellent flight on a beautiful day.


Jon Carlson, 05-29-06, CZVL - CEX3, 41, bgas012, D.H.82 Tiger Moth, Bring the Moth in for new rigging and paint for the upcoming "Barnstorming" season. Beautiful day to be flying.


Bob Beckelhimer, 5-29-06, PAPH - PABT, 947, bgan005, DHC-3 Otter, This is the total time for the 12 flights of the 1st Tough Man Challenge.


Michael Dale, 05-30-06, YNRM-YNRM, .9, BGAD045, Schweizer 2-32 Sailplane, circuits gliding


Bill Von Sennet, 05-29-06, kdkx-kbgm, 227, bgas001, DC-3, 392 gal.  following "The Great Valley of the United States"


Ron Jorgensen, 05/29/06, PAMH  5Z5, 20, BGAK030, DHC-2, TMC #29 test  BAD Wx


Barry Theodore, 05-29-06, KBUR-KLGF, 112, BGAD012, Lockheed L10E Electra, Amelia Earhart flight AE-003


Jim Urquhart, 05-28-06, KEWR-KSTL, 334, BGAS041, DC3, via KPIT - KIND


Barry Theodore, 05-29-06, KPRB-KBUR, 77, BGAD012, Lockheed l10E Electra, AE-002 flight of Amelia Earhart. Landing a little short but lined up on the runway.


Jim Urquhart, 05-28-06, KEWR-KSTL, 334, BGAS041, DC3, via KPIT - KIND


Barry Theodore, 05-29-06, KPRB-KBUR, 77, BGAD012, Lockheed l10E Electra, AE-002 flight of Amelia Earhart. Landing a little short but lined up on the runway.


Bill Hendrix, 05-28-06, KCEW-KBHM, 140, bgas046, DC-3, intermediate stop at KMOB, picked up a full load of passengers and cargo.


Michael Dale, 05-28-06, VNBW-VNJP, 76, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, relocating for next legs of T/Man 02


Barry Theodore, 05-28-06, KOAK-KPRB, 84, BGAD012, Lockheed L10E Electra, This is the first leg of Amelia Earhart's "World Flight". I decided on "Option 1" as the flights are shorter and I can practice landings. This first landing was just short and to the right but avoided any damage. Navigation was as per flight notes.


Michael Dale, 05-28-06, VNDP-VNBW, 76, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, T/Man 02 Return


Michael Dale, 05-28-06, VNBW-VNDP, 65, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, T/Man 02


Michael Dale, 05-28-06, VNJL-VNNG, 53, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, T/Man 02 return . . .3 orbits to get out of VNJL


Michael Dale, 05-28-06, VNNG-VNJL, 68, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, T/Man 02


John Franco, 05-27-06, KHVN-KCLT, 104, BGAN011, A318, Virtual trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for the Coca Cola 600 on May 27 on FOX Networks.


Michael Dale, 05-27-06, VNSR-VNNG, 48, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 2 return sortie


Michael Dale, 05-27-06, VNNG-VNSR, 27, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver, Toughman 2


Michael Dale, 05-27-06, LPSC-LPTN, 28, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver Amphibian, Toughman 17


Michael Dale, 05-27-06, X44-NBN, 27, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver Amphibian, Toughman 17


George W. S. Adair, 05-26-06, YBBN-CYWG, 3390, bgan012, C-46a, left Brisbane Apr 16 fully loaded with fuel and 8000 lbs of the finest Australian wine. Added a brand new GPS 295 to guide me home over the ocean. Trip was uneventful until I came in hard on Midway Island. Bent the tail wheel and laid over for three days before they could fix it up. The longest and most mind numbing flight was 7 hours from 3n1 to JON Had to do an emergency landing only 3 hours out of Winnipeg due to a severe head wind and lightning, so I did an overnighter in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. Finally made it back to the old hanger May 24. Looking forward to next years GAAR but I think I will pick up a faster aircraft down under. Below are all the pit stops I had to make so I would not run out of fuel over the water. YBBN-GNY-UKS-3N1-JON-Z29-MDY-ADK-CDB-PADQ-PAJN-CYPA-CYWG


Paul Mensch, 05-27-06, OERK-HSSS, 148, BGAN047, TU114, Ivao IFR world tour leg 39


Steve Whiting, 05-26-06, KLEX-KUIZ, 206, BGAN018, PT-17, Stayed under most of the weather, but it was ugly all the way.  Leather jacket got wet and is now ruined.  Will send company bill for new jacket.


