Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

June 2007



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Bill Von Sennet, 06-30-07, nps-pcis, 680, bgas001, B-314 Clipper, 11942# fuel non-stop - route via Palmyra  Testing flight dynamics


Gary McCarty, 06-30-07, SVMI-SVMI, 472, bgas031, Mooney Bravo, MPTO


Paul van den Berg, 06-29-07, EGHI-LEIB, 143, BGAK036, 767-300, Going out of the eternal RAIN ! to seek the sun. 


Paul van den Berg, 06-30-07, TNCM-TISX, 29, BGAK036, Cargo-Connie, First revenue ops. Short hop.


Paul van den Berg, 06-26-07, TIST-TNCM, 32, BGAK036, Cargo-Connie, ferry


Ron Jorgensen, 06/30/07, PAFA  PANC, 98, BGAK030, DHC-3 T, PANC Wx  050 BKN 15  C


Ron Jorgensen, 06/30/07, KMOT  KMIT, 9, BGAK030, DH-4 , Test hop.  This sucker won't hardly stop upon landing.


Allan Lowson, 06-30-07, KAKR-H80, 150, bgam007, DH-4M, DH-4 model comes with a fuel tank of 31 gallons, instead of 110 - makes quite a difference in the range!


Bill Hendrix, 06-29-07, KMCI-KFYV, 63, bgas046, Saab 340, real wx, 9500', landed straight-in rwy 16.


Gary McCarty, 06-29-07, SVMI-SVMI, 177, bgas031, PA28-236, TNCB-SVCR


Bill Von Sennet, 06-29-07, pcis-nwwm, 648, bgas001, B-314 Clipper, 2345 gal Canton Island - Noumea New Caldonia


Bill Von Sennet, 06-28-07, nps-pcis, 600, bgas001, B-314 Clipper, 3114 gal  Pearl Harbor - Canton Island


Dan George, 06-29-07, KFOK to KLWB, 110, BGAN040, PIPER CHEYENNE II, Charter from KFOK (The Gabreski) Westhampton Beach NY to Lewisburg WV.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/29, PANC  PAOM, 65, BGAK030, MD-83, YUK


Gary McCarty, 06-28-07, TKPK-TKPK, 303, bgas031, A-26B, SVJC






Jon Carlson, 06-27-07, FU7 - CES3, 101, bgas012, D.H.82 Tiger Moth, Picked up airplane from Wolf Lake airfield and returned to my home base at St Albert. Excellent flight. Been away too long.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/27, PABR  POAM, 132, BGAK030, DHC-7, 1 refueling stop


Gary McCarty, 06-27-07, TKPK-TKPK, 307, bgas031, Beech V35, TTPP


Ian Robertson, 06-27-07, VVPC-VVPC, 66, BGAN044, F-104, Overfly VVPT


Ian Robertson, 06-27-07, VVPC-VVPC, 90, BGAN044, F-4B, Overfly VVCI


Bill Hendrix, 06-26-07, KCBM-KPAM, 75, bgas046, T-6 Texan II, Late evening flight.  Dark when I arrived at Tyndall AFB. Landed ILS rwy 31R.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/25, PANC  PAFA, 109, BGAK030, DHC-6, C2-100-1


Gary McCarty, 06-26-07, TFFR-TKPK, 347, bgas031, PA28-180, TFFF-TBPB-TGPY


Patrick Stewart, 06-26-07, KBKV - KJOT, 402, bgas060, Baron 58, Real wx.  Long flight.  Found the AP, landed safely.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/25, 19AK  PAKT, 184, BGAK030, DHC-2T, Two stops between


Ruud Heijnen, 06-25-07, KFMY-KMIA, 120, bgas051, PBY-5A, BGA flight CAR65: Cape Coral - Marathon - Miami.


Patrick Stewart, 06-25-07, KDAB - KBKV, 61, bgas060, C-182RG, Real time/wx flight.  Out on RWY 7R, cruise at 4,500 and in on RWY 27.


Ian Robertson, 06-26-07, VTBU-VTBU, 114, BGAN044, B-52H, Overfly VVNS


Ian Robertson, 06-25-07, VVPC-VVPC, 198, BGAN044, B-57B, Overfly VVNB


Gary McCarty, 06-25-07, MBGT-TKPK, 196, bgas031, Cessna 310, TISX-TNCM


Patrick Stewart, 06-25-07, KBKV - KDAB, 54, bgas060, C-182RG, Real time/wx flight.  Winds calm, departed RWY 9, flew 3,500, AR RWY 7R.  Parked in SE parking.


