Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

October 2006



Newest reports on top.



DON MOORE, 10-26-06, nzwd-nzpg, 63, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, An adventure out to make an outlanding on Mount Erebus that was not successful.   Will attempt to do this exercise at another time.


Bill Cox, 10-31-06, KINT-47J, 53, bgan041, Cessna 310, Charter flight, Winston Salem, NC to Cheraw, SC.


Bill Cox, 10-30-06, KRDU-KINT, 50, bgan041, Cessna 310, Positioning flight for charter.


Joe Weber, 10-31-06, CYKF-KTVC, 81, BGAN002, CV-440, Flown on VATSIM - Clear Nite.


John Franco, 10-30-06, KHVN-KCON, 75, BGAN011, DC3, just a hop up to Concord, NH in a DC3 for a little enjoyment


Patrick Stewart, 10-31-06, KAAF - KPNS, 121, bgas060, Piper J-3, 2nd leg.  Almost ran out of fuel again.  Need to stay at ~100 miles.


Don Hulick, 10-31-06, KLEX-KADI, 92, bgan033, Waco ATO, Lexington, KT to Anderson, IN. Had to get real low (800AGL) to get under some thunderbumpers.


Gary McCarty, 10-31-06, KBIL-KGNG, 185, bgas031, Norseman, KCOD-KAOC


Gary McCarty, 10-31-06, KBKE-KBIL, 136, bgas031, Cessna 421, ID96-KDLN-KLNM


Ron Jorgensen, 10/31, PAMR - PANC, 93, BGAK030, Turbo Beaver, Route:  PAMR - PAWD - C05 - PANC


Bill Cox, 10-30-06, KAVL-KCHT, 61, bgan041, DC3, Clear weather all the way.  Flew VFR.


Allen Gale, 10-31-06, KPNS - KMCO, 110, bgs058, DC-4, First leg of CAR105 -- internal ATC used.


Terry Wright, 10-31-06, 3B1-KBGR, 217, bgak007, Beech D-18, Bangor route 3B1 to KHFD to KGON, then to KBGR. Nice weather in Northest, except for heavy NW winds...lots of turbulence and bouncing around.


Patrick Stewart, 10-31-06, KBKV - KAAF, 274, bgas060, Piper J-3, 1st shot for my flight around the perimeter of the US.  Flight was much too long.  Not thinking that a J-3 only has a 12 Gal tank.  Don't ask me how I made it so far.  I'll do better planning from here out.


Jim Urquhart, 10-30-06, KMDW-KNEW, 337, BGAS041, L10A, via KSPI KSTL KMEM KHKS


Allan Lowson, 10-29-06, WA09-KFHR, 10, bgam007, Cessna Bobcat, Back to 2k2!


Allan Lowson, 10-09-06, WA58-4WA5, 21, bgam007, Wright Flyer, Flown in fs9, two fuel stops and ended up skidding up the slope to the runway.


Allan Lowson, 10-07-06, 74S-WA58, 11, bgam007, Antionette, Flown in fs9.


Allan Lowson, 10-06-06, KFHR-74S, 17, bgam007, Fleet Canuck, Flown in 2k2.


Meryl D Coon, 10-30-06, 57A-KTB, 21, BGAN038, Cessna U206 Stationair, Tokeen, Ak to Thorne Bay, Ak


Gary McCarty, 10-30-06, KBIL-KBKE, 128, bgas031, Cessna 421, KLVM-KDLN-ID96


Gary McCarty, 10-30-06, 01MT-KBIL, 195, bgas031, Cessna 421, KDRU


Bill Hendrix, 10-30-06, KCHS-KGSB, 60, bgas046, C-130, Flew on WCATC, pretty wx, landed rwy 8.


Gryphon Rossi, 10-27-06, KLGA-CYYZ, 87, bgas009, ATR-72 500, Nice hop to one of my fav cities Toronto! Fly in across the lake CBN tower to your left the Sky-dome right below... nice!


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 10-29-06, MMMZ-MMEP, 81, bgas003, D18S, First leg of flight M15P.


BGAN047, 10-29-06, KRAP-KJNL, 234, BGAN047, DC3, FSX IVAO VFR world tour leg 23


Bill Hendrix, 10-29-06, KLGB-KGCN, 130, bgas046, AC680S, leg #1 of IVAO US VFR Tour


Gary McCarty, 10-29-06, KBIL-01MT, 195, bgas031, Cessna 421, KDRU-01MT-KCOE


Luke, 10-27-06, S10-6S9, 12, BGAN021, D-18, Ok, when I said I was tired I meant it. The short lake seems to go on for ever & being this tired is not a good state to fly in...However I'll be back.


Luke, 10-27-06, CYLW-6S9, 2, BGAN021, C-17, Too tired 1 am...not up to bush landings in a big birdie...might try something lighter...doesnt mean I'm not up to the challenge of putting a c-17 down in the toughest little hole in WA.


Luke, 10-26-06, 27W.55S, 35, BGAN021, Hunting Percival Pembroke, 2nd half of my flight from Stehekin State. Stopped at 27W to wait for Don to come on flihgt with me. Changed from the ac500 to the hunting on account of speed. Not as nice now that I've climbed Glacier peak but still great.


Luke, , 6S9-55S, 17, BGAN021, ac500, 27W. A flight outta stehekin State in the cascades topping Gaclier Peak at 9700ft. Beeeeaaaauuuutiful !?! Long climb...long long climb...


Luke, 10-24-06, 2w3-WN10, 22, BGAN021, Beech Volpar, .KTDO. More flying around Washington...


Luke, 10-24-06, 0W0-WN55, 20, BGAN021, Beech Volpar, KSEA, 2W3 Flying around Washington & Oregone still. Flew outta seattle Tacoma the volpar


Tom , McCoy, KMYR - KBLF, 229, bgas057, Steerman Kadet, KBLF - Landed ILS 23 and taxied to fueling station.


Jim Urquhart, 10-28-06, KSTL-KIND, 152, BGAS041, Vultee V1, via KMDW


Bill Von Sennet, 10-28-06, klou-kbwg, 50, bgas001, Cessna Bobcat, 13.6gal


Bill Hendrix, 10-28-06, KCHS-KBLV, 140, bgas046, C-17, Flew on IVAO, had KC center for ATC on the last leg of the flight, landed ILS rwy 32R, needed ILS since I couldn't see the rwy until about a mile from touchdown.