Jim Urquhart, 05-26-06, EGGL-LLBG, 461, BGAS041, L1049A, via LIRA


SkyTigerIN064, 05-26-06, KHIO-KBAB, 90, IN064, F/A-18e SuperHornet,

(No one got credit for this flight.  No such pilot name or pilot ID)


Paul Mensch, 05-25-06, OPKC-OMAA, 108, BGAN047, TU114, Leg 37 Ivao IFR world tour 2006


Ron Jorgensen, 05/24/06, RK0H  RK0T, 20, BGAK030, Aviant, Pre TMC # 18


Jim Urquhart, 05-25-06, KBOS-EINN, 612, BGAS041, L1049A, via CYQX


Patrick Stewart, 05-25-06, LMAT-CYSK, 197, bgas060, B414, This was my maiden flight in the Clipper.  Neat AC!!!  Sure wish I knew how to get it to respond to turns better while on the water.  It make a very large area to get it turned around.


Michael Dale, 05-25-06, 4KA-PACZ, 38, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver Amphibian, real world WX viz 10NM flew VFR at 1000' on 2nd puter maps tracking via Hooper Bay. Decided to enter downwind for close left cct to 20 due wind. Ldg Lt on and suddenly ground in front, climb, climb, climb - engine dies as tanks were feeding from centre only so from 400'AGL left turn deadstick onto midwau touchdown on 20 rolling to a stop at threshdold of 02


Michael Dale, 05-25-06, WAI-AYWB, 89, BGAD045, DHC-2 Beaver Amphibian, Upon an uneventful arrival in pitch blackness and no airfield lights then refuelling at AYBK I departed for Waku Sea base approaching at 250 degrees touching down and stopping 100m from BGA hangar and taxied in successfully. The Beaver was 'old' style and flight done on no radio/nav aids or GPS at night on DR


Michael Dale, 05-25-06, WAI-AYWB, 95, BGAD045, C208 Cessena Caravan Amphibian, upon arrival in pitch blackness at AYBK and no airfield lights I departed for Waku Sea base approaching at 250 degrees touching down and stopping 100m from BGA hangar and taxied in successfully


Michael Dale, 05-25-06, WAI-AYBK, 30, BGAD045, C208 Cessena Caravan Amphibian, upon arrival in pitck blackness and no airfield lights I turned about and departed on the reciporical then at 6NM teardropped back for a 2nd and better approach and landing


John Lawler, 05-25-06, EGHR-EGHJ, 17, bgad017, DHC Chipmunk, Very much home ground - EGHR is about 10 miles from my office, and I know EGHJ well enough to make the approach from offshore, thereby avoiding the downs. 


John Lawler, 05-25-06, PAOH-PAGS, 19, bgad017, DHC Chipmunk, See comments in TM forum


John Lawler, 05-25-06, 57TX-XS66, 26, bgad017, DHC Chipmunk, See post in TM forum


Joe Weber, 05-23-06, KLOU-KIND, 55, BGAN002, DC-3, Stop at KBFE


Ron Jorgensen, 05/24/06, CAD3  CBX5, 35, BGAK030, DHC-2, CC  OO  LL  DD


Kenny, 05/24/06, KTVL-KSEA, 182, bgan052, Douglas DC4, BTG-OLM


Kenny, 05/22/06, KSFO-KTVL, 106, bgan052, De Havilland , Twin Otter, CCR-SAC-SWR


Paul Mensch, 05-22-06, VGZR-VECC, 62, BGAN047, DC3, Leg 34 of IVAO IFR world tour 2006


Jim Urquhart, 05-22-06, KLAX-KDAL, 426, BGAS041, DC3, via KPHX,KELP


Ron Jorgensen, 05/21/06, KMSP  MY34, 15, BGAK030, Lake Renagade, Test flight to "Jorgensen's Landing


David R. Evans, 05-21-06, EGHR - EGHJ, 15, bgak015, PA18 Super Cub, To merry ole England, flew a lot of Ms CFS1 and reconnissed the area, Main problem was RW allinged directly in to the setting sun.


Ron Jorgensen, 05/21/06, KDFW  KADS, 25, BGAK030, Storch, WWHHEEEEEEEE


John Lawler, 05-20-06, YPAD-YPPH, 254, bgad017, DC-6B, Night flight


Paul Mensch, 05-21-06, VHHH-VTUK, 135, BGAN047, TU114, LEG 32 IVAO IFR World tour 2006


Michael Dale, 05-21-06, YSRI-YAMB, 149, BGAD045, Douglas DC-3, relocating GAAR 2005 DC-3 from where it got to back to home base


Barry Theodore, 05-21-06, YSSY-YBBN, 200, BGAD012, Douglas DC3 NH IFR, A good night flight


Michael Dale, 05-21-06, YSSY-YBTH, 53, BGAD045, Douglas DC-3, BGA D Scheduled 523


Ron Jorgensen, 05/18/06, KMIB  KMIB, 20, BGAK030, Maverick Jet, Test hop


David R. Evans, 05-18-06, PAOH - PAGS, 17, bgak015, Pa18 super cub, 2nd flight of toughman#17,first try I over flew the air field trying to approuch over the island then spiral down,became disorienated and augered in. Next time i went around the island to the right and picked up the VASI and landed ok. Like the diffrent locations,now if they would just discover electric lights.


