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First Annual Bush Pilot Tough Man Challenge


A word or two from ATP Capt. Bill Odell, Not knocking or any other type of sour grapes comments intended, but you have flown the many adventures put out on Bluegrass Airline by myself and others and found these all primarily where involved with the basics of flying.  They are all very enjoyable and each has its own points of interest with regard to flying.  But I find they all lacked one big item, a challenge! 


The Toughman Challenge is just that, a challenge.  We are going to challenge your ability to fly in minimum lighting, poor visibility, real tight situations, all unfamiliar territory, intense concentration, and practically complete lack of avionics, quick decision requirements, absolute need to know where you are at all times.


So with no further discussion “WE CHALLENGE YOU” fly the Toughman Challenge as written, the aircraft selected, no short cuts or taking the easy way out, think you can do it?”



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