Gary McCarty, 10-28-06, CYWG-CYWG, 245, bgas031, CV-580, KBIL


Joe Weber, 10-27-06, KTYS-KLEX, 75, BGAN002, CV-440, Flown VATSIM


Jim Gray, 28-10-06, YMML - YMLT, 160, BGAD023, DC3, STRONG HEAD WINDS


John Franco, 10-27-06, KHVN-KUCA, 85, BGAN011, DC3, Just out for a friday evening stroll to relieve stress from my telemarketing job.


Gary McCarty, 10-27-06, MBSY-FCB1, 248, bgas031, Grumman Widgeon , MYSM-MYER-MYAT


Bill Hendrix, 10-27-06, KBHM-KMEM, 60, bgas046, B1900D, Second flight on IVAO


Bill Hendrix, 10-26-06, KTLH-KCHS, 90, bgas046, B1900D, First flight on IVAO


Terry Howell, 10-27-06, KTOL-KCLF, 87, bgad005, Maule M7, IFR Flight


Terry Wright, 10-27-06, KEEN-3B1, 87, bgak007, DHC2 Turbo Beaver, Flown with FSX (Deluxe version) and PAD's FSX Turbo Beaver.....guess I'll be going back to FS9 for my next PIREP!


Terry Wright, 10-26-06, KBGR-KEEN, 83, bgak007, Beech D-18, Flight was Bangor to Portsmouth, NH to Keene, NH. Bit of haze/fog around Keene, but otherwise fine.


Joe Weber, 10-25-06, KSBF-KSRQ, 62, BGAN002, DC-3, VATSIM


Gary McCarty, 10-26-06, FCB1-MBSY, 218, bgas031, Grumman Widgeon , MYBC-MYXE-MBPV


Paul van den Berg, 10-25-06, EGCC-LFQQ, 68, bgak036, 737-700, Manchester-Lille (France). Early morning departure and 180 deg rwy change at Lille. Descent started somewhere over Biggin Hill. The Channel is not so wide after all...


Paul van den Berg, 10-24-06, GCHI-GCRR, 66, bgak036, 737-700, Lanzarote.


DON MOORE, 10-24-06, EDHK-ENRO, 03, BGAD042, METROLINER III, Flight aborted.


DON MOORE, 10-23-06, 0OR9-03S, 45, BGAD042, AC 50, Third of a three flight series in the Oregon countryside,some nice places in this State to visit


DON MOORE, 10-20-06, EGFH-EGPF, 61, BGAD042, B737-400, Fl 250 IFR trip from Swansea {Wales} to Glascow {Scotland},not much sightseeing from this altitude but successful flight.


Gryphon Rossi, 10-24-06, KCHS-KLGA, 115, bgas009, ATR-72 500, A great dusk flight in to NY! Nice over flight of Shea Stadium landing on strip 31! On time


Gryphon Rossi, 10-24-06, KTPA-KCHS, 70, bgas009, ATR-72 500, Nice little hop up the east coast. On time


Bill Cox, 10-25-06, KTRI-KAVL, 57, bgan041, DC3, Departed at 9:25am in fog from KTRI, IFR.  Skys clear at Asheville, at the gate at 10:22am.


David R. Evans, 10-26-06, PABE-PABT, 204, bgak015, DC 3, Departed Bethel with a full load of food and heating oil,with weather of solid overcast,snow/rain mix,and a gusting 11knt,head wind,slowly climbed northward to 10,000ft breaking on top at 8000,used ANU-GAL-PABT high altitde vor\dme's,started letting down 50miles out,pigked up the loc at 24mi but landed vfr had 10mi visibility below clouds. taxied to the hanger ,shut down and walked to the ops shed and a hot cup of java and another load to haul.


Ed Burke , 10-25-06,  FAJS - YPPH, 576, bgad011, B773, Return to OZ from a South Africa and Italy jaunt.


Joe Weber, 10-24-06, KMGM-KTLH, 65, BGAN002, DC-3, VATSIM


Joe Weber, 10-24-06, KBGM-KVLD, 59, BGAN002, Martin 4-0-4, VATSIM


Gary McCarty, 10-25-06, MBSY-FCB1, 202, bgas031, Beech D17S, MYX9-MYXF-MYX6


Jim Urquhart, 10-25-06, KBGR-EIDW, 642, BGAS041, L1049, via CYQX


Bill Hendrix, 10-24-06, KPNS-KTLH, 90, bgas046, D18S, Vatsim flight, saw bgan002 taxi in as I was getting ready to disconnect.


Bill Cox, 10-24-06, KLEX-KTRI, 86, bgan041, DC3, Flight Plan: IFR via:  KLEX,HYK,REBEL,LOZ,ROSAR,YUMMY,KTRI. Encountered misplaced FS9 building in taxiway at KLEX again!  Otherwise good flight, 7:35-9:01am EDT.


Peter McBeath, 10-23-06, PABT-PABT, 207, bgak08, DHC2, PABT-Z90-PABT  VATSIM using ASv6


Gary McCarty, 10-24-06, FCB1-MBSY, 192, bgas031, Beech D17S, MYBC-MYE4-MYEO-MYMM


Paul van den Berg, 10-23-06, GCLA-GCHI, 28, bgak036, 737-700, Short hop to La Hierro island with again a scenic approach and landing.


Luke, 10-23-06, 0OR9-03S, 36, BGAN021, AC-500, 66WA.KCZK Flight around the wilds near Mount St Helen's. Oregon is lovely. The ac500 pulled up just short of the cliff at Sandy Ck and I turned, hit pushback and rolled back to far before plummetting to the river.


Luke, 10-23-06, OG10-00S, 18, BGAN021, OV-1, What do they make carrier gear for? CARRIERS. I must remember that. Carrier gear was never meant for valley landings in tight spots. A bit bouncey and ended up dodging trees in the bush before finally being able to shut down.


Luke, 10-23-06, 22OR-OG10, 18, BGAN021, JU52/3mg7e, A bit slow for the flight with Don & thor.


