Great Air Rally of South America 2011

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Welcome & Overview
Great Air Rally of South America 2011
(GARSA 2011)

01 - 25 Sep 11

Bluegrass Airlines is proud to present the Great Air Rally of South America for 2011 (GARSA 2011) as part of the Great Air Rally Grand Prix (GAR GP) series.

As with all events in the GAR GP series, and in keeping with the general Bluegrass Airlines philosophy, the GARSA is about having fun.  The GARSA 2011 will provide an event for flight simulation pilots of all skill levels, from the novice to the more experienced pilots, and from all corners of the globe, to test their flight and navigation skills.

Event Format Overview
The event will officially be conducted over the period 01 - 25 Sep 11 and will involve a total of 10 flights.

The flights involve either and / or a combination of VOR, NDB and "dead reckoning" navigating under day Visual Flight Rule (VFR)  and / or Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) conditions.  Variable departure times and weather conditions will also exist for each flight.

The dates and reporting times are detailed under the "Flight Schedule" link.

Eligible Aircraft Overview
Eligible aircraft include any radial or other piston engined aircraft.  Turboprop, turbojet, turbofan and other such engined aircraft are not eligible for entry in the event.

The actual choice of aircraft is entirely at the discretion of the individual participant, provided it falls within the guidelines.   Other considerations will include the Flight Leg distance, runway length and surface, and altitude performance.  More information regarding aircraft eligibility is contained under the "Rules" link.

Rules Overview
Unfortunately, there is a need to have Rules to successfully conduct events such as the GARSA 2011.  The Rules, including detailed explanation of eligible aircraft, flight dates, reporting times, and other requirements are contained under the "Rules" link.

If you are interested in registering for the GARSA 2011, have read and understand the rules and requirements for participating, click on the "Pilot Registration" link.

Any queries regarding the GARSA 2011 or GAR GP series can be directed via the Forum at the link on the left of this page or in an email to


NOTAMS & Recent Updates
(last updated on 06 Sep 11)
06 Sep 11
Flight Leg 2 results are now available.
04 Sep 11
Flight Leg 1 results are now available.
26 Aug 11
Event Registration has been extended and will now close at 2359 hrs UTC, 29 Aug 11.
25 Aug 11
The Target Times for each Flight Leg are now available on the "Target Times & Results" page.
24 Aug 11
John Allard at Mutley's Hangar, has produced Aerodrome Charts for all the airports associated with the Event.  They are available for download from Mutley's Hangar at the link on the "Downloads" page.
16 Aug 11
Additional URL links to Aerodrome and Procedures Charts, the VFR Flight Planning tool, Plan-G, and freeware scenery add-ons have been added to the "Downloads" page.
15 Aug 11
The Event & Flight Briefings document, the Weather Information documents and the Flight Situation Files have all been added to the "Downloads" page.
14 Aug 11
The Test Flight instructions and the Test Flight download file have been added to the "Test Flight" page.
11 Aug 11
The Great Air Rally of South America (GARSA), the next event in the GAR GP series is officially launched.

The GARSA 2011 is a series of flights around Colombia, South America