Ian Robertson, 06-25-07, VVPC-VVPC, 60, BGAN044, F-4E, Overfly VVKS


Bill Cox, 06-21-07, KHSP-KLUK, 97, bgan041, C177RG, IFR @ 8000', Hot Springs, VA to Cincinnati, OH.


laurie cooper, 06-25-07, 19N-KEWR, 40, BGAD039, DC-3, NIGHT FLIGHT-CAMDEN-NEWARK


laurie cooper, 06-25-07, CYHZ-CYYG, 156, BGA039, DC-3, -CYPD-CYQY-


Ian Robertson, 06-24-07, VVPC-VVPC, 108, BGAN044, F-104, Overfly VVCI


Gary McCarty, 06-24-07,  MDPC-MBGT, 245, bgas031, C-177RG, TJNR


Ian Robertson, 06-24-07, VVPC-VVPC, 78, BGAN044, A1-H, Free flight


laurie cooper, 06-24-07, LIMC-EGWU, 162, BGAD039, DC-4, NICE FLIGHT OVER THE ALPS


Meryl Coon, 06-23-07, YSFS-YSCH, 117, BGAN038, Cessna 210M Centurion II, Schofields to Coffs Harbour. Bumby and dodging storms. Climbed to 9000 to top clouds.


Gary McCarty, 06-23-07, MBGT-MDPC, 293, bgas031, C-177RG, MTPP-MDCR-MBGT


Steve Sellmeyer, 06-23-07, PAUM-PABT, 50, BGAK056, C-123 PROVIDER,


Ron Jorgensen, 06/23, AK71  POLI, 44, BGAK030, F-24, Another GCI/GCA


Bill Von Sennet, 06-23-07, lfbt-leap, 72, bgas001, DC-3, Project Iberia MP flight with bgad012 (Barry) - bgad042 (Don) - bgan021 (Luke) - bagd050 (Geoffrey) - bgan035 (Stuart) - bgas049 (Warren)   Leg 2, with a missed approach at lege  Total fuel used 223 gal


Bill Von Sennet, 06-23-07, lfbz-lfbt, 59, bgas001, DC-3, Project Iberia MP flight with bgad012 (Barry) - bgad042 (Don) - bgan021 (Luke) - bagd050 (Geoffrey) - bgan035 (Stuart) - bgas049 (Warren)


Ron Jorgensen, 06/23, PABR  AK71, 35, BGAK030, M Bravo, Been to a couple of these places R/W


Luke, 06-21-07, KMGM-KIAH, 56, BGAN021, 7e7-800 Flights of fancy, Call it Bluegrasses proving flight in the 7e7...Perfomed admirally...


Luke, 06-19-07, LIMW-LFLJ, 6, BGAN021, AC-520, Nice...took of at a normally normal feild in Italy...Crossed the hump on the border at 12000ft and had 10 miles to get down to the feild (Courchevel) in France...Got the plan for this flight from you-tube (see June screenshots) Hard twist to get around the wee forest on approach...made it after doing a one wheel landing. Needed all of the 1300 climbrate of the commander to climb the hump.


Luke, 06-17-07, SKBQ-SKAS, 52, BGAN021, 737-800 Bluegrass (Fsx), Took Geoff Mason into 3 De-mayo to show him one of those places you can bush fly a heavy...The type of places that give passengers high fear ratings...


Luke, 06-17-07, TIST-TNCA, 53, BGAN021, Nimrod, Started out using the tu-144 in qantas colours with eager anticipation however as we all know...occasionally yuo get a model thats just made wrong.


Don Moore, 06-20-07, MBPV-KMIA, 113, Bgad042, Kingair 350, A Westcoast ATC adventure flight, great stuff.


Don Moore, 06-20-07, RJAA-RJNH, 48, Bgad042, Kingair 350, A flight over the top of Fuji Yama, magnifficent sight.