Luke, 10-23-06, OR45-13OR, 18, BGAN021, D-18 Volpar, .82OR.5S0. Short flight with touch and go's. Started this flight at Iron Crown however had jusr formatted so forgot to add callsign for first half of flight. Nice plane, the d-18 Volpar. Easy on the short runways of Oregon


Ed Burke,  10-23-06, FADN - FALY, 177, bgad011, Cosmos Trike, Durban, South Africa, to Ladysmith enjoying the scenery from close up with lots of landings to smell the flowers.


Bill Cox, 10-22-06, KLYH-KRDU, 60, bgan041, Cessna 310, A delivery flight from Lynchburg, VA to Raleigh, NC, via VORs LYH-SBV-RDU.  I flew it VFR dodging clouds all the way.


Gary McCarty, 10-23-06, FCB1-FCB1, 239, bgas031, DHC-3 Otter PLZ, KFLL-1FD1-KLEE-29FA


Gary McCarty, 10-23-06, EGSW-7N3, 1126, bgas031, Boeing 314, EINN-CNBS-CYSK


Paul van den Berg, 10-22-06, GCLA-GCLP, 53, bgak036, 737-700, La Palma - Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. (see screenies)


Paul van den Berg, 10-22-06, GCTS-GCLA, 34, bgak036, 737-700, Tenerife (South) to La Palma with the challenging approach. At night even more scary...


Laurie Cooper, 10/23/06, yssy-ybbn, 108, bgad039, DC-6B, FLT No.BGAD903


Joe Weber, 10-22-06, KFTW-KSAT, 64, BGAN002, CV-440, VATSIM Flt


Francisca Roele, 10-22-06, KCOS-KPUB, 33, bgam011, MAAM DC-3, From KCOS I took off in the opposite direction so I had to make a detour across Colorado springs. I was low enough to enjoy the sights too. Arriving at KPUB I had to go around trying to find my approach. My turnings aren't what they used to be.


Peter McBeath, 10-22-06, PABT-PABT, 91, bgak08, Goose, PABT-PAKP-Chandler Lake-PABT


John Franco, 10-22-06, EGLL-EHAM, 82, BGAN011, A319, I was delayed inconvienently into Schipol by one plane with an emergency and my dog ran loose for 10 minutes


Bill Hendrix, 10-21-06, U34-KASE, 47, bgas046, Dash8, WCATC live session


Luke, 10-19-06, 6S4-22OR, 10, BGAN021, JU-52, Nice old crate to fly. A real pleasure...Handles everything with ease. Flying around the mountains of Oregon...might be stuck here for a this area.


Luke, 10-19-06,  22OR-2OR7, 19, BGAN021, JU-52, Still flying Oregon.Iron Crown to Sweet-home...I always thougth Sweet-home was in Alabama going by the song.


Francisca Roele, 10-21-06, KBJC-KCOS, 38, bgam011, MAAM DC-3, 3 failed attempts halfway the route. When going through the options I noticed I still had fuel on 100%, for all four tanks, meaning I was too heavy loaded.


Jim Urquhart, 10-20-06, CYLW-KSEA, 119, BGAS041, DC3, via CYVR


Paul Mensch, 10-20-06, MMGL-MMLM, 119, BGAN047, Convair 240, IVAO VFR world tour leg 17


Joe Weber, 10-19-06, KOSC-CYXU, 60, BGAN002, DC-3, VATSIM


Jim Urquhart, 10-20-06, CYBP-CYLW, 172, BGAS041, DC3, via CYYC CYXC


Bill Hendrix, 10-20-06, KCHS-KWRI, 110, bgas046, C-133 Cargomaster, Flew on WCATC, real wx, weather was terrible at KWRI, couldn't even see the tower after landing.


Terry Wright, 10-20-06, KBOS-KBGR, 101, bgak007, Beech D18, Bangor Hub flight Boston to Claremount, NH to Bangor. Some heavy cloud banks and rain around, but nice flight.


DON MOORE, 10-18-06, JCB-AYHK, 63, BGAD042, FOKKER  VIIa, Though a slow flight in this old 1930's airliner it nevertheless handled the route quite well.   Bad weather would be a different story for sure.


DON MOORE, 10-17-06, UGOC-UGOY, 76, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, Survey trip out to view Mt. Ararat and it's lesser peak.   Very spectacular.


DON MOORE, 10-15-06, VNBL-VNJS, 35, BGAD042, PIPER TRIPACER, Always a challenge to fly these airports and the Tripacer is a very good aircraft for this kind of field work.


DON MOORE, 10-11-06, FZRL-FZRE, 45, BGAD042, MOONEY BRAVO, An English pilot from the previous flight joined with me for a couple of mountain top hops in the Democratic Republic Congo.   These are interesting airports to fly in dirty weather.


DON MOORE, 10-11-06, KBFI-CYCD, 63, BGAD042, CESSNA 172, Very nice trip in company of two other flyers.   Lined up at destination for screenshot.


DON MOORE, 10-10-06, KBFI-CYCD, 54, BGAD042, MOONEY BRAVO, Route check of tomorrow's BGA flight


Luke, 10-18-06, 6S4-22OR, 16, BGAN021, Turbo Beaver, Heck of a plane to bring down. Fun trying to land a float version at such a small grass strip but managed. Flight with Don. Oregon seems the place to explore for tough landings.


Luke, 10-18-06, Z27P-HCOA, 23, BGAN021, cessna O2-a, 6S4 I have no idea how wcatc got 6S4 in there but apparently I went on to land there from HCOA


Luke, 10-18-06, HCMM-HCOA, 3, BGAN021, cessna O2-a, Z27P Hill-top landing at Uduan Hi-way strip. As the name suggests, Uduan is a strip on the hiway of somalia. Rewrote the flightplan from here as Don couldnt get on server 1 So I had to switch to 3 plus I rebooted sim to see Don's tripacer however he still showed as a warthog.


Jim Urquhart, 10-19-06, CYWG-CYBP, 330, BGAS041, DC3, via CYBR CYQR CYYN


Gary McCarty, 10-19-06, NTPH-NTPH, 225, bgas031, Grumman Widgeon , NTGK-NTGA


Dan George, 10-19-06, KCRW/KLUK, 96, BGAN-040, MAAM-SIM DC-3, Bluegrass Airlines scheduled freight service Charleston WV to Cincinnati OH. IFR flight in heavy rain.


