Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

September 2006



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Jim Urquhart, 09-30-06, CYWG-CYQR, 134, BGAS041, DC3, via CYDN


Jim Gray, 01-10-06, YMML-YSCB, 150, BGAD23, DC3, YMML-YSCB


Joe Weber, 09-28-06, CYXR-CYYN, 51, BGAN002, DC-3, Swift Current (SASK)- CYYN - was the home of my great-grandmother.


Gryphon Rossi, 09-29-06, KBOS-KBUF, 77, bgas009, ATR12-500, Nice twin turbo, good flight on time


Ed Burke, 09-29-06, FAJS - FACT, 106, bgad011, B734, Jo'burg to Cape Town on a balmy day. FL400 kept the fuel burn down to 1015gph.


David R. Evans, 09-29-06, YMMI-YBOI, 36, bgak015, OU-2 Kingfisher, Stormy day in the strait left Yam with a east wind at 10Knts gust to 15Knts with squalls, took a Hdg.335 to allow for wind,which needed one correction(will need to be better for GAAR07),landings are getting better as I get more familiar with flaperons and spoilers, there will be plenty of parking space at Boigu but if theres a typhoon at high tide I'll want to put on floats.


Jim Urquhart, 09-29-06, KMIA-KMDW, 356, BGAS041, DC4, via KJAX KATL


Tom Burrill, 09-29-06, NZGB-NZGS, 86, bgak033, DC3, A flight along the coast of New Zealanad using the freeware scenery for FS9. Flown on West Coast


DON MOORE, 09-24-06, FZRE-FZRL, 48, BGAD042, PZL OTTER 3, A very interesting flight plan with waypoint and destination both on mountain tops.


DON MOORE, 09-24-06, FZSA-FZRE, 76, BGAD042, PZL OTTER 3, The intended destination for this flight was in fact to be FZRL but time constraint neccessitated stop over at waypoint.


DON MOORE, 09-23-06, 9AK5-Z40, 50, BGAD042, PZL OTTER 3, First flight in this new addition to my fleet.   Its a great aircraft with acouple of new ideosyncracies to learn about.


DON MOORE, 09-22-06, YMML-YPOD, 47, BGAD042, METROLINER III, Smooth flight carrying 16 pax + freight with a safe touchdown at Portland.


Ian Robertson, 09-29-06, EIFN-KLMT, 983, bgan044, Sikorsky VS-44, Stopping at CYBW and CYSK


Gary McCarty, 09-28-06, YSRB-NZMB, 425, bgas031, Grumman HU-16, YLHI


Bill Hendrix, 09-28-06, KPNS-KBGE, 62, bgas046, C-45, flew at 3500', real wx, via CEW and MAI VOR.


Luke, 09-15-06, YBWN-YBCS, 32, BGAN021, Howard 500/f-4, Ran out of time real fast so the howard became obsolete & I had to catch up to the others on the leg into Cairns so I changed mid-air to the F-4. Sucessful landing which is good for me to be able to say in a fast jet. The model I had was from the recon squadron that flew the first sorties during Gulf war 1. Actually the first US plane to fly a sorty was an RF-4C of the 117th recon according to the air-force websites. The F-4 is a nice bird to fly. Great dynamics.


Luke, 09-15-06, KRNO-KRDD, 32, BGAN021, Howard 500, GEBXA Gotta love this plane. I think if I remember correct, my comparison is the 57 Chevy of airplanes. Grunty, powerful, with heaps of style. There is an art to this plane. Freeware that's worth every MB of download from flight sim or surclaro. It has the racing checkers & nose-art on the fuselage.


Luke, 09-13-06, NV04-KSUN, 47, BGAN021, DC5, 1U8 A jointly produced civvy version of the liberator. I watched the documentary on the liberator and I love flying the privateer so this was good. Hard flying ion the mountains though. Rough nose down landing.


Luke, 09-09-06, LSMI-LSMM, 8, BGAN021, Baron 58, Bush flying in the swiss alps. Nice.


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 09-26-06, MMHO-MMCN, 76, bgas003, D18S, Part of flight M13P - flying low and slow!!!


Joe Weber, 09-27-06, KSDF-KATL, 91, BGAN002, CV-440, Nite flight  Very Pretty


Allen Gale, 09-27-06, KJAX-KTPA, 116, bgas058, DC-3, Leg #2 of CAR101


Jim Urquhart, 09-27-06, KSTL-KMIA, 199, BGAS041, DC4, via KSAV


Ed Burke, 09-27-06, YPPH - FAJS, 661, bgad011, B773, Flying along with RW friends to Johannesburg. I beat SAA's schedule by 44 minutes due to winds being kindly.


Barry Theodore, 09-27-06, YMML-YMIA, 125, bgad012, AC50, First flight on vatsim.


Jim Urquhart, 09-26-06, FTW-KATL, 223, BGAS041, DC4, via KHKS


Joe Weber, 09-25-06, KATL-KVLD, 62, BGAN002, Martin 4-0 -4,  MAde this flight many times when I was stationed at Moody AFB


John Franco, 09-26-06, KBOS-CYHZ, 66, BGAN011, B737, night visual landing to runway 33 was made with a little trouble enroute. I couldn't find the B/C button so i landed by hand. The only weird part of the flight was lining up for a straight in approach. (Halifax)


Ed Burke, 09-26-06, YBBN - YPPH, 318, bgad011, A332, Off to Africa to play mid the big cats


Allen Gale, 09-26-06, KATL-KJAX, 100, BGAS058, DC-3, First leg of CAR101


Terry Wright, 09-26-06, KMIA-KSAV, 87, bgak007, DC-7F,


john di benedetto, 09-25-06, SPJE-SWJV, 90, BGAN048, BEECHCRAFT BARON 58, IVAO VFR WORLD TOUR LEG 6


Jim Urquhart, 09-25-06, CYWG-KMIA, 506, BGAS041, DC4, via CYQG


Ed Burke, 09-25-06, YPPH - YBBN, 271, bgad011, A340-200, A second test flight in nil wx