Ian Robertson, 06-22-07, VVPB-VVPB, 114, BGAN044, RA-5C, Overfly VVNS


Gary McCarty, 06-22-07, KOPF-MBGT, 323, bgas031, C-172, MYBC-MYNN-MYEF-MBPV


Bill Von Sennet, 06-21-07, kakr-kcle, 19, bgas001, Stinson Tri-Motor, 13 gal


Bill Von Sennet, 06-21-07, kagc-kakr, 42, bgas001, Stinson Tri-Motor, 30 gal


Bill Von Sennet, 06-21-07, kdca-kagc, 85, bgas001, Stinson Tri-Motor, 60 gal




Ian Robertson, 06-22-07, RODN-RODN, 576, BGAN044, B-47, overfly VVNB and return, avoiding Chinese airspace.


Patrick Stewart, 06-21-07, P01 - KYUM, 91, bgas060, Piper J-3, 22 leg.  Made it to Yuma w/o GPS.


Ian Robertson, 06-21-07, VVTS-VVTS, 168, BGAN044, F-4B, VVNS


Bill Hendrix, 06-21-07, KBEC-KCBM, 112, bgas046, Pilatus PC-21, Flew at FL210, via TUL and LFR, landed ILS rwy 31C.


Gary McCarty, 06-21-07, X44-X44, 130, bgas031, C-206, MYAW


Gary McCarty, 06-21-07, KOPF-KOPF, 158, bgas031, PA28-236, KPBI-MYGF-MYAW


Bill Von Sennet, 06-20-07, lfbz-lesu, 120, bgas001, DC-3, MP flight with bgan035 - bgak013 - bgad032



Ian Robertson, 6-21-07, VVPC-VVPC, 180, BGAN044, F-104, VLPV


Paul mensch, 06-20-07, IVAO SwissVFR tour, 514, BGAN047, Several, Aircrafts flown: DC3, CurtissC46, AeroCommander, Beverley Blackburn, PBY Catalina


Gary McCarty, 06-20-07, KOPF-KOPF, 443, bgas031, Piper Seneca V, MWCR-MKJS-MKJP


Ron Jorgensen, 06/20, PAOM IWK, 44, BGAK030, PC-12, WX: 015 BKB 035 OVC 10 210/10


Ian Robertson, 6-20-07, VVPC-VVPC, 168, BGAN044, F-100D, VLPV


Dan George, 06-20-07, KFOK to KLWB, 170, BGAN040, Beech D18S, Charter flight from Westhampton Beach NY to Lewisburg WV.


Patrick Stewart, 06-20-07, EHAM - LFMN, 123, bgas060, Lockheed L-043A, Stayed up too long because of mtns and came in too high. Went around to land on RWY 4L.


Don Moore, 06-16-07, FBQR-FQVL, 39, Bgad042, Kingair 350, A successful trip followed by a heavy landing which resulted in an undercarriage collapse at touchdown.


Don Moore, 06-16-07, FWKI-FQBR, 122, Bgad042, 737-400, Initially planned for destination FWCD but was directed to proceed to FQBR in neighbouring Mozambique shortly after takeoff. Had trouble keeping this airport in sight when having to go around, (fsx) however after two aborted landing attempts the third time was lucky and I arrived safely.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/18, PAKN PAUM, 338, BGAK030, DHC-2 W, 6 stops inbetween


Ruud, 06-14-07, LFBZ-LEAP, 264, bgas051, PBY-5A, Intermediate stops:LEPP, LFBT, LFCB, LESU and LEGE.


Gary McCarty, 06-19-07, KOPF-KOPF, 422, bgas031, C-210, KSAV-KGSO


laurie cooper, 06-19-07, LFOP-LFOC, 80, BGZD039, DC-3, VIA -LFPB- LE BOURGET


Ian Robertson, 6-18-07, VVPC-VVPC, 120, BGAN044, F-105D, VVCI


John Lawler, 06-18-07, YBAS-YPPH, 446, bgad017, Douglas DC-3, Via YKPG. 1st leg IFR 8000ft 5h22. 2nd leg IFR 6000ft 2h04m. Fuel used - 677 gallons.


Tom Burrill, 06-18-07, PAMC-Z17, 30, bgak033, DC3, Flight from McGrath to Ophir in Alaskan bush country. Interesting approach to a grass 1,500 ft strip which requires a go round. Reduced fuel to 400 lbs and cargo as well. Tree at end of runway was the problem. Finally got her in nice and easy.


graeme, 6-17-07, ypph-ypph, 350, bgad004, boeing 737, ypph-wrrr-ypph


Meryl Coon, 06-17-07, PABT-PAKP, 35, BGAN038, DeHavilland C-7 Caribou, Bettles to Anaktuvuk Pass


Gary McCarty, 06-17-07, KOPF-KSGJ, 119, bgas031, C-182, KORL


Allan Lowson, 07-06-16, KDCA-CYQG, 116, bgam007, Lockheed Orion, Washington-Windsor - but in Ontario. Happy official birthday QEII ma'am.