Paul Mensch, 10-18-06, SB1I-SOCA, 129, BGAN047, B25, Leg 16 IVAO VFR world tour


PAT DALEY, 10-18-06, KABI-T27, 143, bgak029, Condor, AA 1935 Flts.


Gary McCarty, 10-18-06, NTPH-NTPH, 254, bgas031, Grumman Widgeon , NTTH-NTTB-NTTG


Jim Urquhart, 10-18-06, YPDN-YBCS, 276, BGAS041, DC4,


Jim Urquhart, 10-17-06, YBAS-YPDN, 204, BGAS041, DC4,


Luke, 10-16-06, YSTW-YBBN, 11, BGAN021, AN-126, Westcoast lost 33 minutes of my flight...not happy Jan. Hard take off but got off ground at Tamworth. The ship didnt want to slow down and tried to rise most of the time. Vigilance paid off and had an uneventful flight into Brisbane.


Francisca Roele, 18-10-06, KCYS-KBJC, 34, bgam011, MAAM DC-3, Interesting location of this runway (Jeffco). Tricky to land, but I'll be better prepared next time.


Allen Gale, 10-17-06, KFHR - KFHR, 60, bgas058, C-172, Intermediate stops were 74S, WA58, 4WA5, KORS, 90WA, WA09.  Roy Franklin Friday Island Mail Run -- great VFR nav. exercise, great short-field practice.  Next time I will do it in a tail-dragger!


Gary McCarty, 10-17-06, NZMB-NZMB, 415, bgas031, Boeing 314, NZCI


Bill Von Sennet, 10-17-06, kcys-kbjc, 47, bgas001, Waco CTO, Mail Flight - Cheyenne-Denver  18.6 gal  cruise at 7500'


Bill Hendrix, 10-17-06, KVPS-KCHS, 88, bgas046, C-141B, Air Force cargo flight on Vatsim, had Jacksonville ATC, landed ILS rwy 15, nice flight.


Francisca Roele, 17-10-06, KCGX-KMDW, 32, bgam011, cessna, Detour over KORD.


Bill Cox, 10-17-06, KBLF-KLEX, 98, bgan041, DC3, IFR at 8000' KBLF-BLF-SLINK-TRENT-LOGIC-HYK-KLEX ATC vectored me for runway 22, 53 miles out. Ground sent me to Gate 11, noted a misplaced FS garage(?) in my path while taxiing..went around it.


Allen Gale, 10-17-06, MYNN - KMIA, 72, bgas058, DC-4, Return of CAR101, 1st leg. Using internal ATC.


Patrick Stewart, KFHR - KFHR, 10-17-06, 72, bgas060, Piper J-3, Flew the mail route again w/real wx this time in a Piper J-3.  KFHR-74S-WA58-4WA5-KORS-90WA-2WA3-WA09-KFHR.


Bill Cox, 10-15-06, KLYH-KBLF, 115, bgan041, DC3, VFR, direct GPS with intermediate stops: KLYH-KROA, KROA-KPSK, KPSK-KBLF


Bill Cox, 10-13-06, KORF-KLYH, 69, bgan041, DC3, Flight was IFR at 4000' route V260. KORF-HPW-RIC-FAK-CRUMB-SHEPS-VOUCH-CONCO-KLYH


Terry Wright, 10-17-06, KBGR-KBGR, 137, bgak007, Beech D18, Bangor Hub route KGBR-KBML-KPSM-KBGR. Very nice weather in NE this morning. No probs anywhere.


Joe Weber, 10-16-06, KGRB-KYIP, 82, BGAN002, CV-440, VATSIM


Ian Robertson, 10-15-06, HUEN-HTLI, 365, bgan044, Short S23, stopping at HKNV,HKMO,HTDA


Ian Robertson, 10-14-06, HSSS-HUEN, 363, bgan044, Short S23, stopping at HSSM,HSSJ


Ian Robertson, 10-13-06, HESP-HSSS, 400, bgan044, Short S23, stopping at HEEM,HELX,HSSW,HSMR


Ian Robertson, 10-12-06, LISP-HESP, 318, bgan044, Short S23, stopping at LGSP and GCR


Ian Robertson, 10-11-06, EGMS-LISP, 414, bgan044, Short S23, calling at LFFB and LRSP


Luke, 10-13-06, PHLI-PHTO, 34, BGAN021, Memphis Belle, I only flew the Belle because Lazy Lucy had issues. Slow flight to honolulu. Got diverted by tower to Ford Island and the big bird landed nicely.


Luke, 10-13-06, PHBK-PHLI, 11, BGAN021, D520, My favourite warbird over Hawaii. Slower than the rest of the pack who were using beechcraft & I think one flew a corsair F4U


Luke, 10-12-06, WAJW-WAJJ, 36, BGAN021, Saab 340B, Flight to Santani from Wamena to try out the Saab on the harder feild. Nice handling.


Luke, 10-11-06, KCCR-22CA, 20, BGAN021, Huey (floats), WCATC didn't register my landing at the Commodore Centre. Perhaps that's because I didn't need to land the full length in a chopper


Luke, 10-09-06, CYXS-CAP6, 34, BGAN021, Grob SPN, CBW3 Didnt make it to CAP6. Had issues with the grob avionics & stress damage. I read the designers specs & compared with sim model. The sim is 95% correct. Accordian to plane's web-site (un-veiled 2005) it is a 100% carbon fibre body and is supposed to withstand extra stress...I had stress issues descending at 250 ft into CBW3.


Luke, 10-09-06, HCMM-Z27P, 2, BGAN021, MH-60 Blackhawk, Flight from Mogadishu to Uduan Strip which is atop a mountain. 2 minute of good chopper flying


Luke, 10-09-06, VVCL-VVDL, 7, BGAN021, Huey, Vietnam dust-off flight.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-11-06, kbfi-cyce, 65, bgas001, Waco CTO, kfhr  MP flight with bgan049 and bgad042


Gary McCarty, 10-15-06, YSRB-YBHY, 500, bgas031, Boeing 314, YLHI


Ed Burke, 10-14-06, OMDB - FAJS, 546, bgad011, B773, Dubai to Johannesburg. Due to FS problems I did the departure four times, got to know the Dubai layout pretty well.  A FS9 reinstall fixed it.