Dean Johnson, 05-17-06, KPHX-KDFW, 205, bgas044, B-26, Good flight. FL-10000


Michael Dale, 05-17-06, YBTH-YSSY, 54, BGAD045, Douglas DC-3, BGAD Scheduled 524


Norm Holman, 5-17-06, GVAC-GVAC, 280, bgad026, 747-200. A routine flight from Amilcar Cabral in the Cape Verde Islands to Johannesburg, S.Africa turned into a disaster 2 1/2 hours from GVAC when the No 3 engine expoded due to turbine blade failure and debris was ingested into No 4 engine. Had to shut both down, descend to 16,000ft, dump fuel and return to GVAC and landed safely. THIS EVENT ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN 1979.


Norm Holman, 5-17-06, LSZA-LSZE, 300, bgad026, Baron 58. Flew all of Ron's Toughman Challenges in Switzerland. Nice work Ron.


Bill Von Sennet, 05-16-06, kvji-kmkj, 32, bgas001, DC-3, ILS w ATC  51gal


Bill Von Sennet, 05-16-06, kmkj-kvji, 16, bgas001, DC-3, Mountains on the right - ILS practise 30 gal


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 05-15-06, KMIA-MBPV, 191, bgas003, DC-4, CAR13, leg1


Paul Mensch, 05-15-06, UUEE-USSS, 121, BGAN047, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 28


Joe Weber, 05-15-06, KBOS-CYYZ, 118, BGAN002, DC-6B, Wx 200/1 at takeoff - Scattered to broken at Toronto


Bill Von Sennet, 05-15-06, T49-T27, 115, bgas001, DC-3, Big Springs-El Paso TX  180 gal 22kt headwinds


Barry Theodore, 05-15-06, YSCB-YSSY, 88, BGAD012, Douglas DC3 NH IFR, A perfect ILS landing at Sydney airport, I trusted the gauges this time.


Bill Hendrix, 05-14-06, KMCI-KATL, 135, bgas046, DC-9, Vatsim flight, had ATC all the way.


Kenny, 05/14/06, PHOG-PHTO, 46, bgan052,  A6M2 Zero, UPP


Ron Jorgensen, 05/14/06, 16TS  KDFW, 77, BGAK030, C172, 16TS KACT KDFW


Joe Weber, 05-14-06, KAGC-KORD, 125, BGAN002, DC-4, Weather better than forecast


John Franco, 05-14-06, LATI-LAKO, 40, BGAN011, DHC2 (Wheeled), possible candidate for a TMC flight in the future.


Kenny, 05/14/06, C80-KSBP, 50, bgan052, Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II, via PRB


John Franco, 05-13-06, C80-KSBP, 40, BGAN011, DC3, was in tow with bgan052-Kenny on the WCATC 24HR server 1. Ran into fog coming into San Luis Co. Airport but bgan052 led the way since he knew the area better than I


Ron Jorgensen, 05/13/06, KRNT  KRNT, 60, BGAK030, B. Hawk, KRNT S88 KRNT


John Lawler, 05-13-06, YMML-YPAD, 111, bgad017, DC-6B, Night flight.


Kenny, 05/13/06, 57TX-XS66 , 28, bgan052, DHC-2 Beaver, VFR  Fl.080


John Franco, 05-13-06, 57TX-XS66, 27, BGAN011, DHC2 Beaver, Flight #1 in the Toughman Challenge 17 Series w/ Real world WX


Kenny, 05/13/06, VNLK-VNTR, 32, bgan052, DHC-2 Beaver, VFR Fl.110


David R. Evans, 05-11-06, KLEX _ UIZ, 125, bgak015, Beech D-18, Low pressure area has nothing but rain and solid overcast the whole route,with some bumbs that seam to know when I open the thermos. 8Knt wind from 03Deg. caused a burn of 70Gal. and a few extra minutes plus IFR low alttitude routing,but got those Mothers Day cards an flowers to the waiting Mail trugs in time.