Ed Burke, 09-25-06, YBBN-YPPH, 273, bgad011, A330-200, Test flight in nil wx


Bill Hendrix, 09-25-06, KRND-KBAD, 85, bgas046, C-130, nice flight from Randolph to Barksdale


Terry Wright, 09-25-06, KTPA-KMIA, 51, bgak007, Boeing 377,


Jim Urquhart, 09-24-06, CYVR-CYWG, 292, BGAS041, DC4M, via CYYC


Ed Burke, 09-25-06, KSFY - KHAE, 65, bgad011, C421c, Mississippi flinging


Ian Robertson, 09-24-06, EIFN-EGMT, 132, bgan044, Shorts S23, Imperial Airways scenery used


Ron Jorgensen, 09/24, OR92  OR97, 30, BGAK030, PA-22, OR97 - 38OR - OG13 - OR97


Jim Urquhart, 09-24-06, KELK-KMEM, 254, BGAS041, DC3, via KFTW KTXK


Ian Robertson, 09-24-06, KLMT-EIFN, 1025, bgan044, SIKORSKY VS-44, Stopping at CYSK and CYBW


Gryphon Rossi, 09-23-06, KBGR-KBOS, 71, bgas009, Blue Grass DHC-300, Yep shure is a sweet ride! Low ceiling about 400' flew instruments on aproch nice smooth landing. On time


Dean Johnson, 09-23-06, Q08-W48, 22, bgas044, C 182 S, Toughman #18 3rd leg


Dean Johnson, 09-23-06, PA61-PA78, 20, bgas044, C 182 S, Toughman #18 2nd leg


Dean Johnson, 09-23-06, 7G1-4G3, 23, bgas044, C 172 SP, Toughman #18


Dean Johnson, 09-23-06, PAMR-PAEN, 22, bgas044, Grand Caravan, Flew vor, Good flight


Paul Roth, 09-23-06, KYNG-KLEX, 175, BGAN 016, DC-3, KYNG-KZZV-KPMH-KLEX


john di benedetto, 09-23-06, SEIB-SPJE, 106, BGAN048, BEECHCRAFT BARON 58, IVAO WORLD TOUR VFR LEG 5


John Franco, 09-23-06, KHVN-KHVN, 95, BGAN011, L049A Constellation, Made one stop at KPVC Provincetown Massachusetts.


john di benedetto, 09-23-06, SEIB-SPJE, 106, BGAN048, BEECHCRAFT BARON 58, IVAO WORLD TOUR VFR LEG 5


John Franco, 09-23-06, EGDM-EGKH, 77, BGAN011, DC3, dusk to night flight in minimums VFR weather. Made one stop at Heathrow airport EGLL and when I landed at Headcorn (EGKH, I had trouble finding it because it was a grass strip so I landed "in the vicinity of" Headcorn Airfield. This would make a good TMC (EGLL-EGKH hdg 119 for 45.6 MI) RMKS: Night flight. Use the Lashenden NDB 340.0 (LSH)for navigation. The NDB is on the field.


Gary McCarty, 09-23-06, NFLB-NCAL, 502, bgas031, PBY-5A, NSFB


Jim Urquhart, 09-23-06, KABQ-KELK, 146, BGAS041, DC3, via KTCC


Jim Urquhart, 09-23-06, KABQ-KELK, 146, BGAS041, DC3, via KTCC


David R Evans, 09-23-06, YHID-YYMI, 35, bgak015, OS2U Kingfisher, Browseing the forum and read the chatter on GAAR 2007 so thought I'd do a trial flight of an aircraft,so i departed horn Island at 10:30pm no moon,no weather,10min.out realised how dark the night can get and even this short hop my navigation was way off,had to change course six times,when i finaly found the runway there were no lights but by turning off the panel lght. could pick up the white coral strip good enough to land. I think it will be a good test. especialy with some winds and weather added. and the kingfisher has the stol capability i was looking for.


Tom Burrill, 09-22-06, KMDW-KATL, 148, bgak033, DC 6, Flight from Midway to Atlanta with the DC4.


Jim Urquhart, 09-22-06, KMLF-KABQ, 258, BGAS041, DC3, via KLAS KFLG


Bill Von Sennet, 09-22-06, katl-kmem, 129, bgas001, DC-3, touch & go at kgad & kmsl   204 gal


Patrick Stewart, 09-22-06, 5KE- HYG, 26, bgas060, Piper Tripacer, Raining this morning.


Patrick Stewart, 09-22-06, 5KE- 4Z7, 45, bgas060, Piper Tripacer, Raining this morning.


PAT DALEY, 09-22-06, KCGE-KLUK, 104, bgak029, Condor, Stop at KCMH


Paul van den Berg, 09-17-06, Blind Channel rsrt-Rendez vouz Lodge, 14, bgak036, Beech 18 Floats, ...easy to get lost around here!! Chart is a must have. I have one from Kenmore Air with all their destinations and routes(Resorts/Lodges) and a Canadian VFR navigation chart. Even with these it's a handfull. But the Beech is a joy.


Paul van den Berg, 09-17-06, Knight Inl.Lodge-Blind Channel resort, 16, bgak036, Beech 18 Floats,


DON MOORE, 09-19-06, DAUO-DAUB, 34, BGAD042, AC 50, The destination of this flight is a difficult one,it is in a depression and hard to see from a low level approach


DON MOORE, 09-19-06, SESM-SECO, 40, BGAD042, AC 50, This airport to start from is bit tricky as it seems to be surrounded on all sides by hills,really a trap for the unwary.


DON MOORE, 09-18-06, PAVD-CXC, 13, BGAD042, AC 50, Time constraint forced aborted flight plan


DON MOORE, 09-16-06, KACK-KPYM, 37, BGAD042, Cessna Caravan Amphibian, A different flight to the lodged flight plan.   A verbal interruption on final at KPVC lead to a wheels up landing.   Repairs had to be made before proceeding to KPYM


DON MOORE, 09-16-06, PAWR-JLA, 30, BGAD042, GRUMMAN GOOSE, Alaska exploring flight


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 09-21-2006, KOLS-MMHO, 82, bgas003, D18S, Part of flight M13P


John Franco, 09-21-06, YHID-YWBS, 50, BGAN011, DC3, Previewing of possible GAAR2007 landing strips. Test done with 100 % combined payload of passengers/freight and full fuel. I ran off the runway at YWBS but didn;t fall off the cliff (I came in hot to that airport.) I flew with real world weather with 15 minute updates and was given 10 mi visibility and haze.