Achim, 10-15-06, LXGB-LPPT, 128, bgan019, Sikorsky S43, Long time ago folks but I am back !


Joe Weber, 10-14-06, KSDF-KALN, 66, BGAN002, DC-6B, VATSIM


David R. Evans, 10_15_06, 7K2_7K2, 160, bgak015, Dhc-2 Floats, Overcast with Rain/Snow mixture but NW wind only gusting to 7Knts. warmed up the engine a few minutes as the getting colder. then headed for the first stop at HNS seaplane to drop of a barrel of kerozen and some mail ,pushed off for FNR and again recived mail and unchanged as headead to 5Z1,Was greeted at the dock and dropped off the load,and picked up what was going to Skagway plus two tourist. who started crying about the kerozen smell as soon as we were airbone,I smiled an opened the window-they were quite after feeling the air.


Gary McCarty, 10-14-06, MNPC-MMMX, 218, bgas031, Dash8-Q200, MHTG


Gary McCarty, 10-13-06, MMMX-MNPC, 191, bgas031, Dash8-Q200, MHTG


Dan George, 10-15-06, KLOU/KSAV, 175, BGAN-040, Beech D18S (MSA), KLOU/KSAV Buckeye Air Freight scheduled service Beech D18S(MSA)load medical instruments for export.


Gary McCarty, 10-13-06, MGSJ-MGSJ, 145, bgas031, Cessna 206, MGPP


Gary McCarty, 10-12-06, MGSJ-MGSJ, 176, bgas031, DHC-3 Otter PLZ, MGRB-MGTR-MGRB


Gary McCarty, 10-11-06, MMMX-MMMX, 327, bgas031, CV-440, MGSJ


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 10-14-06, MMCL-MMMZ, 70, bgas003, D18S, Part of flight M13P.


John Franco, 10-14-06, KMVY-KBOS, 31, BGAN011, B190, today's idea for flying was courtesy of CJC9450 on My flying skills on the Beechcraft 1900D are getting better.


John Franco, 10-14-06, KBOS-KMVY, 27, BGAN011, B190, Today's route was that of Colgan 9451 (CJC9451)


Ed Burke, 10-13-06, LIRF - OMDB, 338, bgad011, B773, Rome to Dubai.  First of a two leg return flight to Johannesburg RSA.  Shut down at the gate two minutes ahead of the 'Emirates' timetable!   Near enough.


Ed Burke, 10-13-06,  LIRA - LIRF, 50, bgad011, DH-89a, Rome sightseeing. The real wx was so murky I had to scrub the air a trifle.


Ed Burke, 10-12-06,  LIRQ - LIRA, 84, bgad011, DH-89a, Florence to Rome with a stopover at LIQS.


Ed Burke, 10-11-06,  LIRQ - LIRQ, 69, bgad011, DH-89a, Some exploration around the Florence. Italy, area.


Ed Burke, 10-10-06, LSZA - LIRQ, 135, bgad011, DH-89a, Lugana to Florence with stops at Malpensa airport and that other place where the tower foundations are a bit dodgy.


Gary McCarty, 10-14-06, MNPC-MMMX, 218, bgas031, Dash8-Q200, MHTG


PAT DALEY, 10-14-06, KDAL-KABI, 84, bgak029, Condor, AA 1935 FLTS. Stop at KFTW


Terry Wright, 10-13-06, KFHR-74S, 73, bgak007, SA Pioneer, enjoyable challenge...for a Friday 13th  I lucked into great weather and luckily stumbled upon all the strips.


Joe Weber, 10-13-06, KAXV-KDET, 94, BGAN002, DC-3, VATSIM-Nite


Ed Burke, 10-10-06, LSZA - LIRQ, 135, bgad011, DH-89a, Lugana, Malpensa (LIMC), Pisa (LIRP) to Florence.  Perfect autumn weather.

DON MOORE, 10-06-06, ID41-S81, 10, BGAD042, BAR0N 58, Either time constraint or a crash but somehow I did not make my destination

DON MOORE, 10-04-06, UGOY-UGOC, 61, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, A successful flight south to view the two peaks of Mt Ararat with an outlanding onto the top of the snow covered big one.   Just the thing for an adrenalin pump!!!!

DON MOORE, 10-03-06, 2U7-13ID, 8, BGAD042, PIPER TRIPACER,

DON MOORE, 10-01-06, NZWD-NZPG, 32, BGAD042, CESSNA 172, Went looking for strange sky lighting effects in the southern regions but no luck.   Will try again later.

DON MOORE, 09-29-06, EFHK-EFKE, 73, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, Whilst flying this trip I noticed some strange sky colouration effects?.   Something to check out on another flight in this region.

Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 10-09-06, MMCN-MMCL, 97, bgas003, D18S, Part of flight M13P.

Jim Urquhart, 10-09-06, CYHZ-CYYG, 138, BGAS041, DC3, via CYPD CYQY

Tom Burrill, 10-09-06, 4C4-KCON, 87, bgak033, Stinson Reliant, Return flight from Colebrook with the Stinson this time. Nice flying airplane and alot of fun dead reckoning and pilotage brought me down over Lake Winnipesauke and into Concord with no problem. Having flown the area in real life is very helpful. A yearly ritual for me doing NH foliage season.

Tom Burrill, 10-9-06, KCON-4C4, 60, bgak033, Beech Staggerwing, Local flight for me from Concord over the White Montains to Coldebrook,NH. High country aairport with Mts all around. Used Dead Reconing and Pilotage only. The free New England textures make this accurate and identifiable. Weahter was clear with an slight east wind.

Gary McCarty, 10-09-06, NZWN-NZAA, 159, bgas031, DH89A Dragon Rapide, NZNP

Gryphon Rossi, 10-08-06, KUBS-KMGM, 63, bgas009, C182S Skylane, Hit the same weather on the way back. Much more severe, try to fly above it could not had to go below. Came in at dusk low vis low ceiling. Know area well so all went fine. Rough flight however.

Gryphon Rossi, 10-08-06, KMGM-KUBS, 57, bgas009, C182S Skylane, Short hop to my wifes home town flew past some building weather no prob.

Gryphon Rossi, 10-07-06, KMIA-KMGM, 110, bgas009, ATR-72 500, Nice flight skipping along the coast of the gulf then a smooth decent in to Montgomery Muni. The ATR smooth as silk as usual.

