March 2005 Newsletter



Features of the Month


The Great Aussie Air Rally 2005 is rolling along.Over 325 pilots have registered.240 pilots have flown at least one sector.As of March 1st, 3,854 flights have been reported.Thanks to all who are participating this year.Special thanks to Todd Whitehead for the automated flight report system.



Multi-Player Flying


We are well established at West Coast ATC, and have 19 Bluegrass pilots signed up, along with 29 G.A.A.R. pilots.


The Berlin Airlift has at West Coast ATC.Hopefully we can get enough pilots and controllers to re-create the airlift with flights every three minutes into Templehoff (EDDI)As momentum builds we will add flights to Gatow (EDUG).


This will not be free flight, but scheduled sessions on the vMilitary server.






Welcome to New Pilots

Ron Munro bgad044

MadMikel bgad045

Todd McKinnon bgad046

Neil Bradley bgad047

Mike Waller bgak003

Chris Pollard bgan003

Jason Helkenberg bgan004

Barry Kleiber bgan010

John Franco bgan011


We are glad to have you with us, and look forward to reading your flight reports.



From the C.E.O.


Our web-site had 11,372 visits last month.


The link for the monthly report of all the pilots who flew for each division and their hours has moved to the top of the Flight Reports page.†††† February Report



Donít forget to check out the forum and screen shot pages.



Thatís all for now,


Bill Von Sennet



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