Ian Robertson, 06-17-07, VVPC-VVPB, 138, BGAN044, F-86, overfly VVNB


Ron Jorgensen, 06/17, PACV PAKN, 373, BGAK030, C 337, 3 Stops inbetween










Luke, 06-15-07, KMKG-KESC, 53, BGAn021, Metroliner III Bluegrass Cargo, .KMBL.KTVC.3MI2. Second go at previous flight. with Don BGAD042, Geoff BGAD050 Warren 049, Kenny 045.


Luke, 06-14-07, KSBM-KMKE, 22, BGAn021, Fairchild metroliner III Australian AIr Express , First half of a flight with a few BGA pilots who fly around 1930-2200 australian eastern time. Westcoast dropped out on us all so we all discontinued till later.


Luke, 06-09-07, YAMB-YWLM, 52, BGAn021, A-4 Skyhawk RNZAF, A long flight landing on fumes. Overshot the airfeild once and looked for alternatives before discovering that this was my only chance, I came back around and had real problems pulling her up but made it a foot before the perimeter


Luke, 07-06-07, CYIX-CYCO, 11, BGAn021, F/A-18 superhornet, CFF4.


Dan George, 06-16-07, KLBE to KFOK, 115, BGAN040, Beech D18S, Positioning flight for charter flight, West Hamptons NY to Lewisburg WV.


Gary McCarty, 06-16-07, KPGD-KMOB, 291, bgas031, C-182RG, KMIA-KTLH-KMOB


Tom Burrill, 06-16-07, PANC-PAMC, 120, bgak033, DC3, VFR flight from Anchorage to McGrath to start a round robin of flights in Alaska during better weather of summer.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/15/07, PACV 4K0, 300, BGAK030, C337, 2 stops inbetween


Don Hulick, 06-16-07, KOXR-KSMX, 48, bgan033, PZL Otter, Oxnard to Santa maria, 4500 ASL, 126 KIAS


Patrick Stewart, 06-16-07, KBKV - KBKV, 68, bgas060, C-182RG, Late evening flight over to KISM for a night at Disney. Come home in the early morning hours. Wx was good all the way.


laurie cooper, 06-16-07, KGEG-KBLI, 240, BGAD039, CURTISS C-46C, Round trip of Wa. State via -KPSC-KTTD-KEAT-KOLM-KPEA- Touch & Go at all and soaked up the views of the rugged mountain scenery.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-15-07, kcsq-kpwk, 124, bgas001, DC-3, 183 gal


Edward Brunelle, 06-15-07, KOWD-1BO, 48, bgak013, P-38J, First Flight in a P-38 and loved it. Thanks bgad007


Meryl Coon, 06-15-07, TGPY-TVSC, 33, BGAN038, Grumman Widgeon, St Georges to Canouan


Bill Hendrix, 06-15-07, KLWB-KLWB, 739, bgas046, Beechjet 400A, This round-robin consisted of six flights with stops at KTLH,KABI,KSNA,KLBB,KMGM, and finally back to KLWB. Left KLWB on the 12th of June and arrived back on the 15th of June.


Dan George, 06-15-07, KLWB to KLBE, 60, BGAN040, PIPER CHEYENNE II, Charter flight to deliver parts for refacing at Kennametal Inc.


Gary McCarty, 06-15-07, KMIA-KPGD, 274, bgas031, C-172, KPIG-KPIE-KZPH-KMIA


Bill Von Sennet, 06/15/07, kfme-kcsq, 336, bgas001, DC-3, 517 gal


Patrick Stewart, 06-15-07, KIAB - KAFF, 157, bgas060, R4D (Bluegrass Hanger), 5th flight to Chi Chi Jima. Lots of clouds, tried 8,500 then 6,500 trying to break free. Finally broke and had smooth flying the rest of the way to the USAF Academy in CO.


Patrick Stewart, 06-15-07, KSFM - KIAB, 97, bgas060, R4D (Bluegrass Hanger), 4th flight to Chi Chi Jima. Ran into thunder storms along the way. Switched to USN R4D located in the Bluegrass Hanger.


