Monthly News - January 2013

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew Godden and Bill Von Sennet for their constant support throughout the past year.  We would not be here without them.

Great Australian Air Rally 2013
(GAAR 2013)

It's that time of the year and the GAAR is on again in February.  Registration is now open and the web site can be accessed from the Bluegrass Airlines home page or the link below.  As usual, Andrew promises a challenging test of flight planning, flying and navigation skills and I am sure he has something up his sleeve as a surprise for somewhere along the route.

GAAR 2013 Web Site

Feature of the Month
Allan Lowson

The feature this month is Wiggins Airways, 1953, a freight and charter operation based in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Wiggins Airways 1953

Hop List
Allan Lowson

In addition to these flights, we have also produced a hop list for flights across New England.

New England Hop List

New Pilots and Promotions

This month we welcome our new pilot Martin Keen.  There are no promotions this month.


Pilot's Hours for December 2012

Pilot ID Name Home Total Flight Hours Rank Last PIREP

Month's Hours

BGAD011 Ed Burke Australia 3510.03 ATP Captain Dec 10, 2012 21.01
BGAD017 John Lawler United Kingdom 2678.90 ATP Captain Dec 29, 2012 38.35
BGAD022 Gayngel van den Ing - 2947.12 ATP Captain Dec 24, 2012 49.85
BGAD031 Andrew Godden Australia 650.77 Senior Captain Dec 24, 2012 6.47
BGAD039 Laurie Cooper Australia 2768.98 ATP Captain Jan 01, 2013 68.98
BGAD072 Richard Willett Ohio, USA 3381.75 ATP Captain Dec 28, 2012 43.75
BGAK009 Gus Lane New York, USA 46.73 First Officer Jan 01, 2013 5.90
BGAK015 David R. Evans Michigan, USA 1651.87 ATP Captain Dec 26, 2012 61.70
BGAK033 Tom Burrill - 1211.65 ATP Captain Dec 15, 2012 2.75
BGAK078 Kenneth Manwell Florida, USA 464.27 Captain Dec 16, 2012 3.32
BGAM007 Allan Lowson Scotland 1953.93 ATP Captain Dec 31, 2012 32.31
BGAN002 Joe Weber Indiana, USA 1124.33 ATP Captain Dec 31, 2012 6.71
BGAN029 John Kolmos New York, USA 433.77 Captain Dec 23, 2012 12.95
BGAN040 Dan George West Virginia, USA 1415.53 ATP Captain Dec 30, 2012 23.91
BGAN063 C R (Bud) Lane Forida, USA 1470.12 ATP Captain Dec 05, 2012 4.52
BGAN070 Allen Peterson Idaho, USA 654.08 Senior Captain Dec 31, 2012 20.91
BGAN071 William Lockwood Nebraska, USA 2081.52 ATP Captain Dec 29, 2012 65.52
BGAN076 Lou Ross Mexico 866.65 Senior Captain Dec 28, 2012 14.93
BGAN083 Bill Baracaia Pennsylvania, USA 482.03 Captain Dec 31, 2012 6.58
BGAS001 Bill Von Sennet Pennsylvania, USA 4263.87 ATP Captain Dec 29, 2012 60.57
BGAS013 Steve Gerig Texas, USA 40.00 First Officer Dec 20, 2012 4.92
BGAS068 Spud Wightman South Carolina, USA 785.12 Senior Captain Dec 02, 2012 13.24
Total Hours  



Congratulations to Pilots with Promotions

Pilot ID Name Home Flight Hours New Rank


Welcome to New Pilots

Pilot ID Name Home Flight Hours Rank
BGAK010 Martin Keen United Kingdom 0.00 Pilot


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