Joe Weber, 05-13-06, KNEW-KHOU, 85, BGAN002, DC-7, Good Weather Most of the way


Barry Theodore, 05-13-06, YMML-YSCB, 120, BGAD012, Douglas DC3 NH IFR, First leg of a round Australia charter trip. Heavy cloud most of the way with thick fog on approach to Canberra, touched down just short of the runway. TRUST THE GAUGES IN FUTURE.....Baz


Achim, 05-13-06, KJFK.EHAM, 518, BGAN019, TU114, hOME., COMPLETED MY WORLDTRIP !


John Franco, 05-13-06, KHVN-KISP, 38, BGAN011, Piper Cherokee, WCATC NY CTR/APP/DEP session 2200-0100 Eastern Time


John Franco, 05-12-06, KLGA-KHVN, 28, BGAN011, Kingair 350, WCATC NY CTR/APP/DEP session 2200-0100 Eastern Time


John Franco, 05-12-06, KHFD-KLGA, 72, BGAN011, C172SP, WCATC NY CTR/APP/DEP session 2200-0100 Eastern Time


Kenny, 05/12/06, CA50-KMEV, 27, bgan050, bgan025, Grumman Cutters , VFR  Fl.110


John Franco, 05-12-06, N81-KPNE, 126, BGAN011, DC3, Made Stops at 33N and N50. A Go around at N50 was necessary due to a funky approach. When Approaching Wilmington, Delaware, unexplainable altimeter variations and wind shifts caused both my engines to quit and I executed an emergency landing on a nearby road in the approach path for runway 6.


Bill Agee, 05-12-06, DME1-PAVD, 85, bgas006, de Havilland DHC-3 Otter, From AKRAW to K55. Fuel 147 Lbs. Wind from 244 at 20 knots.


John Franco, 05-11-06, KMJX-N81, 57, BGAN011, DC3, Let's see, where do I begin. This flight was done at Night and in the rain. I utilized the Atlantic City VOR and an area NDB on FSNAV to get me lined up for a visual approach to runway 3 at Hammonton (N81) I was flying by hand of course and had to go around once and come in for another try. I made it in on the second attempt.


David R. Evans, 05-11-06, 57TX - Xs66, 47, bga015, Piper Pa-18, Forgot how dark Texas nites can be , missed the first try, watching altimter, artifical horison(couldn't tell sky from land)airspeed,and GPS ,was way high went around.REMEMBERED that the largest tree i seen aroun Mineral Wells was a 30'pecan decided to drop to 100 ft drag in till GPS showed i was there. chopped the throttle.landed switched time to daylight,I had put on the RW                                           "Sometimes it better to be LUCKY than Good"


Michael Dale, 05-11-06, EGHR-EGHJ, 17, BGAD045, C208 Cessena Caravan Amphibian, Toughman 17


Michael Dale, 05-11-06, PAOH-PAGS, 27, BGAD045, C208 Cessena Caravan Amphibian, Toughman 17


Michael Dale, 05-11-06, 57TX-XS66, 25, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, Toughman 17


Michael Dale, 05-11-06, 57TX-XS66, 25, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, Toughman 17


Paul Roth, 05-09-06, KLEX-2M0, 192, BGAN016, DC-3, FLIGHT# M0020R  KLEX-KCEY-1M7-M25-KPAH-M34-2M0


John Franco, 05-10-06, KBDL-KPVD, 28, BGAN011, B752F, UPS 321 to Providence


Ron Jorgensen, 5/10/06, PAMR  PAMR, 58, BGAK030, PA-18, PAMR AK39 AQY PAMR


Barry Kleiber, 05-09-06, PHOG-PHOG, 55, BGAN010, Grumman Greyhound, Touch and Go's in a BIG twin!


Barry Theodore, 05-09-06, YMIA-YMML, 133, BGAD012, DC3 NH IFR, Flew using real weather. On arrival at YMML there was heavy cloud and heavy rain. Used ILS to approach runway which was visable at about 50 feet, cross wind landing just to the right of the runway.


Paul mensch, 05-09-06, LKKV-EPSC, 55, BGAN047, TU114, LEG 24 OF THE IVAO 2006 WORLD TOUR


Patrick Stewart, 05-08-06, TFFF - TFFM, 50, bgas060, DHC-2, Traffic at TFFF.