Ian Robertson, 09-21-06, EGLL-KSFO, 1062, bgan044, Connie, Refuel stop at CYYQ.


Gary McCarty, 09-21-06, YPPH-YPPH, 276, bgas031, Beech 18, YABA-YESP-YABA


Gryphon Rossi, 09-21-06, CYYG-KBGR, 94, bgas009, Blue Grass DHC-6, Nice flight smooth as silk. This is a fun plane to fly!


Gryphon Rossi, 09-20-06, CYYR-CYYG, 122, bgas009, Beachcraft Kig Air 350, Tricky flight low ceiling bumpy ride


Jim Urquhart, 09-20-06, KRKS-KMLF, 141, BGAS041, DC3, via KSLC


PAT DALEY, 09-20-06, KCRW-KLUK, 65, bgak029, Condor, AA 1935 Flight


Gary McCarty, 09-20-06:, YPPH-YPPH, 342, bgas031, DHC-3 Otter, YSCR-YPKG-YNSM-YPKG-YSCR


Terry Wright, 09-20-06, KBGR-KJFK, 86, bgak007, DC-6, Okay flight, rain at Bangor, heavy cloud at JFK.


Tom Burrill, 09-19-06, NZKK-NZGB, 136, bgak033, DC3, Flight to the Great Barrier Island of New Zealand. Very pretty scenery with NZ freeware scenery.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-19-06, klga-Shediak, 172, bgas001, Boeing 314, 959 gal  LaGaurdia Marine Terminal - Shediak NB


Bill Von Sennet, 09-19-06, Botwood NF-Foynes IR, 580, bgas001, Boeing 314, 3324 gal  took off 1900 local - landed 0810 local    (GMT 2130-0710)


Gary McCarty, 09-19-06, YCAR-YCAR, 457, bgas031, DHC-3 Otter, YMEK-YLST-YLEO-YLST-YMEK


Jim Urquhart, 09-18-06, KDSM-KLAR, 204, BGAS041, DC3, via KGRI KSNY


John Lawler, 09-18-06, KMEM-KFTW, 220, bgad 017, Curtiss-Wright Condor (Sleeper), KMEM-KLIT-KDAL-KFTW. Leg times 61, 127, 32. The last hour or so was in daylight.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-18-06, kstl-kktul, 130, bgas001, Vultee V1A, 86 gal MP flight with bgas046 part way, then I had to leave.


Gary McCarty, 09-18-06, YPBO-YPKA, 204, bgas031, Beech 18, YNWN-YTEF


Bill Hendrix, 09-18-06, KSTL-KTUL, 132, bgas046, Vultee, M/P flight with bgas001, take a look at screenshot, looks like a canyon with sheer walls in Missouri, never saw that before.


Terry Wright, 09-18-06, KBGR-KBGR, 118, bgak007, Boeing 377, Flight from Bangor to Boston and return. Some heavy cloud around this morning, especially at Bangor. Nice-handling aircraft.


Jim Gray, 18-09-06, YMML-YMHB, 165, BGAD023, DC4, BGAD705 YMML-YWYY-YMHB


Norm Holman, 9-18-06, KBFI-KSAN, 350, bgad026, 247D. United Airlines AM-11 service in 1935.


Norm Holman, 9-18-06, KSAN-KSLC, 280, bgad026, Western Air Express AM-13 San Diego to Salt Lake City. Had to steer clear of some of 'Them Thar Hills'.


Norm Holman, 9-18-06, KSLC-KGTF, 220, bgad026, 247D. National Parks Airways, Inc. Salt Lake City to Great Falls. Had some bad weather on this flight.Sent:          Sunday, September 17, 2006 6:12 PM


John Lawler, 09-17-09, KCLE-KMEM, 326, bgad017, Curtiss-Wright Condor (Sleeper), American Airlines #3 route. Sleeper flight via KCMH, KLUK, KLOU, KBNA. Leg times 60, 58, 43, 74, 91. I hope the pax got given a pretty heavy nightcap for this one - the landings at KCMH and KLUK were not among my better ones (though KBNA and KMEM were greasers!).


Jay Lamos, 9/17/06, YMHB-YPAD, 215, BGAD040, CV440, Picked up a headwing the next morning. Used about 1113 Gals of fuel.(258/35 @ 20.0)


Jay Lamos, 9/17/06, YPAD-YMHB, 202, BGAD040, CV440, Good Tailwind - only used about 711 Gals of fuel.


Allan Lowson, 09-17-06, KEWR-KMDW, 303, bgam007, DC-2, Sep. DC-2 Flight, fs2k2 lives! 50 fps with a dodgy video card, who needs as real as it doesn't get?


Joe Weber, 09-16-06, KEVV-KLEX, 90, BGAN002, DC-3, Stop at KLOU


Ron Jorgensen, 09/17, NTKT SCDA, 2573, BGAK030, DHC-2 F, ATW Legs 91 > 100 Two legs (95 A & 95B)14 hrs butt sore legs each.


Gary McCarty, 09-17-06, YPKA-YPBO, 207, bgas031, Beech 18, YTEF-YNWN


Ian Robertson, 09-17-06, KBOS-EGLL, 642, bgan044, CONNIE, First flight for Bluegrass Airlines.  Flown in realtime.  I used FSRealtime and ActiveSky v6, plus large quantities of coffee!


Terry Wright, 09-17-06, KBGR-KBGR, 126, bgak007, Beech D18, Milk run from Bangor to Berlin NH (KBML), then to Portsmouth NH (KPSM) and return to Bangor. Great weather, nice flight.