Bill Hendrix, 10-09-06, KATL-KIAD, 123, bgas046, Beech 1900, WCATC flight on server 3,  was joined by bgan048 over Virginia, we both landed ILS rwy 1R at KIAD.

Dan George, 10-09-06, KLWB/KAVP, 130, BGAN040, Beech D18S (MSA), Buckeye Air Freight scheduled service from Lewisburg WV to Wilkes-Barre PA load electronic modules.

John Franco, 10-09-06, KBOS-KBHB, 60, BGAN011, B1900D, I used Mike Stone's B1900D and found a repaint for Colgan Air. Colgan Air Operates Saab 340's and B1900D's under Continental Express, US Airways Express, and United Express here in the Northeast. Today's flight was CJC4966 from Boston International Airport to Bar Harbor, Maine.

Luke, 10-06-08, LLJR-LLMZ, 55, BGAN021, C1a tracker/ Howard 500, Didnt end up using the tracker because Don was flying the king air and I'da never caught up to him. Decided on the howard because its such a great plane that I'm surprised they never made millions of them. Beautiful landing at Mesada...

Luke, 10-06-07, CYWL-CYXS, 69, BGAN021, Beechcraft Starship, CAY2.CYQZ A flight from Kelowna to Prince George BC in the starship because the bloke that does the sim reviews in 'Australian Flying' recommended it. Nice plane, handled all the turns...went stoopid on landing after taxy...jumped like a pony and wouldnt stop...silly plane...

Luke, 10-06-07, KMEM-KATL, 2, BGAN021, F22, Got conned into flying the FP on another server with live atc...

Luke, 10-06-07, 25M-KMEM, 34, BGAN021, Metro III, I actually did this in an a-10 and I'm sure that was stated in my flight plan 'a-10 warthog'. Memphis didnt really provide the room to land a warthog either..."Ladies & gennlemen, Elvis has now left the runway"

Luke, 10-06-07, ZMUG-ZMMG, 34, BGAN021, Metro III, Dont be thinking that just because Mongolia is high, tht it automatically means youre gonna see pretty mountains...half an hour of monotonous tundra only made interesting by greenery

Luke, 10-06-07, YWWY-YMML, 74, BGAN021, Boeing 247, The first all metal-bodied mono-wing passenger liner according to the download site...74 minutes to cross Bass Strait from Wynyard...that's slow...

Luke, 10-06-06, L41-KGCN, 11, BGAN021, AC500, Love the Grand Canyon Low-level run. Couldnt ask for a better plane than the ac500 to run the canyon in.

Luke, 10-06-06, ID41-S81, 11, BGAN021, HUnting percival Pembroke, Indian Creek. Nice flight. Tried it offline about a month ago in a c-130...not a good idea.

Patrick Stewart, 10-09-06, KFHR - 74S, 43, bgas060, Piper Tripacer, Completed the secord mail loop KFHR, WA35, 6WA5, 38WA, S31, 78WA, then into WNO7.  Great set of flights.

Luke, 10-06-06, 3U2-ID41, 5, BGAN021, Bristol 170, Johnson Ck to Stibnite however the Bristol Freighter didn't have the balls to climb over the big mountains.

Patrick Stewart, 10-08-06, KFHR - KFHR, 58, bgas060, Piper Tripacer, Ran the mail route again this time in a Piper Tripacer.  Flew w/real wx in the early morning.  Great little set of flights.

David R. Evans, 10-08-06, KFHR-74S, 90, bgak015, Cessna 140b, I thought the first half had small fields,6WA5 I Dragged everything, even the lunch box,then dumped the flaps and let the leaf spring gear do its thing. 78WA a great place to practice carrier landings at least the visibility had improved to 10 miles.A interesting part of the world, must be fantastic when the sunshines.

John Lawler, 10-08-06, WAJJ-AYNZ, 207, bgad017, DC-3, Route BGAD646. Have remembered to reinstall any my addon scenery for PNG. It's not a dam wall which overhangs the runway 27 approach  - it's a cliff, requiring a little bit of short-field technique when departing runway 09. Took the inland route and had to go up to 11500' before starting the descent.

John Lawler, 10-08-06, AYNZ-WAJJ, 191, bgad017, DC-3, Route BGAD645. Somewhat surprised to find that the ILS glideslope into WAJJ in intercepted by the wall of a dam, as (in FS9) the airfield and town lies beneath the level of the neighboring lake.

Paul Roth, 10-07-06, KCLE-KLEX, 205, BGAN016, DC-3, FLT#P0027R KCLE-KAKR-KCMH-KCVG-KLEX

Jim Urquhart, 10-08-06, MROC-MMUN, 292, BGAS041, L1049, via MPTO

John Franco, 10-08-06, KHEF-KHVN, 70, BGAN011, King Air 350, This flight I had done some minor research on how to properly fly the King Air. The flight went much smoother than last night and I was also flying into an airport which i know through the back of my head (KHVN), which made the landing peaceful.

David R. Evans, 10-08-06, KFHR-KFHR, 140, bgak015, Cessna 140b, flown with real weather,should have known better-rain 68deg. vis.3Miles 4knt-10knt gust 339*winds by the time i got to 2WA3 i was trying to find the island then the airfield ,cieling down to 700ft, and figured all this rain must make the trees grow taller and grass strips shorter. getting some hot coco and finish the route,glad i fly the bush pilot division!

Ed Burke, 10-08-06, LIDR - LSZA, 164, bgad011, DH-89a,  From Ravenna, Italy to Lugano, Switzerland with stops at Venice (LIPV) and Verona (LIPN) and a touch and go at Locarno (LSZL) Generally having a look at Holger Sandmann's great mesh for the area.

John Franco, 10-08-06, TJSJ-KMIA, 255, BGAN011, King Air 350, Long Haul latenight flying in the Miami Moonlight Groupflight WCATC session. I had to make one fuel stop at George Town Airport (MYEG). Had I continued without a fuel stop, a) i wouldve been way ahead of N188FW, and 2), I wouldve been close to running on fumes.

