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GAAR Downloads
The Great Australian Air Rally 2011
(GAAR 2011)

Required Event and Flight Briefings and Flight Situation File Downloads

Download the required GAAR 2011 Event & Flight Briefings document file containing the detailed Event and Flight Briefings.

GAAR 2011 Event & Flight Briefings

Download the relevant MSFS, version specific, GAAR 2011 Flight Situation Files for FS9 or FSX.  Unzip the enclosed files to your Flight Simulator files folder.   The default location for FS9 is c:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files. The default location for FSX is c:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files.

Note:  The Flight Situation Files have been created using a standard installation of FS9 and FSX.  Any add-on scenery you have installed may realign runway positions and, therefore, the aircraft starting position.  In the event of this occurring, re-position the aircraft at the designated runway or runway of your choice.

GAAR 2011 Flight Situation Files (FS9)

GAAR 2011 Flight Situation File (FSX)

Required Scenery Files

The following MSFS version specific scenery files are required and can be downloaded from
Unfortunately, is approx 54 MB.

FS9 - (Now available as a download.  Just click on the link)

FSX - and

Weather Information

The weather information for each Flight Leg is contained in the following MS Word (doc) files.  The GAAR 2011 Weather (Detailed) file provides more detail, in particular, winds aloft information.  Whilst the information is provided in a table, the data is generally consistent with the METAR format.

GAAR 2011 Weather Information (Simplified) (doc format)

GAAR 2011 Weather Information (Detailed) (doc format)

Information on the METAR format is provided at the following link.


Fireworks Scenery File (by John Lawler)

John Lawler, our resident pyrotechnics master, and with a seemingly unlimited budget, has produced  a series of excellent fireworks displays for the GAAR 2011 befitting the celebrations of the 10th Anniversary.  This small scenery file will add extra bang and colour to your flying.

GAAR 2011 Fireworks

Flight Timer (Version 4) (by Tom Goodrick)

Tom Goodrick has updated his Flight Timer to take into account strong winds on landing and to minimise the chance of it resetting to zero and is available from the following link.


Aerodrome and Procedure Charts

For those participants who are serious about Departure and Approach Procedures, the respective Aerodrome and Procedures Charts (real world charts) are available for download / printing at the web link below.  If it's not there, it doesn't exist.

Aerodrome and Procedures Charts

Optional Downloads

There are a range of freeware scenery add-ons that will enhance the scenery for the GAAR 2011.   In particular, the VOZ freeware scenery, for FS9, by Vista Australis is excellent, albeit large in size.  It can be downloaded effectively on a broadband DSL or cable connection, otherwise it is offered on CD by many online flight sim stores for the price of the CD and postage.  Version 1.8 has been released and this is a complete package, not an upgrade of previous versions.  For FSX, there is also some excellent freeware scenery add-ons.  All these are available at the link below 


A range of freeware terrain mesh  is also available and adds good relief to a sometimes featureless default terrain, particularly in FS9.  The Australian SRTM terrain mesh by Andy Weir is excellent and can be downloaded as a complete set for the whole of Australia at the link below.   Unfortunately, this file is quite large at approx 645MB.

Andy Weir's Australian Terrain Mesh

The individual State terrain mesh files are not currently available from the AVSIM web site and I have not been able to locate an alternative source for them.

For FSX users, Holger Sandmann's terrain mesh is recommended.  It can be downloaded at the link below.  Note:   Microsoft .NET Framework 3.x must be installed on Windows XP PC prior to installation.

Holger Sandmann's Terrain Mesh