George Adair, 06-14-07, ZNKT-ZWTN, 204, bgan012, Corsair F4U, Went through the mountains past Everest after a breif fly by. Finally back on the steppes so I won't need O2 again for a long time. I guess it is now on to Moscow. Beutiful flying weather. Just almost lost it past Everest as I was too high for any lift.


laurie cooper, 06-15-07, KBLI-KGEC, 90, BGAD039, CURTISS C-46, -KEAT-KEPH-


Bill Von Sennet, 06-14-07, kgpt-kmfe, 231, bgas001, DC-3, 354 gal


Gary McCarty, 06-14-07, KMIA-KMIA, 273, bgas031, C-177, KEYW-KMIA-KAPF-KPGD


Gary McCarty, 06-13-07, KMIA-KMIA, 179, bgas031, C-177, MYBS-MYAX


Bill Von Sennet, 06-13-07, klbe-kgpt, 284, bgas001, DC-3, 424 gal


Meryl Coon, 06-13-07, KBFI-KYKM, 42, BGAN038, OnMark Marksman, Aircraft flown was an A-26 modified by


Ron Jorgensen, 06/11, PAKT PAYA, 267, BGAK030, DHC-2, 5 stops 2 days


Patrick Stewart, 06-12-07, KNMM - KFSM, 153, bgas060, Lockheed L-043A, 3rd flight to Chi Chi Jima.


Gary McCarty, 06-12-07, MMCZ-KCRG, 318, bgas031, C-177RG, KMIA


Ruud, 06-12-07, EHBK-EHBK, 91, bgas051, PBY-5A, Intermediate stops at Zutendaal and Geilenkirchen.


Patrick Stewart, 06-12-07, EGPF - EHAM, 138, bgas060, Lockheed L-043A, RTW Trip


Bill Von Sennet, 06-11-07, kpwk,koym, 190, bgas001, DC-3, 294 gal.


Pat Daley, 06-12-07, KMCC-KSFO, 58, bgak029, DC-3, Stop at KOAK


Joe Weber, 06-11-07, MMUN-KTPA, 127, BGAN002, Constellation 049, VATSIM-VFR


Joe Weber, 06-11-07, TNCM-TIST, 50, BGAN002, Beech QueenAir 65, VATSIM-VFR


Gary McCarty, 06-11-07, MUCL-MMCZ, 281, bgas031, c-177RG, MUCA


Brett, 06-10-07, KSEA-KPHX, 160, 053, Boeing 717, Cruised At 350 Knots.


Kenny, 06-11-07, VFR4000 VFR FAH.MURRI.CLINS.WAFLE.KGRB, 36, bgak045, Cirrus SR22 ,


bgak045, 06-11-07, YMML.YSSY, 01h 05m, bgak045, CitationX, FS Passengers


Don Hulick, 06-10-07, TFFJ-TUPM, 108, bgan033, DHC3 Otter PZL, St Barts (TFFJ) - Princess Julianna (TNCM) - Anegada (TUPG) - Roadtown Float Dock (TUPM)


Henrique G. Wiederspahn, 06-10-07, SVLO-SVMG, 108, bgas003, Stinson Reliant,


Tom Burrill, 06-10-07, KSEA -PANC, 220, bgak033, MD83, On line flight with VATSIM ATC with KSEA CTR and Vancover CTR. YESKA THREE ARR for an ILS apr to 6 R


Gary McCarty, 06-10-07, MMCZ-MUCL, 273, bgas031, C-177RG, MMCM-MMCZ


06-09-07, YSSY-WSSS, 1016, bgad017, DC-4, Route BGAD737 via YPDN.


Gary McCarty, 06-09-07, MWCR-MMCZ, 291, bgas031, C-182RG, MKJS


Dan George, 06-09-07, KBMI to KLWB, 105, BGAN040, Beech King Air B200, Flight from Bloomington/Normal IL to Lewisburg WV. Night flight, good landing.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/09, LFBZ LEGE, 85, BGAK030, Spartan 7W (old), Project Iberia


Bill Hendrix, 06-08-07, KMEM-KHEZ, 85, bgas046, CV240, raining when I left Memphis, landed rwy 19 at Natchez.


