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Flight Schedule
The Great Australian Air Rally 2011
(GAAR 2011)


The route for the GAAR 2011 starts from where the GAAR 2010 finished, Coolangatta (YBCG).  It follows a course which generally continues up the magnificent east coast of Queensland taking in the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding islands and interspersed with deviations inland before finishing in Far North Queensland at Cairns.

The event starts with a couple of casual Flight Legs from Coolangatta across the Gold Coast hinterland into the Darling Downs region to Chinchilla and then back to the coast to Bundaberg, the home of Bundaberg Rum, and the southern most part of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Turning northward, the route continues up to the magnificent white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands.  It is legend that some people come to these islands for holidays and never leave or are never heard from again.

Again, we head inland taking in the birthplace of Qantas, Winton, before turning eastwards back to the coast to Townsville, a major base for Australian and American troops and aircrew during World War II.  From here, we head north, across the Atherton Tableland to historic Chillagoe then on to the Flinders group of islands, east to Lizard Island and finally to Cairns.

The Flight Schedule and Reporting Dates for each Flight Leg are detailed in the table below.  PIREPs for each Flight Leg must be received by 2359 hrs UTC on the date indicated.  Any late PIREPs will result in a "withdrawn" being recorded against the entrant.  PIREPs can be submitted in advance of the required Reporting date.  All details regarding PIREP submission are under the "PIREPs" link.

Airport From Airport To ICAO
Dist (nm)
1 YBCG Coolangatta Chincilla YCCA 176 02 Feb 11
2 YCCA Chincilla Bundaberg YBUD 234 05 Feb 11
3 YBUD Bundaberg Lady Elliot Island YLTT 187 08 Feb 11
4 YLTT Lady Elliot Island Hamilton Island YBHM 316 11 Feb 11
5 YBHM Hamilton Island Alpha YAPH 237 14 Feb 11
6 YAPH Alpha Winton YWTN 220 17 Feb 11
7 YWTN Winton Lavarack YLVK 334 20 Feb 11
8 YLVK Lavarack Chillagoe YCGO 236 23 Feb 11
9 YCGO Chillagoe Lizard Island YLZI 313 26 Feb 11
10 YLZI Lizard Island Cairns YBCS 134 28 Feb 11