Ed Burke, 10-07-06, LIRN - LIDR, 150, bgad011, DH-89a, Naples to Ravenna, Italy, with a stopover at San Egidio (LIRZ).  Initially a bit murky but things improved up north. The old Rapide just purrs!

Joe Weber, 10-07-06, KMCO-KJAX, 70, BGAN002, DC-3, VATSIM Flight

Joe Weber, 10-06-06, KDAB-KSWR, 50, BGAN002, CV440, VATSIM

Luke, 10-05-06, YWYY-YMML, 11, BGAN021, C-17, Didn't get to finish a good flight across bass strait. I suffer from a common virtual pilots disease which makes you stop flying halfway and can often not finish a flight. It's medical name is wife syndrome.

Luke, 10-05-06, YBBN-YAMB, 13, BGAN021, F-111, A reverse on my previous flight in an authentic Amberely model of the arvaark. I really can't make out how our boys can fly this heavy big crate...

Luke, 10-05-06, YAMB-YBBN, 6, BGAN021, F-14 Tomcat, A graduation from the warthog is the tomcat. Handled superbly although I was a little off in the crosswind as I reached point of entry to the feild but touched down half a cat-width off the runway.

Luke, 10-02-06, YSTW-YSSY, 36, BGAN021, A-10 warthog, I guess this means I get my warthog wings. Never successfully landied tis graceful pretty before...reolaxed, lit my smoke, & put the baby down nice and easy...the A-10 isnt the most graceful lady to handle and is even slightly un-stable. Concquering her can only lead to bigger & better...oh & faster things.

Luke, 10-02-06, L41-KGCN, 26, BGAN021,  H.P Pembroke, A flight up the canyon this time, BGAN048 & 49 following, however one took the direct which defeats the purpose of canyon flying, while the other took the upper canyon and kept visual on me doing quite well for a novice.

Luke, 09-30-06, KGCN-L41, 33, BGAN021,  Sikorsky S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk, Great flight down the Grand Canyon from Canyon National to Marble Canyon flying the river at low altitude. Great view, while the hawk (A variation on the blackhawk & seahawk eggbeaters). Handled well and oversped at 195 indicated in the dives. A bit touchy on the approach.

Steve Whiting, 10-06-06, KLEX-KMIA, 195, BGAN018, DC-6, C0010R


Patrick Stewart, 10-06-06, KFHR - 74S, 59, bgas060, DHC-2, Another San Juan Mail Flight.  KFHR, WA35, 6WA5, 38WA, S31, 78WA, and WN07.  Using real wx and hit some rain showers around 78WA.


Jim Gray, 06-10-06, YMML-YSSY, 144, BGAD023, DC4, BGAD707 -YMML DIR YSSY




john di benedetto, 10-06-06, EGMD-EGYC, 60, BGAN048, GRUMANN GOOSE, VFR SOUTH EAST ENGLAND HOP


Gryphon Rossi, 10-06-06, KTPA-KMIA, 49, bgas009, ATR-72 500, Nice hop, heavy trafic, on time.


Gryphon Rossi, 10-03-06, KBCT-KTPA, 62, bgas009, Lockheed L10E Electra, Sweet flight over FLA, beautifull tall clouds, nice soft landing.


Gryphon Rossi, 10-01-06, KPTF-KBCT, 59, bgas009, Lockheed L10E Electra, Really nice flight, over the Everglades clear skies.


Patrick Stewart, 10-05-06, KFHR - KFHR, 60, bgas060, DHC-2, Flying the San Jaun Island series per TMC#19.  Flew the circle from KFHR stopping at all the listed APs back to KFHR.


Ed Burke, 10-06-06, LIRA - LIRN, 92, bgad011, DH-89a, Rome to Napoli with an overflight of Capri and Naples city.


Ed Burke, 10-06-06, FACT - FADN, 100, bgad011, B734, Cape Town to Durban on a beautiful morning.


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-05-2005, RJTT-VHHX, 485, bgad022, Douglas DC-4, BGAD742


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-05-2005, VHHX-RJTT, 488, bgad022, Douglas DC-4, BGAD741


Jim Urquhart, 10-05-06, KSTL-KLAX, 408, BGAS041, DC6, via KELP


Bill Hendrix, 10-05-06, KATL-KPNS, 70, bgas046, Beech 1900, flew on WCATC, real wx, landed ILS rwy 17, parked at the new General aviation parking area that I installed using Rwy12 object placer.  See screenshot.


Peter McBeath, 10-05-06, 51Z-PABT, 64, bgak08, DHC-2, Lousy Weather


Tom Burrill, 10-04-05, NZPM-NZWN, 45, bgak033, DC3, Began as VFR which required a descent due to visibility issues. Beautiful ILS approach into Wellington,NZ


Ron Jorgensen, 10/04, KFHR 74S, 65, BGAK030, C140, Touch-N-Go's at all  locations in TMC #19(?) C150 on last 4 locations.


Jim Urquhart, 10-04-06, CYYZ-KEWR, 385, BGAS041, DC4, via CYHZ


tony di benedetto, 10-04-06, LICA-LIRN, 67, BGAN049, BEACHCRAFT BARON 58, SOUTHERN ITALY VFR HOP


Paul van den Berg, 10-03-06, EGHI-EGBE, 52, bgak036, DC-3, Southampton - Coventry UK. Cargo flight at nightfall in the soup. (fog) Trained IFR skills again... Good Old Gooney behaved well. (see screenies)


Paul van den Berg, 10-03-06, EGHH-EGHI, 23, bgak036, DC-3, Bournemouth-Southampton UK. Empty positoning flight.


Paul van den Berg, 10-02-06, FQPB-FQNP, 69, bgak036, DC-3 , "Klapperkop" Flight with DC-3 of the South African Historic Flight. Part of Springbok Flying Safaris great trip around S.A. earlier this year. 


Ed Burke, 10-04-06, OMDB - LIRF, 383, bgad011, B773, Dubai to Rome for a Roman Holiday


Ed Burke, 10-03-06, FAJS - OMDB, 478, bgad011, B773, Johannesberg to Dubai; overnight flight.


Jim Urquhart, 10-03-06, CYQT-CYYZ, 200, BGAS041, DC3, via CYAM


Tom Burrill, 10-03-06, KHFR-KHFR, 34, bgak033, Luscombe Silvaire, Flight on West Coast from Firday Harbor to Skyline and back. Very nice area to fly by pilotage and dead reckoning only.