John Pate, 06-08-07, TGPY - TLPC, 87, bgas008, C119 Flying Boxcar, Via TVSV


Bill Von Sennet, 06-08-07, kcak-klbe, 35, bgas001, Eclipse 500, Night Flight IFR


Bill Von Sennet, 06-08-07, kosu-kuni, 49, bgas001, Spartan Executive, on westcoastatc with bgas052


Bill Von Sennet, 06-08-07, khsp-kcak, 77, bgas001, Spartan Executive, 24 gal


Edward Brunelle, 06-08-07, PABT-PABT, 96, bgak013, C208, Flight to Bob Johnson Lake and back to Bettles (PABT).


Ed Burke, 06-08-07, EGLL - LFPG, 106, bgad011, C182S, Heathrow -- Paris.


Ed Burke, 06-08-07, VHHH - EGLL, 684, bgad011, B744, Hong Kong To London's Heathrow.


Ed Burke, 06-07-07, YMML - VHHH, 518, bgad011, B744, Melbourne Int'l to Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong


Luke, 06-06-07, EGNH-EGLM, 42, BGAN021, AC680, .EGYE.


Luke, 06-05-07, VNBJ-VNLK, 12, BGAN021, A-4M Skyhawk RNZAF, .VNRT. Quick flight with DOn


Luke, 06-03-07, UA36-ZWSH, 58, BGAN021, AC680, .FQ08.


Luke, 06-03-07, UA36-ZWSH, 58, BGAN021, AC680, .FQ08.


Luke, 06-01-07, OERM-OEPA , 53, BGAN021, E-8A J-stars, .OKAS.OR0U.ORTL. Recon sweep of the borders of Iraq.


Luke, 05-30-07, SPPY-SPHZ, 72, BGAN021, A-4 Skyhawk RNZAF, .SPJR.SPJB. It wasn't uuntil the final destination that I realised this plane has no reverse thrust. Dug into the ground at SPJR, runway was long enough and asphalt. The sky hawk as an un-bridalled descent speed (KIAS) which makes steep approaches difficult. Managed to land perfectly at SPJB on a short dirt strip in an inactive volcanoe. I think the difference is the rate of descent required for each particular airport. This was a plane made in the dawn of the jet fighter age and lacks much of the mod-cons of later jets. It's predecessor the F-4 had reverse thrust, decent brakes, adequate spoilers and the weight made it more manageable than the A-4. Still properly used, it's easy to see why this was always a popular jet fighter which is still used by air-forces inc. the USN since it was built in 1954.


Luke, 05-28-07, KATL-KGPT, 23, BGAN021, Hawker Raytheon, Blastard crap plane.


Luke, 05-26-07, ORBS-OR0E, 27, BGAN021, R4D VXE6,


Luke, 05-25-07, KSBM-KBKX, 74, BGAN021, B737-7ES RNZAF, Nice...A 737 modified for electronic surveillance with a mean looking body.


Luke, 05-23-07, KLAS-MMCU, 73, BGAN021, E-8A J-stars, Across the border in the ES plane into mexico from las Vegas.


Luke, 05-22-07, ID86-ID17, 37, BGAN021, ac680, .0U9.U82.


Bill Cox, 06-04-07, KCHA-KBLF, 105, bgan041, AC52, IFR @ 9000' in the Aero Commander, Chattanooga, TN to Bluefield, WV.


Gary McCarty, 06-07-07, MMMX-MMMX, 284, bgas031, C-210, MMMT-MMCE


Patrick Stewart, 06-07-07, KNPA - KNMM, 77, bgas060, Douglas C-47, My 2nd flight on a trip to Chi Chi Jima.


Ryan, 6/6/07, SKVG-SKPI, 90, bgas52, C172SP, SKVG.PASTO(VOR).SKPI Total fuel in both tanks was 21.2. No stops, straight flight.


Bill Von Sennet, 06-06-07, klbe-khsp, 67, bgas001, Spartan Executive, 20gal


Gary McCarty, 06-06-07, KBRO-MMMX, 311, bgas031, Piper Seneca V, MMMX-MMPS


Ron Jorgensen, 06/06, KARK KDET, 65, BGAK030, N Noseman, June Feature final leg


Ruud Heijnen, 06-05-07, HTLI-FQLU, 141, BGAS051, Short S23 Empire, IA route: Lindi to Lumbo leg


Ed Burke, 06-06-07, RJNF - RJSU, 134, bgad011, Otter pzl, RJSU Kasuminome has a very short strip just made for Otters


laurie cooper, 06-06-07, KDCA-KDET, 182, BGAD039, DC-3, Feature of the month Flight Washington to Detroit via -KAGC-KAKR-KCLE-KDET- by Central Airlines.