John Franco, 09-17-06, KALB-KHVN, 60, BGAN011, LJ45, FS Passengers gave me a brake failure on landing due to a hydraulic rupture, but I didn't veer off the runway or crash.


John Franco, 09-17-06, KHVN-KSWF, 72, BGAN011, DC3, morning departure to Stewart International. Bad weather called for one missed approach and on the 2nd try i found the correct lower altitude to come in safely on the 2nd try.


DON MOORE, 09-13-06, AYMR-NDR, 45, BGAD042, MOONEY BRAVO, NDR is one of those difficult approach airfields that is at the bottom of an enclosing depression.


DON MOORE, 09-13-06, NVO4-KSUA, 63, BGAD042, ???, Having a seniors moment!


DON MOORE, 09-09-06, RKSI-RKPP, 59, BGAD042, B737-400, A scenic VFR flight starting at Incheon/Seoul Intl.and following the west coast south to Kwang Ju and then east to Busan Aero.   That was the intent until I mistook Gimhae (RKPK) for Busan aero and consequently lost a landing bonus.


Dean Johnson, 09-16-06, KPHX-KPHX, 110, bgas044, B-26, Just got back from a 4 month trip.  Had to see if I could fly.  Touch and goes And pattern work at Phoenix  KPHX.


John Franco, 09-16-06, KBOS-KHVN, 55, BGAN011, DC3, Late Night flyin'. The New Haven Control Tower is closed after 10pm Eastern Time.


Tom Burrill, 09-16-06, NZNP-NZHN, 48, bgak033, DC3, Nice flight from New Plymouth New Zealand to Hamilton with the Freeware Scenery Installed as found on Very good view and excellent frame rates.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-16-06, ksea-kfhr, 31, bgas001, DC-3, 45 gal


Jim Urquhart, 09-116-06, KBKL-KDSM, 236, BGAS041, DC3, via KGSH KMLI


Bill Von Sennet, 09-15-06, yymi-yboi, 26, bgas001, DC-3, 42 gal


Bill Von Sennet, 09-15-06, ybau-yymi, 19, bgas001, DC-3, 33 gal


Bill Von Sennet, 09-15-06, yhid-ybau, 13, bgas001, DC-3, 23 gal


John Franco, 09-16-06, KRIC-KBOS, 99, BGAN011, B737, Boston Moonlighting ATC Session on West Coast. Had a near ground collision with VAA_007 (we were 100 feet from each other) I 180'd and everything was OK.


Jim Urquhart, 09-16-06, KLGA-KBKL, 155, BGAS041, DC3, via KABE


Gary McCarty, 09-16-06, YBAM-AYDU, 212, bgas031, WACO YMF, YHID-YBAU-YWBS-YCCT-YMUI-YYMI-YSII


John Franco, 09-16-06, KPVC-KHVN, 34, BGAN011, LJ45, Home at Last


John Franco, 09-16-06, KACK-KPVC, 45, BGAN011, DC3, made a quick stop at Chatham Muni. Was flown with bgad042 and some others on WCATC Srv 1.


John Franco, 09-16-06, KBOS-KBOS, 93, BGAN011, B722, Morning Freight run to Burlington, VT and back to Boston


David R. Evans, 09-15-06, CYRL-CYTL-CYRL, 226, bgak014, Dhc-2 Bever, Little brisk this morning,as loaded the 4 nature photographers and gear into the plane,4/8 cumulas and a 4 knt.head wind,climbed to 4000ft to smooth the flight,and made the lodge in 2 hours. picked up the young couple who was concerned about catching there return flight,so i told them to strap in ,hang on,and call out if they spot any flocks of birds,broke ground got over the trees and banked hard south,32"and2000rpm,5knt tail wind made it with time to spare.better get more fuel as i burned all but 10 gal on this hop.


Jim Gray, 16-09-06, YMML-YPPH, 806, bgad023, dc3, BGAD519 YMML-YPAD-YPCD-YPKG-YPPH.


Jim Gray, 16-09-06, YMML-YPPH, 806, bgad023, dc3, BGAD YMML-YPAD-YPCD-YPKG-YPPH.


Steve Whiting, 09-15-06, KLEX-KORF, 129, BGAN018, B-18, P0009S


PAT DALEY, 09-15-06, KDCA-KCRW, 110, bgak029, Curtis Condor, Stop at KEKN


Gary McCarty, 09-15-06, YDBY-YDBY, 267, bgas031, Beech 18, YARG-YHLC-YARG


Bill Von Sennet, 09-15-06, kstl-ktul, 140, bgas001, Vultee V1A, 111 gal flew most of flight with 1 notch of flaps  (yikes)  wondered why I needed so much power to maintain cruise.


Ed Burke, 09-15-06, YSSY - YMEN, 72, bgad011, B722, First ops in the old tri-burner, a quick bird.


John Franco, 09-14-06, KSFO-KSCK, 47, BGAN011, DC3, just a quick trip uo to Stockton CA. In the real world there is a small racetrack that attracts people in that town. I think its going to be closed down tho.


Bill Hendrix, 09-14-06, KCBM-KVPS, 75, bgas046, T-28A, Lost WCATC server as well as Teamspeak, otherwise it was a nice flight.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-14-06, eddf-edmo, 78, bgas001, DC-3, 135 gal  DCA Berlin Airlift test flight - online


Gary McCarty, 09-14-06, YDBY-YDBY, 417, bgas031, DC-4, YPKU-YNGU-YPKU


Serdar Badoglu, 09-14-06, KLGA-KCLE, 218, BGAM009, Waco Mailwing, Stopped at Du Bois for refuelling..


John Lawler, 09-13-06, KEWR-KBOS, 119, bgad017, Curtiss-Wright Condor, American Airlines "Early Bird" Service #2, via KHVN and KHFD. The Condor, despite it's looks, handles pretty well. It's only vices (so far) are:- awkward to taxi with a tail-wind or side-wind (turns can turn into groundloops), and, although it will touch down smoothly on two wheels at well above the "book" landing speed, it then takes forever before the the tail comes down. Treated properly, it's fine.   ------------

John Franco, 09-13-06, EGBJ-EGSS, 60, BGAN011, BE58, first successful flight since an internet crash. Im back up now.