Gary McCarty, 10-03-06, YSRB-YSRB, 369, bgas031, DHC-3 Otter PLZ, YRLM-YPMH-YBSB-YGFC


Barry Theodore, 10-03-06, YBBN-YGLA, 100, bgad012, Dash 8, I flew this one at night and found it harder than flying through the day.


Peter McBeath, 10-03-06, PAUM-PABT, 80, bgak08, Beaver, with ASv6 weather murky, valley flying most of the way


Joe Weber, 10*02*06, KEVV-KRID, 54, BGAN002, DC3, VATSIM IFR,


PAT DALEY, 10-02-06, KLUK-KJWN, 106, bgak029, Condor, Stop At KLOU


Peter McBeath, 10-02-06, PABT-PAUM, 91, bgak08, dhc2, Snow showers for first 20 mins valley flying great fun


Gary McCarty, 10-02-06, YSRB-YSRB, 253, bgas031, Beech D17S, YBSB


Jim Urquhart, 10-02-06, CYQR-CYQT, 238, BGAS041, DC3, via CYWG


John Franco, 10-02-06, LIMA-LIMJ, 32, BGAN011, DC3, I encountered a cloud layer near Genoa Italy but landed safely.


John Franco, 10-02-06, LFLJ-LIMA, 23, BGAN011, Vultee V1, Courchevel France to Torino Italy in tow with BGAN048 BGAN049 and some others.


John Franco, 10-02-06, LIMW-LFLJ, 34, BGAN011, B247D, I cruised at 10500 with BGAN048/BGAN049 and one other virtual aviator. We flew from a strip in Italy to the dredded Courchevel, France.


Peter McBeath, 10-02-06, PABT-PABT, 57, bgak08, Beaver, PABT-WSM-PABT First BGA Flight


John Franco, 10-02-06, CYZF-CYHY, 62, BGAN011, DC3, did the Passenger run in the Buffalo Airways Scheme from Yellowknife to Hay River. For more info on Buffalo Airways, visit


Paul van den Berg, 10-01-06, PADU-PAKN, 72, bgak036, 737-700, Dutch Harbor requires a light take-off with limited fuel. King Salmon is within range though. Great part of the world for flying, even with jets... (which are for kids)


Paul van den Berg, 09-30-06, PAJN-PADU, 163, bgak036, 737-700, Alaska-crossing from Juneau to Dutch Harbor on the Aleutian-islands. Small strip for a 737! with challenging approach due to a mountain in the glide path... 


David R. Evans, 10-02-06, PABT-AK80, 61, bgak015, DHC-2, Transporting a geolgist and guide to Amerigan Greek there looking for mineral or land forms that could suggest oil,black gold or yellow as long as Bluegrass hauls the freight, will pick them up there in a week. flight contitions were ok but rain kept visibility to 10 miles.


Dean Johnson, 10-01-06, RKHO-RKOT, 28, bgas044, Cessna 182S, Toughman # 18 flt 9  Take off in the dark on a runway with no lights then land at airport with no lights.  Would not like to do that in the real world.


Dean Johnson, 10-01-06, F69-OTSO, 12, bgas044, Cessna 182S, Toughman # 18 flt 8


Dean Johnson, 10-01-06, OTSO-O5TS, 12, bgas044, Cessna 182S, Toughman # 18 flt 7


Dean Johnson, 10-01-06, OR59-20OR, 21, bgas044, Cessna 182S, Toughman # 18 flt 6


Dean Johnson, 10-01-06, N47-PS03, 15, bgas044, Cessna 182S, Toughman # 18 flt 5


Dean Johnson, 10-01-06, 44OR-1OR4, 18, bgas044, Cessna 182S, Toughman # 18 flt 4


Paul Roth, 10-01-06, KLEX-KCLE, 186, BGAN 016, DC-3, P0026R  KLEX-KCVG-KCMH-KAKR-KCLE


John Franco, 10-01-06, KMDW-KHVN, 103, BGAN011, B737, Flew on a server called Fly the Limit Live ATC (a 24/7 server). On the way I had one person in tow and we chewed the fat on the way into New Haven. Im still puzzled as to how he got a B2 Stealth Bomber stopped in 2000 feet. the runway that we used for landing was 2/20 5600x150


John Franco, 10-01-06, KCGX-KDPA, 31, BGAN011, C208B, enjoyed a VFR hand manual fly at 2800 feet Meigs-Du Page


Barry Theodore, 10-02-06, YMML-YMIA, 70, bgad012, Dash 8, First flight in the dash 8


Barry Theodore, 10-02-06, BGGH-BGSF, 80, bgad012, Kingair 350, A good early morning flight to blow out the cobwebs.


Gryphon Rossi, 09-30-06, KBUF-KATL, 141, bgas009, ATR-72 500, Nice flight through the mountains this is a great twin turbo a blast to fly! On time.


Gryphon Rossi, 09-29-06, KBUF-KPIT, 55, bgas009, Lockheed L10E Electra, Nice little hop tricky landing (Still needs practice with tail draggers} On time.


Gary McCarty, 10-01-06, YSRB-YSRB, 263, bgas031, Beech D17S, YRLM-YPMH-YBSB-YGFC


John Franco, 10-01-06, KSFO-KSUU, 31, BGAN011, B52D, i certainly got an education of the B52 on this flight. (That was the intention) 1.Slow to accelerate 2. going below 160 on a full load is like commiting suicide, 3 likes to bounce on landing if you dont push the yoke over due to the way the landing gear is set up. I did two circuits at Travis AFB to help me better myself with the


John Franco, 10-01-06, KFHR-4WA5, 29, BGAN011, DHC2 Amphib, Part one of the BGA feature of the month.


John Franco, 09-30-06, KMVY-0B8, 39, BGAN011, BE58, Martha's Vineyard VFR session saturday night west coast atc


John Franco, 09-30-06, KHVN-KMVY, 55, BGAN011, B247D, Martha's Vineyard VFR session saturday night west coast atc


DON MOORE, 09-27-06, EFHK-EFKE, 102, BGAD042, KINGAIR 350, Saw what I think was a display in the early morning sky of the aurora borealis,I will now go to antarctica to see if the aurora australis is also on display