Don Hulick, 06-05-07, TJSJ-TKPK, 108, bgan033, DC 3, San Juan, PR to St Kitts. Cruise at 8500, 160 Kts GS. General cargo.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/05, LAGC KAKR, 45, BGAK030, N Noseman V2, June Feature part 2


Gary McCarty, 06-05-07, MMMZ-KBRO, 284, bgas031, Piper Seneca V, MMMX-MMTM 


Ron Jorgensen, 06/05, KDCA KAGC, 90, BGAK030, N Nosema V2, June Feature part 1


Don Moore, 06-02-07, SPRF-SPIY, 47, Bgad042, Grumman Goose, A skill test to take the Goose from SPRF to SPIY ,the Goose is quite sluggish at 14000' plus,it took three attempts to get airborne and on my way.


Don Moore, 05-31-07, CYBA-CYYC, 66, Bgad042, Kingair 350, VFR from Banff via Red Deer to Calgary to view the lovely Canadian mountain scenery.


Don Moore, 05-31-07, YSWL-YBLT, 32, Bgad042, Vega 5B, Short flight from Stawell to Ballarat via Maryborough.


Don Moore, 05-30-07, SPPY-SPHZ, 113, Bgad042, baron 58, High altitude take offs and landings require extra care for success. The touch and go at the two waypoints SPJR and SPJB ,were interesting ,particularly at SPJB with its one chance get it right approach and landing.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/03, 61FD FA75, 16, BGAK030, DO24K, Low, slow, noisy.


Patrick Stewart, 06-04-07, EGPB - EGPF, 93, bgas060, Lockheed L-043A,


Gary McCarty, 06-04-07, MMZH-MMMZ, 211, bgas031, C-182RG, MMZO-MMPR-MMEP


Dan George, 06-03-07, KLWB to KPFN, 125, BGAN040, Beech King Air B200, Charter flight from Lewisburg WV to Panama City FL for four coal execs for several days' fishing and golf.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/03, PAGY PAJN, 65, BGAK030, DHC-2, TMC Trial. Terrible X winds in thunderstorm.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/03, 0MT1 1MT6, 50, BGAK030, DHC-2, TMC Trial


Ron Jorgensen, 06/03, LIPV LIDA, 20, BGAK030, DHC-2, TMC Trial


Bill Cox, 06-02-07, KPDK-KCHA, 68, bgan041, C206, Cargo flight from Atlanta, GA to Chattanooga, TN, IFR @ 6000'.


Bill Cox, 05-29-07, KLWB-KPDK, 88, bgan041, BE20, Lewisburg, WV to Atlanta, GA, IFR @ FL240.


laurie cooper, 06-03-07, KTUL-KBRO, 344, BGAD039, DC-3, -KPWA-KDFW-KACT-KSAT-


Gary McCarty, 06-02-07, MMCL-MMLT, 163, bgas031, C-182RG, MMSD-MMLP


Ron Jorgensen, 06/02, CLF 9AK, 15, BGAK030, DHC-2, TMC Trial


Dan George, 06-02-07, KLBW to KLWB, 75, BGAN040, Beech King Air B200, Flight to Charleston WV and return to Lewisburg WV. Routing KLWB/KCRW/KLWB VFR direct.


Ron Jorgensen, 06/02, 2AK1 9AK, 30, BGAK030, DHC-2T, TMC test


Bill Hendrix, 06-02-07, KTPA-KCLT, 86, bgas046, F28-1000, Raining when I left Tampa. Flew at FL210. landed ILS 18L.


Dan George, 06-02-07, KLBE to KCRW, 70, BGAN040, Beech King Air B200, Charter flight from Latrobe PA to Charleston WV.


Ruud, 06-01-07, HTDA - HTLI, 89, bgas051, Short S23 Empire, Thunderstorms


Patrick Stewart, 06-01-07, BIRK - EGPB, 200, bgas060, Lockheed L-043A, Continuing Flt 999 RTW.


Gary McCarty, 06-01-07, MMCL-MMHO, 127, bgas031, Cessna 172, MMCN