April 2005 Newsletter



Features of the Month


Toughman Challenge #10 by Ron Jorgensen


An adventure and a half in P.N.G.




Update on the G.A.A.R. 2005


In March 1,741 flights have been flown.   The total of reported flights now stands at 5,595.  248 Pilots have flown sector 1, and 31 pilots have flown all 54 sectors.


Bluegrass Pilots should start reporting their gaar flights on the BGA flight report form as well as on the gaar system as of April 1st.




Multi-Player Flying



West Coast ATC would like to see more Bluegrass participation in organized ATC sessions.


I don’t think any of you are involved, but some VA pilots have been sharing registration keys for commercial software with other pilots on the WestCoastATC TeamSpeak servers.   Violators have been warned and any future occurrence will result in banishment from W.C.ATC. 


Here at Bluegrass we always attempt to operate with high ethics, even to the point of requesting permission from aircraft designers before we repaint, or modify their files.  On the few occasions where permission was refused (or the request not responded to), we abandoned our plans for that aircraft



Welcome to New Pilots

Les Smith               bgad048

Allan Jarratt           bgad049

Erick Hood              bgad050

George W.S. Adair   bgan012

Michael Ahl             bgan013

Brian Clancy           bgan014

Rick Connolly          bgan015

Paul Roth               bgan016



We are glad to have you with us, and look forward to reading your flight reports.



Congratulations to pilots with promotions



Peter Fellowes        bgam008    Captain

Don Moore              bgad042    First Officer

Maurie King            bgad043    First Officer

Ron Munroe            bgad044    First Officer

MadMikel                bgad045    Captain

Michael Ahl             bgan013    First Officer

Rick Connolly          bgan015    First Officer

Sandy Blaize           bgas043     Captain


Updates to the Hangar


New in the FS 2004 hanger in March, are Mike Stone’s SAAB 340B and Grumman Goose for FS 2004.

Repaints have been provided by Rick Connolly bgan105.  Check out Rick’s web-site.  He has some great floatplane base scenery downloads.  


J.L Stubb’s Grumman Goose panel from Aeroswine Research is also available.





From the C.E.O.


Our web-site had 7,628 visits last month.



A record 2,129 hits for the series of screen shots that start with 50308_gaar038.


My favorite of the group is:




I will post that picture on the G.A.A.R. 2005 page.


My apologies for slow page loading, or “page not found” errors in March.  Our host has been dealing with DOS attacks “Denial of Service” for much of the last two weeks.  And one day there was a fiber optic cable disruption in the connection to one of the internet backbones.


All of the rosters have been combined.  When you click on the “Roster” link from your home division page, you are taken to the combined roster, but pointed at the top of your divisions section.   You can page up and down to see all of the divisions.


There is also a change in the flight report form.  All pilots are filing on one form now.  The messages that stated
”Don’t use this form unless you are a member of the Southern (or whichever) Division” have been removed.


We will soon be moving to an automated “real-time” system similar to the G.A.A.R system.


Don’t forget to check out the forum and screen shot pages. 



That’s all for now,


Bill Von Sennet



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