Gary McCarty, 09-13-06, YPPH-YPDN, 294, bgas031, B727-200, YCAR-YPKA-YDBY


Pat Daley, 09-13-06, KBOS-KEWR, 74, bgak029, Condor, AA 1935 FLIGHT


Jim Urquhart, 09-12-06, KDET-KBOS, 335, BGAS041, DC3, via KERI KBUF KSYR


Bill Von Sennet, 09-12-06, kmdw-kstl, 93, bgas001, Vultee V1, 65 gal


john di benedetto, 09-12-06, SKBU-SEIB, 60, BGAN048, beechcraft kingair 350, ivao world tour vfr 2006


Gary McCarty, 09-12-06, YPDN-YPPH, 312, bgas031, B727-200, YDBY-YPKA-YCAR


Bill Hendrix, 09-12-06, KATL-KPNS, 75, bgas046, Super Connie, 10500', via weone, MGM, MVC, landed rwy 17


Terry Wright, 09-12-06, CYZF-CYZF, 144, bgak007, Beech D18, Rainy and heavy clouds on flight out to Ft Simson (CYFS) yesterday, but very nice this morning for return trip.


Don Hulick, 09-12-06, KLEX-KLOU, 43, bgan033, Waco Ato BGA Flying School, Bluegrass Field, Lexington , to Bowman Field, Louisville.


Luke, 09-09-06, LSMI-LSMM, 59, BGAN021, baron 58, Flight with Thor...bush flying or should I say alpine flying in Swiss-land. Easy flight...the next was more difficult as I took the wrong valley and crashed climbing a pass however this flight not a problem. I generally try to stay away from the run of the mill aircraft such as the baron, and the usual cessna's. I like flying stuff that you don't see in every 2nd flight plan broadcast over fshostspy. Still enjoyed flying something mundane for a change.


Jim Urquhart, 09-11-06, KFAR-KDET, 282, BGAS041, DC3, via KFCM KMWC KLAN


09-09-06, SAME-SCVM, 59, BGAN021, , SCAN.SAL.


Don Hulick, 09-10-06, KSGH-KLEX, 78, bgan033, Waco ATO BGA Flying School, Springfield, Ohio to Lexington, Ky


Tom Burrill, 09-11-06, KBOS-KBVT, 90, bgak033, DC2, Flight from Boston to Burlington VT for the first time in the DC2. This is a 2002 aircraft and I have not flown that in a while. Kept being bumped off West Coast IP.


Gary McCarty, 09-11-06, FIMP-YPDN, 569, bgas031, CV-990, YPPH


Bill Hendrix, 09-11-06, KMDW-KUMP, 57, bgas046, Vultee V1A, Took off from Chicago in a thunderstorm but weather got better enroute, landed rwy 15.


Paul van den Berg, 09-10-06, Farewell Hrbr Resort-Knight Inlet Lodge., 23, bgak036, Beech 18 Floats, ..and on to the nice Lodge well hidden deep into the Knight Inlet.


Paul van den Berg, 09-10-06, CAT5-Farewell Harbor Resort, 12, bgak036, Beech 18 Floats, Short hop to deliver some freight to the resort. Location: island in the Johnstone Strait near Vancouver Island.


Tom Burrill, 09-10-06, 78U-OR12, 85, bgak033, Beaver DHC2 Anphib, Flight donw the Snake River through Hell's Canyon from Lewisto to OxBow  Idaho. Pilotage navigation


Jim Urquhart, 09-10-06, KALN-KFAR, 249, BGAS041, DC3, via KMLS KBIS


Gary McCarty, 09-10-06, FIMP-FIMP, 421, bgas031, CV-990, FAJS


Jim Urquhart, 09-10-06, KBFI-KALN, 162, BGAS041, DC3, via KSFF


JohnL, 09-10-6, KMDW-KDAL, 357, bgad017, Vultee V1A, KMDW-KSTL 106 min; KSTL-KTUL 131 min; KTUL-KOKC 52 min; KOKC-KDAL 68 min.  


Terry Wright, 09-10-06, CYZF-CYZF, 95, bgak007, Beech D18, Y'knife Hub flight to Rae Lakes (CYRZ) and return. Lots of haze, cloud and fog..not much terrain, though. No flight probs.


John Lawler, 09-10-06, KMDW-KLUK, 118, bgad017, Vultee V1A, KMDW - KUMP 67 minutes; KUMP - KLUK 51 minutes.


John Lawler, 09-10-06, KLUK-KMDW, 109, bgad017, Vultee V1A, KLUK-KUMP - 49 minutes; KUMP-KMDW 60 minutes


DON MOORE, 09-05-06, ENGM-ENSD, 66, BGAD042, AC 50, A trip over some of Scandinavia's lovely Fjiord country.  Beautifully desolate.


DON MOORE, 09-04-06, VNLK-VNBJ, 39, BGAD042, PIPER TRIPACER, An interesting flight in Nepal into a very difficult destination,not only is this destination sometimes easy to lose sight of even when arriving but it is also hard to enter and touch down with safety.   Its akin to a bath tub that has a breached side buried into the slope of a steep mountain.


DON MOORE, 09-04-06, CBQ8-CBD5, 36, BGAD042, DHC 6-300, Another scenic in the lovely British Columbia


DON MOORE, 09-02-06, LEAB-LEAM, 155, BGAD042, MOONEY BRAVO, Flight 9 of an around Spain plan.


Gryphon Rossi, 09-09-06, KBHM-KTPA, 110, bgas009, L-749 Constellation, Beautifull night flight into my lovely home town Tampa FL. Nice smooth landing on the generious 11,002' runway.


Jim Urquhart, 09-09-06, KRAL-KBFI, 294, BGAS041, DC3, via KFCH KOAK KMFR KPDX


Paul Mensch, 09-10-06, SGNB-SWJW, 223, BGAN047, DC3, IVAO vfr TOUR LEG 12


Steve Whiting, 09-09-06, KLEX-KORD, 178, BGAN018, B-18, M0001R.  KLEX to KIND to KORD.  Flown under VATSIM.


