Great Australian Air Rally 2012  

  presented by Bluegrass Airlines 


Test Flight
Great Australian Air Rally 2012
(GAAR 2012)

Download the Test Flight zip file and unzip the enclosed files to your Flight Simulator files folder.   The default location for FS9 is c:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files. The default location for FSX is c:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files.

GAAR Test Flight

In preparation for the flight, ensure you have added a flight timer to the panel of you chosen aircraft.  It is recommended that you download and use Tom Goodrick’s FTime flight timer, available from the following link.


Test Flight Instructions

The Test Flight is flown from Kununurra (YPKU) to Argyle (YARG) on a heading of 192.  The Test Flight file has you at Kununurra (YPKU) on Rwy 30 in the default Cessna in perfect weather conditions.  Change the aircraft to your selected aircraft.  Set the Nav 1 radio to the KU VOR frequency of 116.50 and set the OBS to 192.  Take-off and climb and establish yourself at 8,500'.  Turn right to heading 045 and intersect the KU VOR 192 radial.  Turn right to heading 192 and follow the radial to overfly YPKU.  As you overfly the runway at YPKU, note the time on the timer (this is the "start" time).  Set the Nav 1 radio to the ARG VOR frequency of 113.90 and set the OBS to 192.  Continue to Argyle (YARG) and as you overfly the runway at YARG note the time on the timer again (this is the "finish" time).  Subtract the "start" time from the "finish" time to calculate your Test Flight time which then must be submitted with your Pilot Registration.

Remember, all times must be in minutes and converted to decimals (see the Rules for clarification).

Test Flight Hints

Trial the Test Flight a number of times before submitting your Test Flight time in order to achieve a consistent result.  You will find this helpful during the flying of the actual Flight Legs.  There is no rush to get Pilot Registration submitted and sufficient time has been allowed for the flying of the event (even in advance for those who have other commitments that may conflict with the official February period).

In particular, give yourself sufficient time to establish your aircraft at the cruise altitude of 8,500' and a steady cruise speed before intersecting and turning onto the KU VOR 192 radial and overflying YPKU to commence your timed run.

The Test Flight is flown in perfect weather conditions.  The actual Flight Legs of the GAAR will have a variety of weather variables typical of the area and time of the year being flown.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended the Test Flight is flown at an economical cruise speed.  This should ensure you will have enough of a performance margin capability in your chosen aircraft to compensate for the weather variables.

Good Luck.