December 2004 Newsletter



Features of the Month


A series of short flights from Prince Rupert, BC to Skagway, Alaska.




Air Mail Division



Activity:3 Pilots and54.16 hours.





Bush Pilots Division


Welcome to new pilot Grady Loyd.


Activity.†† 9 Pilots and 47.24


Australian Division


The route is finalized and all the flights have been tested for ďThe Great Aussie Air Rally of 2005Ē.Registration will be open beginning January 15th


Next years event consists of 54 flights which are to be flown beginning February 1st.There are no required reporting dates, so you can fly them as time permits.There isnít any scoring, but the roster and view flight reports pages will be updated frequently.


You can view the ports of call at:GAAR 2005 Ports of Call


Activity:10 Pilots and 203.81 hours



Northern Division


Welcome to new pilots Soudabeh Arefi Rad and Rick Hoffman.



Activity:10Pilots and 232.99 hours



Southern Division


Welcome to new pilot Ezequiel.




Activity:†† 14 Pilots and 546.56 hours





From the C.E.O.


46 Bluegrass pilots flew 1084.96 hours



Web-Statistics:†† 5,681Visits from 3,664 unique visitors.



Bill Odell is back home resting up.



A recurring phenomenum is that we get new pilots sign up, then they never fly.In order to keep our rosters trimmed down, I will delete any new pilot who hasnít flown in his first 3 months.


Pilots who have been active in the past will not be removed until they have 2 years of inactivity.Exceptions will be made for those who are historically significant, such as founders and division directors.While they may not be active now, it was their efforts that created Bluegrass Airlines.





Thatís all for now,


Bill Von Sennet


P.S.Donít forget to check out the forum and screen shot pages.We need your screenshots!They will stay on the web-site for one month.


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