Tom Burrill, 09-09-06, KTRM-KBUR, 70, bgak033, Curtiss Condor, FLight on Westcoast with Bill BGAS001 and myself. Nice flight and navigation critical as there were high mountains on either side of the route. Also visibiility reduced at Burbank. However a visual landing was possible.


Gary McCarty, 09-09-06, YPDN-FIMP, 611, bgas031, CV-990, YPPH


Bill Von Sennet, 09-09-06, ktrm-kbur, 60, bgas001, Condor, MP flight with bgak033 - departed rw17 - weather deteriorated over San Bernardino - landed RW 15


Paul van den Berg, 09-06-06, GCTS-GCTS, 48, BGAK036, 737-700, More T&G's at Tenerife (South). Short circuits and X-wind landings all the way.


Paul van den Berg, 09-06-06, LPMA-GCTS, 63, BGAK036, 737-700, Madeira - Tenerife (South). Nice descent over the island according STAR. Strong cross wind landing.


Paul van den Berg, 09-04-06, LEBL-LEBL, 58, BGAK036, 737-700, Training: touch & go's and more touch & go's...


Gryphon Rossi, 09-07-06, KCHS-KBHM, 93, bgas009, L-749 Constellation, Low ceiling,turbulance, smooth landing on time.


Jim Urquhart, 09-07-06, KFTW-KRYN, 336, BGAS041, DC3, via KINK KELP


Luke, 09-06-06, KSUU-KLSN, 26, BGAN021, Hunting pembroke, Nice flight to teach son how to fly on other computer so he might someday soon become paret of the westcoast elite...


Pat Daley, 09-07-06, KMIA-KMIA, 164, bgak029, DC-9, Stop at Montego bay


Paul Mensch, 09-07-06, SAST-SGFI, 95, BGAN047, DC3, Leg 10 Ivao VFR world tour


Rick Miller, 09-07-06, CYQH-CYXY, 95, bgak016, Twin Otter, Rain cleared, fuel and tourist pax loaded and we all went to Whitehorse.  Delivered the new Twin Otter for immediate use.


Bill Agee, 09-07-06, 0SA-KOLE, 112, BGAS006, C140, Via, KTUS-KOMA-KDMA-KOLS.  Fuel 52 lbs.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-07-06, kdet-kmdw, 100, bgas001, DC-2, 137 gal


Gary McCarty, 09-07-06, YPAD_YPAD, 340, bgas031, Beech 18, YIMB-YCBP-YOOD-YCBP-YIMB


Gary McCarty, 09-04-06, KFOE-EGYM, 555, bgas031, RB-57B, ME16-LPLA


Ron Jorgensen, 09/06, NLWW  NTKT, 1358, BGAK030, DHC-2F, ATW Legs 81 > 90


Jim Urquhart, 09-06-06, KHOU-KFTW, 100, BGAS041, DC3, via KACT


Luke, 09-05-06, ENGM-ENSD, 53, BGAN021, AC-500, STG (ndb) Dissapointed with the scenery in Norway. Run out of time after waiting for everyone else who decided to come along on all 3 servers so I changed to a howard 500 shortly after take off and got a dose of real speed. I really enjoy a flight that ends up with so many aviators on so many servers all landing at one small feild. ENSD is an interesting approach being in a fjord.


Luke, 09-05-06, YBAF-YBBN, 27, BGAN021, Sikorsky S-70B-6, Nice bird to fly the agean-hawk...nato version of a sea-hawk/black hawk. A kick around flight to fill in time...The only egg-beater I usually fly is the osprey and occasionally a chinook, CH46 or uh-1 huey. I dont mind some of the early mil either.


Luke, 09-04-06, KLAS-KEDW, 27, BGAN021, ac500, Flight with Barry and a chance to tackle the issue of not seeing what other people are flying. We were both on an ac500 however Barry had a rockwell and I had an aero-design. Tried changing the ui for one model with fs manager but still he flew a beech MSA


Luke, 09-01-06, 2u7-13ID, 27, BGAN021, EP-3E Aries II, U63. Bush flying with Thor...scenery still on max...not having a good day.


Luke, 09-01-06, KSUU-KMFR, 8, BGAN021, EP-3E Aries II, Raised gear, raised flaps, dropped, what more can I say...


Luke, 09-01-06, 3u2-id41, 8, BGAN021, an-14 little bee, Ok so I had my scenery set on max...not good...kept having trees crash into me... tried it latter with normal scenery in an ac50 offline and wooshka, landed perficly


Luke, 09-01-06, 3u2-id41, 27, BGAN021, Dewoitine D520, OK so two things spring to mind here. The D520 flies differently in CFS3 than in FS9. Perhaps I should swap flight dynamics with the combat model. Secondly the vichy french fighter isn't made for bush flying. It's made for lucky hits against nazi fighters, for which it is my weapon of choice.


Luke, 09-01-06, FOOC-FBGT, 16, BGAN021, bf-109g, flight with thor. the ME109 was a pleasure to fly. handled the decent to Bata nicely.


Gary McCarty, 09-06-06, YPAD_YPAD, 219, bgas031, Beech 18, YWHA-YPWR-YAMK-YPWR-YWHA


Gary McCarty, 09-06-06, YPAD_YPAD, 163, bgas031, Beech 18, YGWA-YMTG-YGWA


Bill Hendrix, 09-06-06, KCBM-KBLV, 78, bgas046, C-133, WCATC flight, had to take some equipment to Scott AFB, Illinois (see screenshot)


Jim Urquhart, 09-06-06, KNEW-KHOU, 126, BGAS041, DC3, via KLCH


Terry Wright, 09-06-06, CYZF-CYZF, 127, bgak007, DC-5, Yellowknife to Ekati (CYOA) and return. Lots of lightning around Yellowknife, cloudy elsewhere. Relatively light winds, but quite turbulent at times. No probs anywhere.