Ron Jorgensen, 05/08/06, PAMR  PAMR, 110, BGAK030, DHC-3, PAMR PATK PASP PAMR


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 05-06-06, KCHS-TXKF, 189, bgas003, L1049G, Flight 801, last leg. Some pictures at


John Franco, 06-07-06, KMJX-KACY, 34, BGAN011, C130, Touch and go @ N81 airfield


John Franco, 06-07-06, TMAC-SVUM, 122, BGAN011, MD11F, Delivering the mail Jet Style to Venezuela


Joe Weber, 05-07-06, KTPA-KNEW, 142, BGAN002, Lockheed 1049, Tstms between Mobile and Biloxi


David R. Evans, 05-07-06, PAUM - POLI, 58, bgak015, Dnc2 bever, Nothing better than starting spring time than hauling exsplosives! wind@005-10Knts,clouds broken 4000Ft. Vis.40Mi-haze Oat.25Deg. Flight seemed to take forever bucking the head wind hopeing my load does not freeze and become unstable. landed at POLI like a butterfly with sore feet. burned 22gal.fighting that wind aloft. glad to be unloaded and hauling nothing more exsplosive than some service mans mail.


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 050606, KCLT-KCHS, 73, bgas003, L1049, Flight 801, leg 4


AP Hendrix, 05-06-06, KATL - KBOS, 198, bgas047, DC-7B, IFR


Bill Hendrix, 05-06-06, KIAH-KATL, 135, bgas046, A320, Two hours and 15 min on Vatsim. Had Houston and Atlanta ATC.  Adds a lot of realism to flightsimming.


John Franco, 05-06-06, KBDL-KPVD, 25, BGAN011, B752F, a milkrun cargo flight based on UPS flight 321 which operated on 30 March 2006


Joe Weber, 05-06-06, MYNN-MBGT, 161, BGAN002, DC-3,  Grundgy weather at takeoff at Nassau but Grand Turk was 000 scattered.


John Franco, 05-06-06, YAYE-YBAS, 82, BGAN011, DH104, didnt collapse the gear this time coming into Alice Springs.


Michael Dale, 05-06-06, CHP-PABT, 87, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, Toughman Challenge 1 Leg 11. Finaaly complete


Michael Dale, 05-06-06, CEZ2-CHP, 107, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, Toughman Challenge 1 Leg 10


Michael Dale, 05-06-06, CYOC-CEZ2, 101, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, Toughman Challenge 1 Leg 9. No fuel at PARC, didn't see the expected A.B.


Michael Dale, 05-06-06, PARC-CYOC, 76, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, No fuel at PARC, didn't see the expected A.B.


Michael Dale, 05-06-06, PAKP-PARC, 81, BGAD045, DHC-3 Otter, No fuel at PARC


Bill Hendrix, 05-05-03, KATL-KIAH, 130, bgas046, A320, Flew on Vatsim using Squawkbox, no problems even though I have a dail-up connection.


Paul van den Berg, 04-30-06, LFGA-EDTX, 66, bgak036, Piper Dakota, Colmar (France) via Strassbourg and Sinsheim (looking for a small glider field but not there) to Weckrieden (Germany) to re-fuel.


Joe Weber, 04-04-06, KILM-KTPA, 155, BGAN002, DC-7, 33 Pax, Fuel 1066 gal.


John Franco, 05-04-06, 37CL-CVN72, 45, BGAN011, DH104, Carrier Landing off the coast of San Diego in the DH104 Dove


Bill Von Sennet, 05-04-06, kdal-kftw, 18, bgas001, DC-3, 30gal  landed RW16


Bill Von Sennet, 05-04-06, kftw-kabi, 57, bgas001, DC-3, 97 gal landed RW 35R at Abilene


Jim Urquhart, 05-03-06, KDWU-KDCA, 146, BGAS041, DC3, via KRIC


Tom Burrill, 05-02-06, KALB-KBOS, 68, bgak033, DC3, IFR flight from Albany to Boston with the DC3. Hand flown without AP with zero visibility at points. Made good visual landing on 4L


Barry Theodore, 05-02-06, NZAA-NZNP, 85, BGAD012, Douglas DC-3 NH IFR, A very nice rendition of the DC3 from DC3-Airlinec DC3_NH_IFR


Patrick Stewart, 05-01-06, TNCM-SABA, 26, bgas060, Piper Tripacer, Flight #CAR207 Flying w/real wx and hit some rain.  Had problems finding the air strip.  Kinda short.....


Patrick Stewart, 05-01-06, TNCM-TNCE, 28, bgas060, Piper Tripacer, Flight #CAR203 Flying w/real wx and hit some rain.


Patrick Stewart, 05-01-06, TQPF-TNCM, 15, bgas060, Piper Tripacer, Flight #CAR201


Barry Theodore, 05-01-06, NZAA-NZCH, 197, BGAD012, Douglas-DC3, A good instrument flight, used ILS for landing. I used the DC3-Airlines training panel for this flight.