Great Australian Air Rally 2012  

  presented by Bluegrass Airlines 


Great Australian Air Rally 2012
(GAAR 2012)

Required Event and Flight Briefings and Flight Situation File Downloads

Download the required Event & Flight Briefings document file containing the detailed Event and Flight Briefings.

Event & Flight Briefings

Download the relevant MSFS, version specific, Flight Situation Files for FS9 or FSX.  Unzip the enclosed files to your Flight Simulator files folder.  For Windows XP and Vista users, the default location for FS9 is c:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files.  The default location for FSX is c:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files.  For Windows 7 users, the default location for FS9 is c:\Users\username\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files and the default location for FSX is c:\Users\username\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files.

Note:  The Flight Situation Files have been created using a standard installation of FS9 and FSX.  Any add-on scenery you have installed may realign runway positions and, therefore, the aircraft starting position.  In the event of this occurring, re-position the aircraft at the designated runway or runway of your choice.

Flight Situation Files (FS9)

Flight Situation Files (FSX)

Required Scenery Files

There are no specific add-on scenery files required for the event.

Weather Information

The weather briefing for each Flight Leg is contained in the following MS Word (doc) files.  The Weather Briefin (Detailed) file provides more detail, in particular, winds aloft information.  Whilst the information is provided in a table, the data is generally consistent with the METAR format.

Weather Briefing (Simplified) (doc format)

Weather Briefing (Detailed) (doc format)

Information on the METAR format is provided at the following link.


Fireworks Scenery File (by John Lawler)

John Lawler, our resident pyrotechnics master, and with instructions from management that no expense is to be spared, has produced an excellent fireworks displays for the GAAR 2012. This small scenery file will add extra bang and colour to your flying.

GAAR Fireworks

Flight Timer (Version 4) (by Tom Goodrick)

Tom Goodrick has updated his Flight Timer to take into account strong winds on landing and to minimise the chance of it resetting to zero and is available from the following link.


Aerodrome Information

For those participants who are serious about Departure and Approach Procedures, the Australian Aerodrome and Procedures Charts (real world charts) are available for download / printing at the web link below.  If it's not there, it doesn't exist.

Official Aerodrome and Procedures Charts

Basic information on the Papua New Guinea aerodromes is available at the web link below.  If it's not there, it doesn't exist.

Papua New Guinea Airport Guide

John Allard at Mutley's Hangar, has produced Aerodrome Charts for all the airports associated with the Event.  They are available for download from Mutley's Hangar at the link below.  Note.  You must log on to the Mutley's Hangar Forum to access them.

Aerodrome Charts

Flight Planning

TA Software's VFR flight planning application, Plan-G v2.0.5, is an excellent tool.  With the addition of the "Flight Plan Elevation Profile", provided by adding a suitable Digital Elevation Model (DEM), it provides immediate information to make decisions regarding "cruise altitude".  The Plan-G application is available for download by clicking on the banner.   Information regarding the DEM is also provided on the web site.

ta_software.gif (81739 bytes)

Optional Scenery Downloads

There is a range of freeware scenery add-ons, including terrain mesh, that will enhance the scenery for the event.  In particular, terrain mesh will add good relief to a sometimes featureless default terrain, particularly in FS9.  Freeware add-on scenery can be sourced by clicking on the banners below.

In particular, the following scenery files add additional detail to various airports in the Rally and are available from



flightsim_logo.jpg (55140 bytes)    

freeware_sceneries_fsx.jpg (21090 bytes)

freeware_sceneries_fs9.jpg (24015 bytes)