Gryphon Rossi, 09-05-06, TXKF-KCHS, 199, bgas009, L-749 Constellation, 1st half of flight was smooth & clear last half was rainy & bumpy. Low vis and stormy in to South Carolina. Was a smooth landing and the passangers where just happy to get home a little battle worn from over doing it perhaps, over the long weekend in Bermuda. 


John Franco, 09-05-06, KHVN-KMMK, 24, BGAN011, C172SP, I gave a whack at the fairly new VOR runway 36 approach to Meriden Markham Munincipal airport. I think its a great approach. Practice makes perfect.


Jim Urquhart, 09-05-06, KMIA-KNEW, 278, BGAS041, DC3, via KCTY KCEW


Tom Burrill, 09-05-06, KCMH-KLOU, 86, bgak033, Curtiss Condor, Flight to LOuisville from Columbus in instrument weather which improved at Louisville.Had to make two go rounds to line up properly. The Condor is an intersting aircraft to fly.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-05-06, kbuf-kdet, 91, bgas001, DC-2, 129 gal


Gary McCarty, 09-05-06, YPAD_YPAD, 296, bgas031, Beech 18, YLEC-YOOM-YLEC


Gary McCarty, 09-05-06, YMML-YMML, 199, bgas031, CV-440, YPAD


john di benedetto, 09-04-06, MPJE-SKBU, 66, BGAN048, BEECHCRAFT KINGAIR 350, IVAO VFR WORLD TOUR 2006 LEG 3


Meryl D Coon, 09-04-06, S10 KMWH, 37, BGAN038, C-7 Caribou(DHC-4), Chelan Muni to Moses Lake/Grant Co Int.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-04-06, kewr-kbuf, 113, bgas001, DC-2, 173 gal


Bill Hendrix, 09-04-06, KDCA-KJWN, 180, bgas046, DC-2, Washington to Nashville, American Airlines flight.


Jim Urquhart, 09-04-06, KFLO-KMIA, 247, BGAS041, DC3, via KSAV KDAB


Jim Urquhart, 09-04-06, KDCA-KFLO, 143, BGAS041, DC3, via KRDU


David R. Evans, 09-04-06, KEWR-KFTW, 611, bgak015, DC-2, departed KEWR on time and refueled at Nashville,the despatcher just got off the phone with Ft.Worth and a line of sever storms just went through tops estimaded @ 30,000ft . 62 Miles out of KDAL I ran through them turbulance so bad it bent the hands on the rate of climb and a flash light showed the skin got some new wrinkles...the crew a few new gray hairs.


Ed Burke, 09-04-06, KBJI - KSTC, 49, bgad011, C421c, Back in the air after a long break.  A belated start to the big river fling.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-03-05, kluk-kluk, 48, bgas001, DC-2, Testing DC-2 flew up north and turned around near Airborne Airpark  KILN


Jim Urquhart, 09-03-06, KBOS-KDCA, 156, BGAS041, DC3, vis KEWR


David R. Evans, 09-03-06, PAFA-PANC, 70, bgak015, DC-4, Weather getting colder, as the DC-4 is full up with empty barrels to get refilled and flown back into the wilderness. everything in the green an started the climb over the range,winds aloft made for some bumbs and those empty drums sounded like the tail was comeing off,once over the top trimmed to 400fpm descent all the way to Anchorage.


Gary McCarty, 09-03-06, NZWN-YMML, 314, bgas031, L-049A  Constellation, Note: The L-049A has cowl flap drag. About 24kts. TAS at 203psi BMEP.


Jim Urquhart, 09-03-06, KCAR-KBOS, 147, BGAS041, DC3, via KBGR


John Franco, 09-03-06, KTAN-KOWD, 22, BGAN011, C208B, a short Fedex cargo run in the Wiggins Airways (FedEx Feeder) paintscheme.


Rick Miller, 09-03-06, CYXS-CYQH, 180, bgak016, Twin Otter, Been a good trip to ferry new Twin Otter back to Whitehorse from Vancouver, despite #1 failure.  Ed and I got early start from Prince George for Watson Lake.  Decided to follow trench but climbed 7000 in morning fog.  Couldn't find any DME in this twin but picked up Mackenzie NDB to back up the GPS. Viz< 10 mi.  Picked up Wilburville VOR for comfort.  Hour into flight, partial clearing and went down to 4500 ft., northern area of Williston Lake very pretty.  Finbow strip CBF2 so pretty, we landed to stretch legs and talk to somebody-nobody there.  Then it was back up to 7500 with the chart showing no place much to land from there to Watson and with the trench bottom rising.  At 170 miles out of Watson and before 7500, the Watson VOR kicked in.  Picked up Finlay river with storm clouds closing in from west. At 70 miles out of Watson,river wanders north and we resisted the urge to follow--stayed course 300--down to 90 gallons. Went down to 4500 and Ed took control for landing.  At 20 miles out, a Lear announced on Watson advisory that he was 20 miles out from the west for 8.  He zipped in and cleared before Ed slithered in on 26 before the rain.


Barry Theodore, 09-03-06, KMDW-KUMP, 54, bgad012, Vultee, A nice warm up flight from American Airlines 1935 Flights (thanks to Bill). Flew this one on  WestCoast ATC. Came in a little hot but managed to stop just before the end of the runway.


Don Hulick, 09-02-06, KZZV-KSGH, 58, bgan033, Waco ATO BGA Flight School, Zanesville, OH to Springfield OH.


Gryphon Rossi, 08-02-06, KCHS-TXKF, 207, bgas009, L-749 Constellation, Wow! what can I say about this flight? Tropical stormy weather, out in the Atlantic trying to find a dot in the middle of knowhere. Trusting my crude intruments and VFR skills. Gently falling out the sky not seeing the landing strip untill under the 700' cloud cover. What a welcome site. Hope the passangers have a wonderfull stay at beautifull Bermuda!


Bill Hendrix, 09-02-06, KEWR-KPNE-KDCA, 92, bgas046, AAL DC-2, Newark to Washington with stop at KPNE, WCATC flight.


john di benedetto, 09-02-06, MRPV-MPJE, 106, BGAN048, BEECHCRAFT KINGAIR 350, IVAO WORLD TOUR VFR 2006


Paul Mensch, 09-02-06, MRPV-MPJE, 110, BGAN047, Convair 240`, Ivao leg 2 world VFR tour together with BGAN048


Joe Weber, 09-02-06, KATL-KVLD, 58, BGAN002, Martin 404, Testing new Panel


Bill Von Sennet, 09-02-06, kcrw-kluk, 67, bgas001, Curtiss Condor, 82 gal  flew on WestCoastATC free server 2 (bad weather) Used Direction Finder to track ILS rw 3 frequency


Gary McCarty, 09-02-06, YMML-YMML, 262, bgas031, Douglas DC-5, YKII-YWYY-YSRN-YWYY-YKII


David R. Evans, 09-02-06, 5NK1-KMDW, 312, bgak015, DC-2 AAL, Sept.2 1936 Rainy,overcast mourning as the last passenger closed her umbrella before entering the aircraft,the trees looked taller than usual,as i looked down the runway,still rain as we landed at KBUF,the increaseing easterly wind getting us there 5 minutes early,loaded another passenger,and departed for KDET,at CPA4,wind gust to 20Knts and sharp turbulance as a squall line appeared ahead,slowed to penetrate,some of the passengers got nervouse,but calmed down as the sky stared to clear on the other side,landed at KDET gained another 10 min,most got off and a group of new navy regruits headed for great lakes boarded,going to need them if Adolf an Tojo keep it up. weather nicer still a tail wind and arrived at Midway 20MIn ahead.Little did we know some of the passengers would be at another Midway half way around the world from here.


John Franco, 09-02-06, KWST-KHVN, 33, BGAN011, Vultee V1, This was a test flight. Seems like she has low drag but thats not a problem for me. I Like this bird.


Tom Burrill, 09-02-06, KBOS-KEWR, 87, bgak033, Curtiss Condor, An IFR flight into Newark with ground reference ok at 3000 ft. A nice ariplane and visual approach was possible.


Luke, 08-30-06, W49-CYLW, 48, BGAN021, Dornier seastar, CAU3 flight with Don & others. Nice approach to Kelowna, one of my fav canadian hidey holes. Quick descent flight.


Bill Von Sennet, 09-01-06, kekn-kcrw, 43, bgas001, Curtiss Condor, 56 gal


John Franco, 09-01-06, KSBA-KLAX, 65, BGAN011, B247D, I did my share to help alleviate the stress of the LA Controller on another MP server.


john di benedetto, 09-01-06, MHTG-MRPV, 105, BGAN048, BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 350, IVAO VFR TOUR 2006 LEG 1


Rick Miller, 09-01-06, CYWL-CYXS, 55, bgak016, Twin Otter, Ed used about half hour at Willimas Lake strip to make checks on new P&W #1.  Everything checked nicely, and we were off to Prince George for dinner and a layover.  Smooth flight-#1 spinning good.  Tomorrow early it's on to Watson Lake.


Gary McCarty, 09-01-06, YMML-YMML, 320, bgas031, Douglas DC-5, YFLI-YDPO-YMHB-YDPO-YFLI


John Franco, 09-01-06, CYYR-BGBW, 310, BGAN011, DC3, Nasty weather encountered the whole trip. I had to make a belly landing at BGBW airfield (Narsarsuag, Greenland) I am going to rest a while before proceeding to Iceland. I made a successful belly landing and FSPassengers rewarded me with 1430 bonus points and 0 penalty points. I made one low pass before i shot the landing.


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 08-31-06, KSDM-MMML, 66, bgas003, D18S, Part of flight M11P.


John Franco, 08-31-06, KMTV-KRDU, 64, BGAN011, B247D, Hurricane Ernesto Galore. I was in the soup the whole way. Had a right main gear collapse at RDU due to a weird flare.


John Franco, 08-31-06, KBOS-KEWR, 96, BGAN011, Curtiss Condor, The extra time that contradicts the original timetable is due to me fiddling with the fuel tanks. The imbalance cause me to run dry in the left wing. I made a fuel stop at Sikorsky Memorial Airport (KBDR) and was on my way to Newark with no further problems because i used autostart to keep fuel selectors in the "all" position


Paul Mensch, 08-31-06, SLET-SAST, 90, BGAN047, Convair 240, Ivao World VFR tour 2006 leg 9


Paul Mensch, 08-31-06, KSEA-CYVR, 42, BGAN047, TU114, Testflight


Bill Von Sennet, 08-31-06, kdca-kekn, 67, bgas001, Curtis Condor, 4500'  up to 6500 over the ridges


Gary McCarty, 08-31-06, YMML-YMML, 225, bgas031, DHC-3 Otter, YWBL-YNHL-YWBL


Gary McCarty, 08-31-06, YMML-YMML, 155, bgas031, DHC-3 Otter, YBDG-YSWH-YBDG


Terry Wright, 08-31-06, CYXY-CYXY, 171, bgak 007, Beech D-18, Whitehorse Hub flight to Dawson (CYDA) and return. Overcast and rain at Whitehorse clearing enroute to Dawson. Clear on return. Temp was -10C at departure, +12C on return.


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 08-30-06, KMYF-KSDM, 32, bgas003, D18S, Part of flight M11P


Rick Miller, 08-30-06, CAV3-CYWL, 30, bgak016, Twin Otter, Error in last report--emergency landing accomplished at 100 Mile House strip, not 108 as filed.  Ed caught a Beaver down from Whitehorse, ended up ordering an overhauled P&W with low hours for Twin Otter, flown in by a Shorts 360 from Vancouver to the 108 strip. There goes the budget for the holiday party this year.  They brought the P&W over to 100 Mile strip by truck.  Helped Ed change out, went through some checks, then off to Williams Lake to continue back to Watson then home.  Flew up to 9000 fast,to be safe, then right back down into Williams Lake strip so Ed could make some more checks on P&W.